text chemistry review

Text Chemistry Review 2023: Does It Really Work?

Do you struggle with every text? It’s worth trying Text Chemistry. To learn more about this modern dating tutorial, check out my Text Chemistry review. 

I have to admit, I’ve tried texting a guy I like before, but our chatting is pretty boring. The fact is, I don’t know how or what to text a guy to keep him interested. At that time, I was trying to scour the internet to find some lifesaver (like advice or relationship coaches or whatever) to have interesting conversations, and I found Text Chemistry

It really helped me somehow, pointing me to the way to steal my Mr. Right’s heart. And that’s why I am writing this Text Chemistry review to share with you; maybe you’ll need it, ladies. 

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about the program, including whether or not it is right for you.

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text chemistry review
Text Chemistry Review 2023: Does It Really Work?

What Is Text Chemistry?

Amy North’s book Text Chemistry is essentially a compilation of dating advice for the modern time that has been turned into a training program.

The program aims to instruct you on how to text a guy you’re into and text him when you go on dates, and your relationship develops into something more committed. The course teaches you how to communicate and what you should avoid when texting.

For me, texting is challenging and not just for women. With texting, there is much space for mistakes and possible misinterpretation. Additionally, it might not be easy to hold someone’s attention through words, especially about someone you love.

I’d had times when I tried to text my crush, and he saw the messages in a way I completely didn’t even mean. That was so embarrassing. Luckily, now I have my “coach.”

The overall goal of Text Chemistry is to grab a man’s interest and draw him closer. In the PDF, the author provides you with detailed instructions to follow for every possible scenario. So, this program is a complete game-changer.

Who Is Amy North?

Amy North
Text Chemistry Review 2023: Does It Really Work?

Amy North is a psychologist from Canada who has made a living as a dating coach for women. She has a strong presence on numerous social media sites, including her website, a YouTube channel with more than 613,000 subscribers, a Facebook network, and many others.

She also has a background in social psychology, which she frequently draws upon in her private one-on-one sessions with a steadily expanding clientele.

Amy has spent more than ten years researching the science of attraction and has discovered how a few words may make any man melt with the most intense desire for you.

Due to her extensive knowledge in this industry, she understood that she could benefit many people. Thus, she decided to move on with Text Chemistry

Who Is This Product For?

This instruction is for anyone who merely wants a small advantage in the contemporary dating scene to advance in their romance. However, it is not suitable for everyone. The following people can benefit most from the program:

  • Women who desire to feel attracted to and get into a relationship with a new guy
  • People who already have a significant other but want to ensure their texting enhances and makes the relationship more desirable.
  • The program also offers helpful advice on how to win an ex back and reignite a fading romance. 


What Text Chemistry isn’t for: 

  • Individuals who have been in a serious relationship for more than six months.
  • Clever, flirtatious, and hilarious individuals who are already successful at messaging men. 

If things are already lively and engaging, the messages you’ll learn from Amy North will probably be fun to use on him, but they won’t be necessary.

text chemistry review
Text Chemistry Review 2023: Does It Really Work?

Text Chemistry: What’s Included?

The instruction package includes four ebooks and 13 videos. I will cover the three additional ebooks in the following sections. The 122-page Text Chemistry e-primary book’s topic is five distinct categories of texts:

  • Rocket: Stoke the fires of a new romance
  • Crystal Ball: Encourage him to go public, settle in with you, and other things
  • Satellite: Attract your partner’s attention from a distance.
  • Supernova: Encourage him to get closer to you.
  • Tantalizing: Add some spice to your relationship and have some fun.

In the material, Amy North examines the best ways to utilize each text format. She also gives many examples that you can copy exactly or use as a model for your own.


What About Bonuses?

As mentioned above, you will receive three free ebooks. Here is a quick summary of them:

Why Men Leave: This book investigates several facets of male psychology, particularly the causes of why so many guys break up with women they genuinely care about and want to be with.

The Phone Game: This ebook covers how to talk to a man on the phone. Since the methods used when talking on the phone differ from those used when texting, it complements the main book effectively.

Quality Men on Tinder: On Tinder, there are some kind guys for boyfriend materials. This book covers improving your profile to draw them in and weed out the undesirables from their profiles and messages.


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A Closer Look At Text Messaging

Texting is essential whether you want to flirt, arouse desire, or capture his attention. If you don’t do it correctly, he will ignore your messages.

When you’re together in person, you can feel the chemistry. You also understand how to build it. You don’t need to consider it. It is an innate talent; if you have the potential, you can develop it.

Meanwhile, texting is not the same. It lacks body language and other in-person communication tactics that we all take for granted. This is why Text Chemistry enters the scene to change the game.

Incorporating these components into your texts and learning how to spot them in texts written by your partner are two main goals.

