When A Guy Grabs Your Neck And Kisses You

When A Guy Grabs Your Neck And Kisses You – What Does It Mean?

Do you feel effing good when a guy grabs your neck and kisses you? Why do you have this feeling, and what does the kiss mean? Let’s find out! 

Has it ever happened to you when a guy grabs your neck and kisses you? It’s not strange if you wonder about the meaning of his action, especially when you’re deep into him.

A kiss that a man showers on his woman can mean many things. The way he kisses and the place he puts his lips define his intention towards his lover.

One of the most popular and sexiest kisses is a neck kiss. It can wake all your senses up and is the start of something more intense. Our article will give you an explanation of this romantic action and teach you how to react to it. Let’s dig in!

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What Does It Mean When A Guy Grabs Your Neck And Kisses You?

When a man grabs your neck and kisses you, it signals that he can’t get enough of you. The unmistakably erotic kiss is a way that your guy is trying to say “I love you” and show his passion and desire for you. The next thing that might happen is the seductive journey of you and him.

A kiss on your neck from your partner clearly indicates he’s obsessed with you and longs for intimacy. It’s one of the erogenous zones to initiate intercourse. Moreover, it’s a sign that he trusts you and wants you to know it.

When A Guy Grabs Your Neck And Kisses You
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Even a man with little experience understands the sensitivity of this body part. Thus, when your lover kisses you there, he thinks you’ll feel pleasure (and you actually do). You will relax and be ready for a makeout session.

Besides the purpose of teasing you and driving you crazy before having sexual relations, kissing on this sensitive zone of the body means he wants to make you feel better. When you have a serious relationship, your date may understand that the kiss helps take your mind off things that happened on your bad day. He simply just hopes you can relax without any temptation. 

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What To Do When A Guy Grabs Your Neck And Kisses You?

A kiss on your sensitive spot indicates a guy’s sexual desire or his love, care, and trust for you. When that guy is close enough to step over your boundaries this way, you may want to turn the green light on for him by applying the suggestions below.

Stop Talking

You’d better not say anything in this case. Any words spoken at the moment can lead to an awkward situation. 

When your guy does this action, he must know that you two are close enough and there’s a chance for further development. Kissing your neck hints that the conversation should be stopped. That’s why saying something in this situation is unnecessary. 

If you don’t know what to do or feel shy, just stop talking and let him lead the game. All you need to do is to be a follower and enjoy the blossom moment. 

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Make It Easy For Him To Reach Your Neck

Besides zipping your lips, you should show that you agree with what he’s doing. You don’t need to do much; just offer more space on your neck so he can reach it easily.

Slightly till your head to the opposite side of where he puts his lips on. Thus, your neck is exposed more, and he will understand your signal of moving on. He may smell your nape and come closer to your ear, which is also a sensitive spot in the human body.

Giving him more approaching space is a great way of encouraging and notifying your partner that you are also enjoying and hoping for more. 

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Make Gasping And Moaning Sound 

No talking is understandable, but not complete silence. During the kiss, gasping and moaning is your message that your partner is doing well and you like it. 

The sharp intake of breath comes from your surprise at the kiss and the good feeling it brings. Gasping shows that the action touches your sensations, and you want him to continue. The gasp can come out naturally, especially if it’s your first neck kiss.

On the other hand, the soft moaning sound is a cue for his lips to stay on your skin longer. This natural noise tells him you’re in the moment and would like the kiss to last longer.

When A Guy Grabs Your Neck And Kisses You
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Wrap Your Arms And Pull Him Closer

“Cooperate” with him more by putting your arms on his nape or torso, or even his chest and arms if you and he are lying down. Placing your hands in a comfortable position releases the tension and stimulates your partner. If the case is he approaches your nape from behind, then turn around and hug him.

Pulling him closer to you helps him be more confident of keeping going on. Wrapping him around, holding him tightly, and adding some gasping and moaning sound is what you need to do. Remember, your body should be slightly on top of his if you both lie down.

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Touch His Hair

Guys also like their girls to play with their hair. When a guy holds your neck and kisses you, running your hands through his hair makes him do it more passionately. It’s a hint that what he’s doing is right.

Touching his hair is also a good solution if you don’t know where to place your hands. Try to do it slowly and gently to show your softness, sweetness, and sexiness. This small action will melt him, and you two are good to move on. 

Enjoy Your Kiss

When A Guy Grabs Your Neck And Kisses You
When A Guy Grabs Your Neck And Kisses You - What Does It Mean?

If everything goes smoothly, enjoy what is happening. Your partner falls into you and wants you to feel good, so don’t overthink. The last thing you can do in this situation is to relax and maybe, start a makeout session. 

