5 Best Body Exfoliator Before Self Tan

Best Body Exfoliator Before Self Tan

best body exfoliator before self tan

Body exfoliation is a procedure for deep cleansing of the skin from dead particles and impurities. This process is especially important before a self-tanning process.

With regular exfoliation sessions, the upper layer of the epidermis begins to fully breathe and gets rid of roughness and irregularities. Due to the activation of metabolic processes and increased production of elastin with collagen, the skin learns to fight the signs of aging on its own.

The cleansing procedure effectively eliminates stretch marks, sagging, and cellulite manifestations. The body becomes elastic and flexible. In addition, exfoliation evens out the tone removes acne, and prepares the skin for other cosmetic procedures like self-tanning, making them more effective.

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This procedure is equally useful for any age and skin type. The main thing is to choose the right product for you. That’s why, today in this article below we going to discuss the top 5 best exfoliators that can exfoliate before a spray tan.

What is Exfoliation?

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Exfoliation means removing unwanted dead skin cells from the skin surface to improve cell turnover. This helps to make skin smooth by removing rough skin.

Our skin generally sheds off unwanted and dead cells daily to reveal the new developing ones. This’s to stop harmful toxins from getting their way into the body system.

Nevertheless, our skin can’t remove all the shed dead skin alone and thus, results in clogged pores. This often causes dry patches, acne, impurities, fine lines, duller complexion, and flaky skin. Also, it often causes a less effective outcome when you do a self-tanning using a self-tanner.

There are two types of exfoliation available

  1. Peel off mask

  2. Body scrub


Peeling is called caring cosmetics, created based on acids and aggressive alkalis for smooth skin. The active ingredient in acid peels is a beta- and alpha-hydroxy acids, while in alkaline peels it is calcium carbonate.

The composition of such exfoliation solutions and creams may include vitamins, algae extracts, minerals, and coral powder. Peelings are suitable for removing the dead layer from the skin, eliminating age spots and acne marks. However, for sensitive skin types, it is better to avoid peeling.

Body Scrub

Scrubs are a popular product with an oily or creamy base, supplemented with absorbent elements. They are synthetic and naturally made using ingredients like essential oils, coconut oil, body polish, and shea butter.

It also includes products with abrasive particles in the form of cane sugar, sea salt, ground coffee beans, almond or apricot pits, etc. These solid particles remove all kinds of impurities from the skin, as well as dead cells. Scrubs do not allow pores to clog and have an instant leveling effect.

Thus, a body scrub is great for sensitive skin also. It keeps skin healthy as well.

Why Exfoliate Before Getting a Tan


You need to exfoliate your skin before getting a self-tan solution for many reasons. However, the most important reason to mention is self-care. Don’t you care for your skin tone? If yes, then you shouldn’t question any further and do it before applying the self-tanning solution. However, if you are not yet convinced then keep reading.

These are the reasons that show the importance of exfoliation before getting sunless tanning all by yourself.

Provides Radiant And Glowing Skin

Although the falling of dead skin cells is quite natural, it will not take place consistently. Since we use plenty of things on our skin to get radiant skin, the dead skin cells stick to our skin instead of falling away. Thus, artificial, but gentle natural scrub and exfoliation are required to regain young and fresh skin.

There are multiple ways to get the work done. You can either use a basic oil and sugar mixture or you can go for chemical scrubs or just a soft cloth or dry brush for the job. The options are handy and splendid as a pre-tan exfoliator.

Unclog Your Pores Before Tanning

Our pores are always blocked by the different products we generally use on our skin. Makeup, creams, deodorants, and also sweat become sticky and greasy to the skin. Thus, you need to clear skin pores occasionally to avoid the possibility of getting skin blemishes, acne, or irritation.

Gentle scrub at least once or twice a week is great. Choose the best scrub as per your skin type. If you have sensitive skin then go for a gentler and more natural product like multipurpose organic scrub.

Creates a Perfect Base For Spray Tan

A spray tan is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to get the caramel hue you want without the Sun. However, if you don’t prepare yourself properly you’ll end up with streaky, patchy, and orangey colors.

If your skin is smoother even before the application of spray tan, you will get better and most probably the best result out of the application. That is why you must take care of the preparation by exfoliating your skin before self-tanning or your spray tan appointment.

By exfoliation, you will remove the dead and dry skin cells as well as keep your skin as fresh and prepared as possible for your self-tanning procedure or getting a spray tan by professionals.

Spray tanning solution sticks more to dry skin and less to oily skin. Thus, you have to balance your skin texture and make it smoother and more even for the process. Hence, you need to know the best exfoliating body scrubs to use before a spray tan.

Top 5 Best Exfoliators Before Getting A Self-Tan

We already have known the importance of exfoliating before spray tanning. Now, if there is anything left that is the list of the best exfoliators before getting a self-tan.

So, let me help you by mentioning the top 5 exfoliators to use before you’re using your spray tanner.

ArtNaturals Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

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This is the best body exfoliating scrub available on the market right now. That is why we have made it our top choice. It has the goodness of Himalayan oil and salt. Moreover, the product is non-greasy but moisturizing at the same time which is appropriate for deep exfoliation and unclogging.

We all are acquainted with the limitless health benefits of using pink Himalayan salt. Now think of using the same formula in a body scrub. Isn’t it just awesome for our skin? Since pink Himalayan salt is a completely harsh chemical-free product packed with good moisturizing oils such as Argan, jojoba, and sweet almond oils.

It detoxifies your skin as well as makes the skin supple and soft. Regular use on your feet, neck, body, and hands helps in the reduction of pore size and wrinkles while enhancing skin’s moisture level and overall texture.


  • All-natural and completely chemical-free product

  • Packed with all the excellence of essential oils.

