How to have a second date with a guy

9 Tips On How To Have A Second Date With A Guy

You’re going on a first date and everything seems great. Are you wondering how to have a second date with a guy?

Here is another scenario that I find rather common in the real world. As a woman, you’ve got great qualities with your accomplishments and work ethic. It can be quite discomforting when you actually enjoyed the date but have no idea why he didn’t call later.

Perhaps it’s online dating that has increased the number of disastrous first dates. It only takes a button click or swipe to meet someone ‘better.’

That’s why in this article of How to have a second date with a guy, we will talk about what it means to guys and what you can do to level up your connection for a second date (and third one).

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How to have a second date with a guy

What do guys think of a second date?

How to have a second date with a guy 1
9 Tips On How To Have A Second Date With A Guy

According to Michelle Baxo, a dating and relationship specialist, a second date signifies that both people are interested, and so the stakes are higher. Consider this: The percentage of people who go on a second date with that individual is far lower than the percentage who go on a first date, and it gets much lower after that.

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What is the purpose of a second date?

Going on a second date is primarily for getting to know each other better. If the first date didn’t go well, you wouldn’t have ended up on a second date scenario. You like him and he likes you, so you want to see how far this new relationship can take you.

When will he ask you out on a second date?

How long does a guy normally wait before asking you out on a second date? It varies depending on the male, but anywhere from a day to a week is typical. However, don’t leave it up to chance. If you want a second date with a man and truly want to know whether he’s interested in seeing you again, there are certain things you can do.

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9 tips on how to have a second date with a guy

Now I’ve talked about first-date conversation topics that you can start with, and how you should act on the first date. With all those in mind, what else can you do to ensure he’s looking forward to a second date just like you?

1. Get ready properly

Get ready properly
9 Tips On How To Have A Second Date With A Guy

You heard it right, girl. If you’re wondering how to have a second date with a guy, don’t forget that first impressions are usually rememberable. Don’t let the first time you see him be right after work.

You want to dress nicely so that you feel refreshed, comfortable and confident. Guys will be happy to see you full of positive energy, joyful and engaging, not in work mode. They will want to see you again.

2. Live a life you enjoy

Share what makes you happy and your passions. Baking, running, or writing, for example, are some of the possibilities. Discussing the things that make you happy can help him understand who you are and what you value. It will not only help him get to know you better, but it will also allow you to see if you share any shared hobbies, as well as provide you with date ideas.

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3. Be charming

Be charming
9 Tips On How To Have A Second Date With A Guy

A pleasant smile and eye contact are great flirting weapons. While you’re chatting, lean gently into him, keep soft eye contact, and touch his arm. If he makes jokes, your genuine laughters will increase his feelings of chemistry towards you.

It can also be incredibly hot to tease or make fun of him in a friendly way (just don’t go too far -you don’t want to come across as mean).

4. Ask him to talk about things he enjoys

This may seem insignificant, but it can mean a lot when someone displays genuine interest in something we care about. If you’re wondering how to have a second date with a guy, just get him to talk about his interests to build a bond.

Keep asking him questions if you notice his eyes light up when he talks about his niece, his profession, or his love of Russian literature. You’ll be a great first date (and more likely to get a second one!) if you can show him you care about his interests.

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5. Tell a little bit about yourself

You can certainly tell something (but not everything) about yourself, as long as it isn’t medical. If you do, he”ll think that you trust him. Then, he’ll be eager to get to know more about you. It also provides him with some insight into the person inside you.

Finding common ground and shared interests early on might save you time and pain if you later discover you have nothing to talk about or do together.

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6. Have that “mysterious” X factor

A man’s willingness to pursue you for a second date may be stifled if you reveal too much personal information too quickly. If you’re wondering how to have a second date with a guy, avoid blabbering about your personal issues on the first date date.

Don’t bring up your children’s difficulties, a dispute with your sister or girl friend, your grumpy boss, or your previous infidelity. As a relationship progresses, reveal more personal details about yourself bit by bit.

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7. Make it a fun date

Make it a fun date
9 Tips On How To Have A Second Date With A Guy

If you want a second date with a man, you must have enjoyed your time with him, right? At times it’s easy to be intimidated by dating, but take it easy. Try becoming an ultra-exciting breath of fresh air to earn a second date. Make jokes, play games, and be funny. Don’t be afraid to poke fun at yourself.

Why not ask for a fast sprint to the next tree if the two of you are walking through a park together? If the restaurant where you planned to eat closes early, turn it into a fun activity. “Whoever finds us a new table first gets their dessert paid!” Try some amusing people-watching ideas. Make up the connections and dialogues of surrounding strangers by taking turns going back and forth.

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8. Show your appreciation

You should thank him for setting up the date and treating you to dinner if you want a second date with a man. That might sound simple enough but many women don’t know that men love to be recognized for their efforts.

Perhaps he’s planned something enjoyable for you to share as well. You should expect the same respect from him when you make future plans after seeing how much work he put into the date.

9. Allow him to pay

Allow him to pay
9 Tips On How To Have A Second Date With A Guy

Most men will tell you that on the first date, they expect to treat you well. If you want to learn how to have a second date with a guy, you should not insist on paying or sharing.

Don’t sully his masculinity. It’s a man’s way of saying he appreciates your company when he picks up the check. So just relax, be gracious and express your gratitude. Allow a man to be a gentleman, and a hero (who knows he might be the right guy for you!)

I know that sounds silly. You are an independent woman. You don’t need a man to provide or save you! I couldn’t agree more. However, this is what every woman should know: To get a guy to approach you and ask you out, you must appeal to his primitive desires, because he truly needs it.

To fall for a woman, a man must feel like her defender and provider. He needs true admiration. That is, he must feel heroic. Because it’s in his nature to seek out connections that allow him to provide and protect. This man craves admiration and wants to defend you.

So, if you can make him feel heroic, he’ll want to ask you out. It will also trigger his deepest feelings of love and attraction. The clincher? He won’t ask you out unless he’s satisfied.

What I’m describing has a psychological term. Relationship psychologist James Bauer called it “the hero instinct.” He outlines the statements, texts, and requests you may use to trigger his hero instinct in his latest free video.

It’s worth studying these emotional trigger points because no man can resist a woman who makes him feel heroic.

If you can successfully stimulate this instinct, you will notice immediate results. When a man truly believes he is your hero, he becomes more loving, attentive, and committed to you.

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What do I do on the second date?

You should make sure that whatever you choose to do on your second date is something that you are completely at ease with and that you won’t feel bad about the next day. If you are looking for some nice ideas for a second date, you might want to think about going to dinner or an event where you will be able to interact freely with each other. Spending some time learning about the other is the goal of this activity.

Should I kiss on the second date?

It is appropriate to kiss on the second date or any date that both of you desire to kiss. If your date leans toward you, exhibits open body language, or otherwise demonstrates that they are comfortable with you in some other way, you may be able to tell that they desire a kiss from you.

What can I do to have a higher chance for a second date?

If you were able to wow him with your presence on the first date, he is likely to be interested, and it is very possible that he will ponder about whether or not he was able to impress you just as much. After having a good time in someone’s company on a first date, it’s only natural to think about the possibility of seeing them again in the future.

Final Thoughts

So, this is some guidance on how to have a second date with a guy that can be helpful for you. After all, it’s vital to be yourself, have fun, and not take things too seriously when it comes to dating in general. You’ll be more likely to get second dates if you keep these ideas in mind.

I hope you liked this article. Do you have anything else to add to the list? Let me know in the comment section and see you in the next post!

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