When will he ask me on a second date

When Will He Ask Me On A Second Date? Should I Wait For Him?

When will he ask me on a second date? This is the question that most women puzzle after the first meet-up. Here are the answers!

After your first date, you should have a special interest in your partner and wonder, When will he ask me on a second date? How long should I wait? Does he have the same attitude as me?

Being puzzled by those questions is never a comfortable feeling. So keep following our article to find out everything about your midlife single men.

When Will He Ask Me On A Second Date?

The answer depends on the man. There will be no fixed answer for his next move. Sometimes, it can be one or two days or even a week. However, be noted that the amount of time will tell you.

The best scenario is that your man invites you to go out the second time while still on the first one. There will be nothing better than that.

Waiting for a few days is also a positive sign. He can make a perfect plan for both of you during these days and will soon ask you out. If the gap between those two dates is is longer than one week, it can indicate negative things:

  • He is too busy or unready to date
  • He is not serious about your relationship
  • He is dating other women, and you are not the best choice
When will he ask me on a second date 1
When Will He Ask Me On A Second Date? Should I Wait For Him?

When waiting for his next move, you should not get attached to him or stop dating other men. Unless you have finalized your relationship, there is no need to do so.

Will He Ask Me On A Second Date? Signs To Look For

1. He Is Shy About Asking You Out The First Time

One of the best ways to figure out whether he will ask you out the second time is his attitude for the first time. Don’t be surprised to find that his shyness signals his interest. 

Guys who are smooth and confident in asking you out can be real players. It would be great if your guy is confident. Yet, a flawless invitation can mean something more than a normal physical encounter in mind.

A flustered reaction shows that he genuinely wants to go out with you instead of having sex

2. He Tells You His Schedule In Advance

Guys are not always subtle creatures, so they sometimes blurt out their schedule with you. When doing this, you can figure out if he wants to see you again based on his voice tone and attitude. 

He can clue you in on what is coming up and give you a preview of his next commitments.

3. He Is Nervous And Awkward On The First Date

Body language cannot tell lies, so don’t forget to pay attention to his behaviors on the first date. Did he confidently slip his arm around you and show readiness for a kiss

He might be confident and bring you a lot of surprises. But awkward behaviors can be something cute and worth your attention.

Did he trip over his shoelaces when trying to open the door for you? Or did he have some loose ends and struggle to find his feet? Maybe he was too shy to act properly in your presence and so interested in you. 

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4. He Will Be A Gentleman About Money

Never expect a guy who is unwilling to bring you any special treatment on the first date. He can be very stingy if he looks for some cheap entertainment or a quick fling.

Besides this selfish behavior, his failure to pay up will also notify you that he doesn’t value you much. The second date partly depends on his behavior around money. 

Does he shirk the bill or offer to pay for your date? Check the answer to see whether the second one is on the horizon.

5. He Will Compliment You, But Not In A Sleazy Way

When will he ask me on a second date
When Will He Ask Me On A Second Date? Should I Wait For Him?

Saying nice things is one good sign for another date. However, make sure that they are not sexual or can lead to sex. These compliments should be related to your attractive appearance or fascinating character.

If he is classless and pushy about his words, all he wants is a one-nighter, and you, as a woman, will regret it if you show him green flags. On the other hand, thought-out and sincere are his efforts to get to know you better and date again shortly.

6. The First Date Doesn’t End In Sex Or Physical Intimacy

Having sex too quickly is one of the biggest reasons for having only one date. The first time asking out should go more slowly so that your relationship has enough time to blossom into greater things.

7. He Forgets About His Phone On His First Date With You

Not using his phone during a date is key. This behavior shows that he is dedicating his full attention to you. There would be nothing to interrupt and take his time away together.

If your guy goes out with you and doesn’t constantly check a sports game’s score or read the news, he is into you and wants to see you another time.

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8. The Two Of You Can’t Shut Up On The First Date

Nothing is more wonderful than your relentless conversation on the first date. If your conversation flows like a wild river and you lose track of time, you truly desire to speak and want to find out more about each other.  

No matter what the topics are, the important thing is that he pays attention to your words and replies continually.

9. His Eye Contact 

The old saying goes: “Eyes are the window to the soul.” A person’s way of using his eye contact can say a lot about himself during communications. Thus, noticing eye contact can be an effective tactic to determine his attitude towards you. 

Eye contact When will he ask me on a second date
When Will He Ask Me On A Second Date? Should I Wait For Him?

Locking his eyes on you consistently means that he feels the connection you give off. He desires to peer into your soul and get the emotional connection.

Eye contact can start your new love that lasts a lifetime. So look at what his eyes are telling you.