  • Has antioxidants that fight against early skin aging

  • Heals and smoothens the skin and thus prepares the skin for spray tanning


  • People with sensitive skin may not be able to use this product

La Roche-Posay Ultra-Fine Scrub Sensitive Skin

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The La Roche-Posay Ultra-Fine exfoliating scrub is made for sensitive skin but it is also great for other types of skin. This scrub comprises ultra-fine pieces of pumice stone developed for exfoliating your skin gently.

This scrub allows for relaxing application and contains a texture that enables its application as well as cleansing. The scrub also aids to remove extra dead cells gently from your skin.

It’s free of soaps, parabens, and alcohol. This also has a physiological pH as well as is developed with antioxidants and thermal spring water that soothes the skin effectively.

Thermal spring water is super curative, as well as its therapeutic help is well known. The clinical benefits of this product are delivered to patients because of its biological composition activity and its physicochemical properties.


  • You can use the product 2-3 times a week without damaging your skin

  • If you gently massage the product and rinse thoroughly, you will get a better result

  • Has a good physiological balance


  • Too expensive considering the given amount of product in the tube

  • Even if the product claims to be for sensitive skin types, some users have complained about itchiness and redness after using the product.

California Tan body Butter Exfoliator

The California Tan body Butter Exfoliator is specially developed to meet the requirements of a spray tanning procedure. Very appropriate for sunless tanning since the product provides even skin for a better and smooth application as well as coverage.

It has finely-grained volcanic stone and other fine materials for deep exfoliation. The volcanic stone is the primary ingredient of California Tan body Butter Exfoliator which cleanses the skin without damaging it.

Moreover, the exfoliator contains red tea which protects your skin from free radicals. Along with appropriate exfoliation, this product will not dry up the skin after use. The presence of red tea and aloe vera improves hydration and thus the quality of the skin.

If comes from a brand that concentrates on tan-related items and therefore you can get one with confidence.


  • Promotes both UV and sunless tanning

  • Develops balanced skin

  • Pleasant smell

  • Non-greasy but hydrating at the same time


  • The texture is a little bit thinner as compared to a normal product.

belif Mild & Effective Scrub

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This mild exfoliator scrub for rough skin type offers a unique solution of lemon balm along with a little bit of citrus-like aroma, which soothes the skin, promotes calmness, and removes dead cells from your skin.

It was designed to act as a luxury cleanser that assists with hydration as well as combines high-quality herbs for a useful skincare formulation.

Active ingredients contain calendula, raspberry leaf extract, oat extract, chickweed extract, wild yam root extract, hibiscus flower extract, arnica flower, Damascus rose flower extract, and also fragrances of genuine origin.

Calendula present in the scrub fights against UVB oxidative stress because of matrix metalloproteinase secretions as well as decreased glutathione levels. It’s even antibacterial. On the other hand, Damascus rose in it is an essential species that help improve your skin.

In addition, to being a great smell and ornamental, it’s even medicinal with some pharmacologic properties, for example, antibacterial, antioxidant, and even relaxant effects.


  • May be applied once daily without getting your skim damaged

  • Rids the pores of outer wastes

  • Thoroughly hydrates while cleansing your skin


  • Some users feel that the product is too expensive for the number of products they give

  • The product has a citrus-like aroma, which is a little bit inconvenient if you’re searching for a scent-free product to avoid allergens.

Ebanel Ultimate Brightening Peeling Gel For Exfoliation


With an engaging new cell generation solution, Ebanel Ultimate Brightening Peeling Gel uncovers a radiant and smooth complexion. This’s a gel that mainly focuses on exfoliating the face and not the entire body. As we use a lot of products on our faces, the clogging rate of our pores is more on the faces.

This is a kind of gentle and smooth gel that treats the skin with maximum care. For individuals with dehydrated skin type, the existence of antioxidants in this gel will maintain the hydration as well as bring out the glow in them.

This gel is perfect for treating acne-prone or oily skin. Not only that, but it also works on all skin types. Moreover, the gel is made using peptides, hollyhock, mushroom, and tomato extract.


  • Pleasant Odor

  • Soft and cool gel

  • Non- sticky

  • Peels off quite easily


  • It’s used as a face wash and not quite like a peel-off mask

  • Results entirely depend on your skin quality

When Not To Scrub Your Body

Not only knowing the best exfoliate won’t help if you don’t know when to and when not to exfoliate the skin. You need to perform the exfoliation with immense care and patience. This is because, with the exfoliation process, you’re removing the dead skin cells and you are certainly not ripping the skin off!

In case you are healing from a sunburn then you need to stay away from any kind of exfoliation process. Moreover, in case your skin is super sensitive and irritated or is having any wounds or cuts then you better not think of exfoliation.


We need scrubs and exfoliators to remove dead cells allowing new skin cells, and giving a daily glow to our skin. Also, exfoliating whisks away debris and dirt deep within the pores that our cleanser may fail to do.

Exfoliation allows proper blood circulation to your skin. Even, exfoliation makes it straightforward to absorb moisturizers, tanners, and also other skincare items. It makes your skin fresher, softer, and smoother.

This’s why exfoliation is important since it makes your skin healthier.

For example, if you do not exfoliate the skin before you get a self-tanning, then your self-tanning formulation will not blend in well. Instead, it’ll stick to the rough patches. This will delay the amount and effectiveness to a waste of time.

However, when you have smoother skin before applying the self-tanning solution, the more long-lasting and perfect the outcome will be. As soon as you exfoliate your skin, you’re preparing your skin for your tanning procedure by keeping the skin as fresh and glowing as possible and getting the best outcomes.

When you undergo a pre-tan exfoliation or scrubbing you will certainly achieve a flawless, sun-kissed glow on your skin.

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5 Best Body Exfoliator Before Self Tan

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