how to get back together after taking a break

How To Get Back Together After Taking A Break – 3 Steps To Get Your Ex Back

Getting your ex back isn’t that difficult. So how to get back together after taking a break? Let’s also find out through this article!


If you regret the loss of someone you love, try to find a way to get back with your ex as soon as possible. So what signs is your ex ready to get back with you? And how do you get back with your ex in the most natural way?

This article will also give you the most appropriate answer to save your old love. You can apply the three steps in this article to know how to get back together after taking a break.

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4 Signs That Your Ex Is Ready To Get Back With You. 

Express Emotions For A Short Time (For A Few Seconds)

If your ex shows sudden short bursts of emotions (which can be both positive and negative), he’s still interested in you, and it’s time for the two of you to get back together. He often can’t control these feelings, and they come on suddenly. So, within seconds, he quickly corrects or makes excuses to be less embarrassing to himself and you.

However, whether the feeling is good or bad, it is still great for you if you are thinking of getting back with your ex. You can see these expressions when two people accidentally sit next to each other or make eye contact.

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Change The State From Positive To Negative Or Vice Versa

This is when his mind is fighting and contradicting the memories of the two of you together. This sign is similar to the above idea but comes from action. Suppose 1 minute ago, he called you but then said, “Don’t ever appear in front of me again” that’s when his mind is very conflicted and out of control of his mind.

Try To Contact You

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Did your ex call, text, chat, or email you after the breakup? If yes and regularly, then 99% sure that he wants to get back in love with you. It can be messages like “I miss you,” messages recalling memories like “Do you remember where we used to be…” or simply ordinary greeting messages…

If your ex is still trying to keep in touch with you, that’s when he’s ready to get back together.

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Bragge About A New Lover

If you guys just broke up a few hours ago, and he’s been bragging about how great his new lover is, that’s not the end of your hopes; it’s a “signal” that he wants to make you jealous. Come to think of it, if he’s pleased with his new love, why waste time telling you how happy he is?

Ex-lover has all 4 signs above, then start applying the following 3 steps to bring your ex back!

3 Steps To Get Your Ex Back After Breaking Up

Step 1: Get Ready To Make Your Ex Come Back To You 

Keep Distance

Whether you want to get back with your ex or not, you should not actively contact them. In particular, don’t contact them to deal with your short-term grief. Deal with the breakup, and prepare to move on. Even if you both want to get back together, you still need time to yourself, and so does your partner.

Don’t text your ex or reply to their texts until you feel you’ve had enough time to process the breakup. This process can be tricky, but it is in the best interest.

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Find Out If Your Ex Is Still Single

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How To Get Back Together After Taking A Break - 3 Steps To Get Your Ex Back

Before getting back with your ex, you should find out if your ex is still single. If it’s been quite a while since you broke up, your ex is probably meeting someone new.

In this case, it’s best to look for a relationship with someone else. Don’t try to reconnect with the person when they are in a new love relationship. Please forget your old love and meet new lovers.

Consider Why You Want Your Ex To Come Back To You

Before you start getting your ex back with you, you should consider why you want to do this.

  • Some good reasons to get back together include: The two met before at the wrong time; you need more time to let go of your previous relationship, or you start to appreciate everything your partner has given you.
  • Some inappropriate reasons include: You are afraid of being alone; you miss the feeling of falling in love with your ex; you’re jealous of that person’s new relationship.
  • It would be best to ask friends, family, and people you trust to support you in considering why you want to return with your ex. They will help you get the best answer for yourself.

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Decide If The Relationship Is Healthy And Worth Saving

In addition to considering why you want to be reunited with your ex, you should also consider your relationship as a whole to decide if it’s worth fixing. If you’re both breaking up because the relationship isn’t right for you, you should spend more time pondering how worthwhile it is.

Make A List Of Pros And Cons If You’re Not Sure

Once you have mixed feelings about why you want to get back together with your ex and whether your relationship is worth saving, you should create a pros and cons list to help you make a decision. You need to be honest with yourself while making this list. It would be best if you did not overlook anything that may be the most trivial.

how to get back together after taking a break
How To Get Back Together After Taking A Break - 3 Steps To Get Your Ex Back

Step 2: Get Your Ex’s Attention And Want To Come Back To You 

Focus On Self-Development

Even if you’re 100% sure that you want the two of you back together, you must take the time to focus on yourself first. Use the time you have to improve yourself; getting back with your ex will be more straightforward. Some of the things you need to do to focus on yourself include health, beauty, knowledge, and relationships.

