Ways To Break Up

5 Ways To Break-Up

A breakup can be difficult. If you think dealing with the aftermath of a breakup is the hard part, have you had to deal with the dilemma of how to end a relationship? Should I tell them, or should I leave? Do I cheat, or do I start a fight?

When I think about this, I become less mad at anybody who ever broke my heart because I truly understand how difficult that can be. Yes! I have had my heart broken a couple of times. Now, before you take pity on me, I will take this opportunity and confess that I, too, have broken a few of my own. This thing called karma is here to stay.

Some people do not get the chance to decide how to end a relationship. They just let it die a natural death. So, they do not get to choose which breakup method to use. The universe does it for them. Guys, here are a few examples of types of break up. Which one did you use to end your relationship?

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1. Mutual Breakup

Mutual is the kind of breakup where all parties involved amicably call it quits. They agree that the relationship is not working anymore, and everyone has to go their separate ways. However, I firmly believe that people can not fall out of love at the same time. I believe that one person is left with no other option but to accept and move on. The latter is the person who has to go through the whole breakup process and still act like they are okay because they agreed to it.

2. Ghosting

Ghosting is by far the cruelest kind of breakup. It is when one partner decides to leave the relationship without any explanation. The thing about ghosting that makes it extremely painful is the thought that this person did not care.

To that person, you were just a nobody who deserved no attention or even a tear. The fact that they can walk away like you didn’t mean anything to them is just disheartening. This kind of break up causes what I call temporary madness to the one who is left.

For a minute, they are not able to think straight or act right. Also, this kind of breakup affects one’s self-esteem negatively. However, if you are lucky enough to heal from this kind of breakup, you become a very emotionally healthy person.

3. Shocker

The shocker is where your relationship ends in the most unsuspecting way possible. Especially if one partner was Completely blindsided, can you imagine being in a relationship on Monday and on Saturday your partner is wedding someone else? Or, you believe that you are in a relationship only to find your partner flaunting another relationship on social media? The disrespect!!

Like, How was a whole wedding planned under your nose, and you didn’t know shit? With this type of breakup, you are forced to shock yourself off any hurt and pain this person may have caused to heal. Shock yourself to healing and shock yourself to moving on.

4. Drama filled Breakup

A drama-filled kind of breakup is the most entertaining kind. It is when former lovers end their relationship in a very eventful way. Fighting, throwing clothes off the balcony, putting it out on social media, name it. This kind of breakup is entertaining to the onlookers. People do not care about how hurting that was. They sit there to follow the drama and gossip about it for a whole weak before going back to their everyday lives. Do you know what the funny part is? Most people who go through this kind of breakup end up rekindling their relationship after a short while.

5. Involuntary Breakup

With this type of breakup, all parties involved are willing to continue with their relationship, but circumstances prevent them from doing so. Say someone has to move far away, and a long-distance relationship will not work. Or, your family has put in all measures to ensure that the relationship ends. Also, it could be that your friends do not like your partner, and you are forced to choose them over him/her because your relationship with them is way more important. There are so many examples of this kind of break up. You go crazy about them

However, the most painful example of the involuntary kind of break up is when your partner passes on. Need I say more?

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