How to know that you like a guy

How to Know That You Like A Guy? 12 Amazing Tips for Women

Feelings are complicated. Sometimes, even women do not understand how they feel. But no worries; this guide will discuss how to know that you like a guy

Love is classified into many different types, and not all of them fall into romance. Unfortunately, confusion and a severe lack of experience often propel many women to mistake trust or friendship with something else. Such a grave mistake might lead to consequences that traumatize you for life! 

To sidestep those disasters, you must find a way to answer this question: How to know that you like a guy

Our insightful guide will lend you a helping hand. Though one-size-fits-all solutions are still a bit far-fetched, these practical pointers can speed up your self-searching process. Let’s get started!

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How to Know That You Like A Guy? 12 Signs

These twelve common signs are clear evidence that this guy has successfully found his way into your heart. If more than five signals below apply to you, make him yours before another woman does so and steal him away forever! Let’s check them out.

How to know that you like a guy
How to Know That You Like A Guy? 12 Amazing Tips for Women

1. Being Around Him Is Natural For You

The first time being alone with a guy is by no means easy. High sexual tension tends to make you somewhat flustered around him. We understand that very well!

However, certain degrees of natural presence should also be there. Conversations between you two are supposed to flow easily, and there’s no need for you to dig for topics just to break the ice or get closer to that man. 

In short, once you harbor deep feelings for a guy, we expect you can be yourself with him, enjoying a type of intimacy that is beyond purely sexual attraction. Otherwise, awkwardness or a sense of being forced only means bad news.

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2. Your Convos Have Passed The Superficial Stage

At the moment of this writing, if you still have no idea of his surname, family, dreams, or current jobs (and he knows none about yours, either), maybe it’s time to slow down. How can we like someone without knowing who they really are? Chances are that whatever you feel might just be a fleeting, temporary kind of attraction.

But don’t panic; we only suggest you “slow down” – not stop seeing him completely. After all, you two still have lots of opportunities to learn more about each other!

Suppose you like everything he reveals about himself so far – and believe he’s a person worth knowing – then we think both of you could certainly become something more.

3. He’s Always On Your Mind

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Are you contacting someone purely out of boredom – and once you have got other more exciting things to do, he will stop occupying your mind entirely? Then the answer is clear: the poor guy is just being used. Your feelings for him do not go beyond friendship (or even less than that). 

On the contrary, if the man keeps popping up in your thoughts even when you guys are apart, that’s a great sign. The man seizes a more important role in your heart than you think! 

Just the thought of meeting him in person makes your little heart flutter. This man is the first person you think about in the mornings and the last one you see in your mind before drifting off to sleep. You will find yourself yearning for his messages, his phone calls, his everything.

Daydreaming or distraction during work will be common during these periods; be prepared to hear your friends’ endless teasing!

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4. You are Drowned in Jealousy

How to know that you like a guy
How to Know That You Like A Guy? 12 Amazing Tips for Women

We know that not many women are willing to admit they are jealous, but come on. Open your eyes and look closer into your heart!

Guys that you have no feelings for can talk to beautiful women right in front of you, and you wouldn’t even bat an eye – let alone feel jealous. However, if you are instantly on alert once some attractive girls approach him – or get itchy whenever people mention his female friends or exes – then well, you are in love.

And no, jealousy is not something to frown upon. While excessive envy can get things out of hand, just a small amount is actually pretty natural. 

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5. You Cannot Imagine A Life Without This Man

Has this man become a fixed and needed presence beside you? And do you fail to recall how your life used to be before meeting him – simply because he has brought about so many lovely memories? Then keep him; he’s probably your Mr.Right!

Under certain circumstances, a future with this guy (either ten years later or just several weeks ahead) will even flash in your mind. You cannot help marveling at how you two’s life goals are so well-matched, and how he and you can be a great pair. 

There’s an unwavering trust in your heart that both of you will help bring out each other’s best potential!

So whenever you discuss future plans with him, pay attention to how your heart and mind react. Excitement and anticipation are clear indicators that you are burning for him!

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6. Even Your Friends Notice How You Are Gone For Him

How to know that you like a guy
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He is brought up in your conversation whenever you chat with other friends. You can’t help gushing about how funny and considerate he is, or how wise his words and advice have been to you. 

The frequencies are so alarming that even your most oblivious mate begins to pay attention!

Our acquaintances and buddies understand us more than anyone else, which is why they often realize right away once you start behaving differently. So if your friends casually comment, “Why don’t you two just date already?”, keep in mind that they are doing so for a good reason! 

7. His Body Is Not The Only Thing That Interests You

Sex – suppose you two ever get to that stage – is amazing, but it’s not the only thing that defines how you feel about someone. We have some great news for you if you message or call him for other reasons than a good one-night stand!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you love spending hours just chatting with him about trivial things? 
  • Are you interested in his perception of society or truly invested in his general opinions about every relevant issue? 
  • And does the idea of zero-sex hangout not turn you off at all? 