Act Naturally When Meeting

If you want your partner to return to you, don’t make yourself look desperate. Therefore, do not let the person know you want the two of you back together. Doing this will freak your partner out and ruin your chances of saving the relationship.

Take a break for a while before reconnecting with your ex. If you run into that person by accident, act normally. 

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Re-establish Communication Lines

Send the person a message to get back in touch with them. Texting is a great way to go because it will seem more natural than calling or emailing. Keep the message light and natural. Do not show a very tense attitude. 

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You can tell your ex a funny story that happened to you or something interesting that reminds you of that person. In particular, do not text or call when drunk; it will trigger a disaster.

Meet Your Ex For Coffee Or Lunch

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The best time to meet is during the day because it will seem less severe than a meeting at night. You should ask if the person wants to go out for coffee or lunch with you. This will allow you to meet, break the air of apprehension, and decide if you will continue pursuing reconciliation with your partner.

Note that you shouldn’t discuss getting back together during your first meeting. Just have a friendly, fun conversation with each other.

Remind Ex-lovers Of Good Memories

Talking about good memories is a better way to rekindle the beautiful experiences of an old love. By reminiscing about the happy times you both shared, you’ll help your partner see the good in your relationship and become more open to reconciliation.

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Show Your Best Traits

When trying to get your ex back, you must first consider the factors that attracted him and find ways to express them. For example, if your crush was once intrigued by your sense of humor, you should see a way to make them laugh. Or, if your desire has always admired your cooking, try to remind them of a dish you’ve recently prepared casually.

Watch For Signs Of Excitement From Your Partner

If the person doesn’t reply to your texts and looks cold when you talk to them, it’s best to assume that reunification won’t be a good option. But if your ex seems warm, friendly, and excited to talk to you, there’s a chance you still have a chance.

Step 3: Talk About Getting Back Together 

Express Your Thoughts

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You’ll have to tell your ex how you feel and what you want to do within an appropriate amount of time. Conversations about this subject can be awkward, but if the person doesn’t mention the possibility of you getting back together, you should take the initiative. You must ensure that you are willing to improve things and are interested in getting the two of you back together.

Get Ready To Talk About Problems Encountered During Love Time

Discussing why both of you broke up is inevitable. Your ex may have doubts about your maturity or willingness to change, so you need to reassure them. Remember to be prepared to talk about what you’ve done or will do to ensure your relationship doesn’t go downhill.

Commit To Change

If you say you’re going to try to improve something or commit to changing yourself, you should be ready to deliver on your promise. If you don’t keep your promise, your relationship will end again soon. You need to make sure that you and your crush clearly understand what both of you need to improve on and that you will do what you say.

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Anticipate Rejection

In many cases, getting back together will not be possible. If the person isn’t ready to try again, you should respect them by being honest with yourself and not forcing or annoying them to come back to you. Maybe you both need more time, or the relationship isn’t worth mending.


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How To Get Back Together After Taking A Break - 3 Steps To Get Your Ex Back

What Mistakes Shouldn’t Be Made After Getting Back With The Ex-boyfriend/ Ex-girlfriend?

Let’s start by correcting mistakes in love after getting back with an old love at all costs. Some mistakes to absolutely avoid when in a love relationship:

  • Call and text anywhere, anytime.
  • Start and try to use pity when there is an argument.
  • Put your lover above all else, above your interests.
  • Make your lover’s life always under your control and love.

You may have made at least one of these mistakes that led to your previous relationship breaking up. But don’t worry; the most important thing for you to do right now is to realize that these mistakes could cause your relationship to fall apart again, so stop making them immediately.

Should You Try To Get Back With Your Ex Just Because You’re Lonely?

No, don’t try to come back just because you’re lonely; any pain will pass. It’s tough to get over the pain of a breakup, but you must understand that this won’t last forever. Time will heal all wounds; you will rearrange your thoughts and begin to speed up your new life.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Back With Your Ex?

The answer to this question is about 6 weeks to 2 months. Usually, this will be a time to quickly determine the emotions and psychology of your ex so that you can make a clear decision about whether to get back with you. 

Final Thoughts 

Now, you know how to get back together after taking a break; it’s not hard. To do this, you must first think about what is ruining your relationship and then show your best self. At some point, you also need to talk to your ex about how you feel and what you want to do. Hope our article is helpful for your relationship!

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