It addresses every topic you can think of, including sending emojis, interpreting perplexing text messages, avoiding awkward requests for nudity, and more.


All of this is divided into three parts designed to offer you the information you need to succeed as well as the steps you need to take to put your newfound knowledge into action. These components are:

  • Part 1: The Rules for Texting: You’ll discover the blunders women make while texting, the ideal text, how long to wait before texting him, and the distinction between texts from men and women.

I have to share that right at the first part, the book freaked me out with the dirty truth that I was so needy and desperate in my partner’s eyes. I used to spend all day doing nothing but worrying and gluing my eyes to the phone just because he hadn’t replied to my message yet. Well, this part just told me: You are centering your life around him and undervaluing yourself.

  • Part 2: What to Text Men to Attract and Win Them Over: You’ll be given a variety of dating and relationship scenarios and instructed on how to respond to each one.

After I realized my situation in part 1, then part 2 was when I won him over again. I knew that he saw me as a clingy and dependent girl with nothing to turn him on. But just by texting, he, once again, fell for me. How come? I will leave the answer for you to discover in the book.

  • Part 3: What to Text Him When…: If something comes up, or if he suddenly ghosts you, you’ll know just what to text him in such situations.

Honestly, I haven’t applied all of the strategies in this part yet, as my loving tree is still thriving. But I bet this will lend me a hand some day.


text chemistry review
Text Chemistry Review 2023: Does It Really Work?

Text Chemistry Review: Pros & Cons


There are many reasons why I appreciate this program, mainly because of the following:

High Degree of Control Over The Outcome

There are specific instructions to follow in the main handbook and cheat sheet. So, I won’t have to waste time and energy trying to make a relationship work anymore.

The book is accessible to almost everyone who is looking for their special someone. You can send these to your man by simply copying and pasting. You never have to worry about what to say, as she has created a complete reference manual.

After all, the advice is enticingly presented and easy to follow. With the simple-to-follow advice in Amy North’s curriculum, you can build a relationship that exactly matches your aspirations.



Text Chemistry supplies you with text samples appropriate to address issues in these areas while covering a variety of relationship settings. I love the way North creates many types of text. That greatly increases its potency. 

For example, if men ignore you, send them the “E-glow” to wake them up and make them notice you. Or, use the “Satellite text” in the cheat sheet to reignite the flames if you truly want your ex back. As you can see, there is something available for most circumstances.

Some of the advice in the book initially seemed like basic sense, like delaying your response to his text and avoiding sending lengthy texts to a guy you just met, but as time went on, it became more sophisticated.

I started understanding how men and women interact differently and that it’s okay if a guy texts you in a particular way. There was even a whole section on the best texts to send to your ex to rekindle your relationship.


text chemistry review
Text Chemistry Review 2023: Does It Really Work?

Instill Confidence In Me

The best part of this guidance is it helps me develop confidence while texting. Overall, Amy North conveys a message of optimism, uses verbs in her phrases, and stays well within the bounds of open manipulation.

Once the training is complete, I feel more capable of handling circumstances since I have a heads-up.

If you continue implementing the guidance into your life, the feeling will only get stronger, and everything will go as planned.


Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t think the program is working for you after 60 days, you can get your money back without asking any questions.

It inspires confidence in me to test the product. In case I feel the product isn’t worth your money, I only need to email them and get a refund. And you know, it’ll never happen since the book does work the magic indeed.

If Amy and her team are unable to provide a refund, ClickBank, the world’s most trusted marketplace for digital goods sellers and customers, will cover the purchase.

They have strict, customer-friendly procedures, so they’ll get me a refund. It’s like having two layers of defense, and I believe this will encourage women to take advantage of this valuable program. 



Although it can benefit you in many situations, it still has some drawbacks.

Still Manipulative

Text Chemistry shapes your texts. It gives you ideas and even phrases to apply. Therefore, I think this part can come off as manipulating and even a little dishonest. 

Some of the techniques can be seen as playing with men’s emotions. Therefore, I suggest you should apply this knowledge with caution. Any beneficial impacts you get from the program could be reversed if your partner feels duped.

Not For Everyone

As I previously mentioned, some of the modules might not function for you. It’ll depend on your personality type, obviously. Some of you might not appreciate the approach or concur with the author. If you don’t like the way, simply move on to the other module. Overall, this remains a helpful relationship manual.


No Hardcover Available

This program applies to online purchases. So, you might not be able to access this item if you don’t have an internet connection. I would strongly recommend this product if you don’t have any internet connectivity concerns.

text chemistry review
Text Chemistry Review 2023: Does It Really Work?

Does Text Chemistry Work?

After attempting this program, I believe it is chock-full of material that will assist you in attracting the man of your desires. Sending a few powerful texts to win the man over is far easier and less painful than going through heartbreak and emotional ups and downs.