Ticked all of your boxes? Well, then you have fallen way too hard for him. 

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8. You Are Not Afraid of Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

How to know that you like a guy
How to Know That You Like A Guy? 12 Amazing Tips for Women

If you are willing to step out of your convenient boundaries and try things you have never done before, it’s clear as day: this man’s charms have reached your icy heart!

On these occasions, certain ladies will strive to impress their men with trendy clothes and date outfits (despite never being a fashionista), suggesting imaginative and quirky things to do together.

Some girls even attempt to make amazing dinners for their guys, although they have never stepped into the kitchen even once before that! Other women, on the other hand, might put aside distance convenience to traverse miles only for a quick in-person meeting.

All in all, a girl in love does not just think about what she likes or needs. She’s not with her man just because he’s available and things are easy for her – determined to try everything she can just to bring a smile onto his lips. 

9. You Accept That You Might Get Hurt

How to know that you like a guy
How to Know That You Like A Guy? 12 Amazing Tips for Women

Wearing your heart on the sleeve is a risky move; you are giving everything away to a stranger, after all, and betrayal is always tempting. 

However, for this man, you feel safe to open up, reveal intimate things, and let your walls down. Even when the risks are immense, in your opinion, the guy’s still worth a try. 

Will we do the same to someone we give zero F about? Well, unlikely – unless you are out of your mind!

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10. You Stop Thinking About Exes Or Looking For Anybody Else

It’s been months since your thoughts drifted to some of your last boyfriends. In fact, they barely cross your mind at all, as you have been busy daydreaming about this wonderful man you have met. 

And no, you do not hang out with him just to make some jerks feel jealous. They simply… no longer exist in your eyes, that’s all; what they think about you does not matter anymore. 

Have you ever wondered why? Why do you stop contacting other men and feel no need to earn their validation? The reasons couldn’t have been more obvious: your feelings for this new guy have exceeded a mere crush. You truly like him!

11. You Want to Gain His Friends’ Approval

How to know that you like a guy
How to Know That You Like A Guy? 12 Amazing Tips for Women

Yes, it’s still too soon to be introduced to his family at this point. But we trust that the guy has already arranged meetings between you and his closest pals. Do you find yourself striving to talk with them, getting to know them beyond polite pleasantries? 

If your answer is yes, there’s no need for us to tell you anything more. It’s clear that you believe a good relationship with these people might benefit in the future – when both of you finally become a couple! The way you try that much for your man s creams how you wish to be by his side forever.

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12. You Are Tired of Games

How to know that you like a guy
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You did not just meet him last week or yesterday. Both of you have hung out quite a lot recently, with the bond gradually and consistently developing. An official relationship is what you need now, and little games to make him pay attention or feel jealous start to wear you down.

Hence, instead of waiting hours to reply just to appear “mysterious”, you answer his messages immediately, make time for the man, and no longer try to instill a sense of insecurity or uncertainty in him. 

That’s great, you know? It shows an admirable level of maturity and proves how much you crave to take the relationship to another level.

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I Know That I Don’t Like This Guy, But I Still Feel Attracted. Why?

As we mentioned right from the beginning, love and attraction are divided into many categories. Hence, a certain chemistry spark between two people does not necessarily indicate serious desire. Experts suggest two common reasons behind attraction without romance:

  • You are identified as “aromatic”, meaning romance has never been in your DNA. Aromatic people still hang out with people despite not having passionate interests in them, and that’s totally fine.
  • Fears of abandonment might be another culprit, leading to anxiety attachment. You seek someone’s approval to ease your lack of self-confidence – not because of his particular charms or personality.

Should I Let Him Know That I Like Him?

Well, our answer depends. Suppose both parties have not known each other for that long; it would be best to give both him and yourself some time to stabilize the relationship. Also, it’s critical to assess how he feels about going further with you in the future.

Does this guy show any sign that he considers you more than a friend? Yes? Then don’t hesitate to take the lead. But if the guy does not think of finding a partner at the moment – or tells you repeatedly that you are his precious “friend” or “pal”, then be cautious. You certainly don’t want to lose your friendship with him, do you? 

How Much Time Does It Often Take for Women To Realize They Like Someone?

Love cannot be generalized – and so does the answer to this question. Some girls find their Mr.Right right at first glance, while certain couples take years just to realize there’s something more to their relationship

Final Thoughts

How to know that you like a guy? Our article has discussed this issue in depth. Unless you are aromatic – or someone who rarely shows emotions – most cases involve at least four or five signals above. Keep this guide in mind to have some luck with your dream man!

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