Keep in mind that it’s better if all the above responses come naturally. The shy feeling during the kiss is normal, but when you don’t feel comfortable, there’s something to think about. Plus, should you not want to reply to your partner with any of these reactions, it’s probably time to reconsider your relationship.

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Tips To Have A Perfect Neck Kiss

Stay In The Moment

Your kiss is more pleasurable and memorable when you are fully engaged. You can’t enjoy it to the fullest if there’s something else running through your mind. We know life can be complicated, and you have lots of things to do, but once the moment comes, you should not miss it. 

Try not to think of anything and focus on what’s happening between you and your partner. Otherwise, when a guy makes a neck kiss, and you’re distracted by other things, he may misunderstand that you don’t cherish the relationship. 

Don’t Stick To One Position

Everything needs flexibility, and a kiss, too. Can you imagine how painful it is when your partner tries to kiss your body, and you just don’t move? You’ll create an awkward atmosphere, and he will be misled.

Your guy will not understand if he’s doing things correctly and will wonder about your strange response. As a partner, you should move your body somehow to make a flow for development. Remember, no one wants to kiss a robot. 

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Know When To Give More Or Hold Back

When A Guy Grabs Your Neck And Kisses You
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Knowing to move back and forth while kissing is a skill, but it also depends on feelings. When you’re into each other and understand each other’s preferences, it’s not really difficult to know when to give more or hold back.

Creating harmony during a neck kiss or any other type of kiss is important. However, don’t worry if you two can’t do well for the first time. Trust your feelings and instincts, be yourself, and you’ll find out what to do at a specific moment.

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Respond To His Body Language

When your man grabs your neck and kisses you, he does not use only his lips but other parts of his body as well. Since the kiss is about the two of you, you should also “listen” and react to the moves. Use your body language to respond to his action.

Your reactions and body movements during the intimate time are the hint for him to know whether he should continue or not. Usually, if the chemistry between you two happens correctly, everything will come naturally. You don’t need to use your brain to control the situation but let your heart flow with the feelings. 

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Give Some Positive Feedback

Telling your partner how you like the way he kisses your nape or the great job he’s doing is a big encouragement and helps things go on. You can do it by wrapping his head, turning his ear close to your lips, and whispering with your coyest voice. 

It can be a compliment or a suggestion of what you’d like him to do to make you feel better. After your positive feedback, he will feel more confident and likely will not reject your request. A little praise will lead you two into better harmony. 

When A Guy Grabs Your Neck And Kisses You
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Why Does He Make Hickey On Your Neck?

A hickey appears on your neck when your partner sucks your skin too hard, so the blood vessels burst, creating a temporary “stamp”. Many guys prefer giving a hickey on their women’s necks, and the action has its meaning.

It can signifies he wants to make fun of it or tease you before going for pleasant sexual bidding. Your nape and body attract him, making him unable to stop “sucking your blood”. You may also feel a good hurt when he makes this deep bite. 

However, more than that, a hickey is his marking “territory” with his girl. He wants to tell others that you belong to him by putting it on your body part. 

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What Does Touching Neck Mean?

When someone touches your sensitive area, that person should be special enough to invade your body boundaries, and you should not let somebody that you don’t feel comfortable with do so.

Back to the scenario that your man touches your neck, it’s a positive sign of body intimacy. He may want to feel your reactions and test the water. 

In this case, you may have goosebumps, trembling, stand-up hair, and tense-up muscles. It’s a sign that you’re feeling good and like how that person cherishes you. You two can move to a hot makeout session if you’re aroused enough.

Does It Feel Good When A Guy Kisses Your Neck?

Yes, it does. Almost no one can reject the good feeling when being kissed on the neck. The erogenous zone has many nerve endings, bringing a super pleasure touch. Its sensitivity is what is needed for foreplay. 

The nape of the neck is a beautiful curve of the body that the opposite gender can’t resist touching, kissing, nibbling, and sucking. Guys usually use this strategic zone as a starting point for having sex. 

Whether his action’s purpose comes from physical temptation or true love, his wet mouth and warm breath can drive you crazy. The gradually exciting feeling takes your emotion up high. 

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Final Thoughts

The neck is a very sensitive body part, making it a popular starting point for a sexual session. When a guy grabs your neck and kisses you, it’s a way that he shows how much he loves you and wants you.

Sometimes, actions can speak louder than words. Usually, when someone is really into you, the kiss is longer, wetter, and with a clear desire for you. A hickey on your neck marks his possession of you.

Apply our instructions above to respond to his way of charming you. Though you follow the steps correctly, remember you’re not a robot; the best is when you can feel it from your heart.

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