However, you’ll need to put the concepts into practice in your daily life. Otherwise, the program won’t work. Consequently, purchasing it is the initial step, followed by applying the guidance in real life.

Again, it’s not for everyone. It is perfectly suitable for chronically single women dating men who quickly grow cold and withdraw, refuse to commit, or are about to break up with them. 

Text Chemistry: Price

Text Chemistry is now available for $49.95. Although it is not overly expensive for those who want it, I think the cost may deter those on a limited budget. However, if you can afford it, go for it.

Most importantly, you gain the tools you need to text your guy at any stage of a relationship confidently. This is a one-time investment, and you have a “relationship coach” for the rest of your life.


What Do Other Users Say About It?

Text Chemistry has an above-average rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Goodreads, which is why I laid my eyes on it at first. People assert that it considerably broadened their awareness of women and helped them see things from their perspective.

Additionally, many claim that after reading the book, their relationships have strengthened.

Jessica Woodbury has commented: “This book has great advice with amazing examples and has been very helpful. I bet you will read it more than once just so you can master the skill of power texting.”

Other users named Brandi Snider also rated five stars with compliments: “This book explains how to be genuine, but not overbearing in texts when first dating a guy. Once I started reading it and thinking about the advice through me and my situation, it became easier to use the ideas and very helpful.”


Megan Head also praised: “Believe it or not, it took me only two days to devour this book as I merely couldn’t put it down. Every single page slapped in my face the fact that I was on the wrong track in chasing my guy by texting. Each conversation, no matter how it began, always fell into a dead end, even though we knew we were destined. 

But right after I started reading Text Chemistry, my confidence bloomed, and I was filled with countless texting ideas to keep his interest. This book is short and sweet, hitting the right spot.”

On the official websites, I also find numerous testimonials from satisfied customers. Those are evidence that the program fulfills its objectives.

Depending on each person’s experience, the result may differ. If you are unsure about it, you can always give it a try. If it isn’t for you, you can get your money back within 60 days.

Text Chemistry Alternatives

Have a look at the following options if texting is not your thing (or you don’t feel comfortable doing it), but you still want to get similar outcomes.

Depending on the circumstances, you can select any of the following applications.


text chemistry review
Text Chemistry Review 2023: Does It Really Work?

His Secret Obsession

His Secret Obsession is a program written by James Bauer, a best-selling author and relationship consultant. It emphasizes appealing to men’s innate inclinations, particularly their hero instinct.

Even though this isn’t a program explicitly centered on texting, the objective is to drive a man crazy and into an obsession with you.

In contrast to Text Chemistry, these techniques are not restricted to texts.

This is ideal since it creates several opportunities for different types of communication. Here is my His Secret Obsession review if you want to get a deeper insight into this powerful book.

The Devotion System

The Devotion System, another book by Amy North, is a worthwhile read. The emphasis in this program is more reflective, focusing on releasing emotional baggage and overcoming self-doubt.

When you pay $48.25 for the program, you get more than just the core ebook. A 13-part video training series, a 3-part adaptive quiz system, and three more bonuses are also included.

Make Him Worship You

This book delves into male psychology, and there is undoubtedly some overlap between the themes presented and discussed in Text Chemistry and His Secret Obsession. 

But in this book, sex psychology specialist Michael Fiore focuses on how society affects the male psyche. As a result, it provides excellent insight into how males are regarded contrasted to how they actually are.



Is Text Chemistry a Scam?

No. This program is a strategy for texting and romance created by Amy North, a professional psychologist who has made it her life’s work to be a dating coach for women. 

The amount of study that went into developing this book for real-world texting is commendable. Of course, not everyone will benefit from this strategy. Despite this, there is a 100% money-back guarantee if you believe you received no value from the program. Thus, it is not a scam.

How Do I Access Text Chemistry?

The four electronic books are in PDF format, which may be viewed on a smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop. The videos are in AVI format, which is also supported by most devices. Additionally, you will get links to websites with those videos embedded.


Is it Possible to Have Chemistry via Text?

Yes, it is. It all depends on the nature of the interactions; real chemistry can exist over text messaging.

You can have chemistry with anyone who piques your attention; however, it is undoubtedly made simpler after meeting in person and establishing a relationship. To improve your texts, make yourself more drawing, and develop chemistry with your partner, you can try some methods, such as some programs I mentioned above. 

The Verdict

Before jumping to the purchase, it’s a good idea to read my Text Chemistry review first. Whether you’re unlucky in love or you’re in a relationship that’s on the rocks (and you want to save it), Text Chemistry is your answer. 

With the help of this product, I’m sure you’ll not only feel more confident but also be able to understand a man’s feelings and actions without ever having to speculate about his intentions. Ladies, I wish you all to be loved as I am now.


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