10. He Opens Up About Past Bad Dates

Some guys are willing to open up about his bad dates in the past. They use this way to tell the differences between what they feel with you and other girls.

They will not likely tell you about them if they hate dating you. Sharing war stories means they enjoy the date and try to ask you out another time.

Signs They Don’t Want A Second Date

1. Easily Distracted

When will he ask me on a second date
When Will He Ask Me On A Second Date? Should I Wait For Him?

No matter how long you have dated your partner, you will always want a sense of commitment from him. It is true that the more time you spend together, the more comfortable it is to get around while using your phone. 

However, being on their phone or constantly checking their phone is not a good sign on a first date. It means that he is not interested in you for a second date. 

2. You Have Gone A Full Day Without A Follow-Up

It is common to get a thank you text from your partner for a great time. And you will be lucky to get a call. You may not get anything if you don’t receive any of these signals over the next day’s post date.

There is little chance for another date in this circumstance. On the contrary, they will show a great sense of urgency and excitement to let you know when they are interested in you.

3. Your Conversation Has Grown Dull

When meeting someone for the first time, you should have a lot of ground to cover your conversation. Short bouts of quiet moments are normal, but staring down at your phone or plate too long can be negative.

4. There Is No Enthusiasm On The First Date

When meeting others, a sense of anticipation and anxiousness will make them prepare themselves for a one-and-only date.

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5. Insincere Vibe

A real vibe makes it easier and more welcoming to have some flirting activities. On the other hand, if you feel forced or disgusted, this date should be your first and your last together.

A lack of excitement and sincere flirtation is a telltale sign of no second date.

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6. The Body Language Says It All

Never ignore your partner’s body language. His standing or hand-folding postures can tell whether or not he is comfortable around you. 

All those signs will be a subtle indicator for a second date on the first date. Physically leaning back, turning away, and lacking eye contact mean no interest in meeting up again.

How To Make Him Ask Me On A Second Date First?

When will he ask me on a second date
Texting schedule depends on how far the second date is away

The first and foremost thing you need to learn about ways to get a guy to ask you out again is how to draw out his internal hero instinct. But why so?

Such a concept regarding man’s deep down eagerness is something I grasp from the revolutionary of the well-known relationship expert, James Bauer. 

This groundbreaking approach revolves around three proven major drivers that are profoundly implanted in the DNA of all males.

Most women do not even know about its existence. 

Yet, believe us, once you give it a try and crack the book out of it, you’ll see the worthwhile upshot in an incredibly better, lovable, and commit-willing person that every girl has at least once dreamed of in life.

So why is it known as “the hero instinct” anyway? Is it necessary for men to feel like superheroes in order to have chemical connection with a woman? 

Just make one of his drivers feel fulfilled, and you’ll be able to behold the result yourself. Sounds like a piece of cake, but I won’t say anything for sure until truly digging in the case if I was you. 

Now, for those who are in search of a short-cut, James Bauer’s fantastic free video may be the easiest way to achieve your goal.

As such, messaging him a 12-word SMS that will immediately stimulate his hero sense is perhaps one of the expert’s simplest ideas for you to take the plunge (Take a look at this review if you want to see how you can benefit from this).

The hero’s impulse is beautiful in such a way. It’s just a matter of understanding what to say and do in order to have a great second date that will grant access to several more.


Texting is a common method to keep in touch with your partner, especially when you are far away. If not, the answer should depend on how far the second date is scheduled. 

If the date is only one day away, wait until that day so that you can save the funniest and most interesting topics for the date. The same recommendation is for two days. During the three days, you should text him at least once in between.

There are various reasons for this weird attitude. The first reason is that he may feel insecure and cannot make sure if you want another date. Thus, don’t forget to show your interest through texts or calls.

Expecting you to make the same move is another reason. If your guy is a little bit introverted and shy, it’s time for you to take the step and approach him sensibly.

You can text him to ask if he wants another meet-up. The answer will be implied in the type of messages you exchange. Let’s check whether it is a casual or intimate date proposal.

If both partners are interested in each other and show willingness, why not? There is no fixed day for your kisses, so it is okay to have one on the second date.

You should notice your partner wanting to kiss through various body language. They are comfortable with you if they show open body language. This is also an indicator of the next date, but don’t jump into sex too early.

Final Thoughts

Few people have a perfect first date. You can easily have an awkward and draining one, both emotionally and mentally. Meeting your partner who spends days chatting with you over the phone should be a great experience.

However, it would be a pity if he didn’t ask you out for the second time. When will he ask me on a second date? Check out the above signs and get ready to enjoy your next wonderful date!

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