Will Being Friends With Your Ex Get Him Back

Will Being Friends With Your Ex Get Him Back?

Will being friends with your ex get him back better? Perhaps yes. Let us be your guide to win him again with a far-out list of handy tips and hacks!


After the breakup, your exes suggested you “just be friends.” For the sake of reconciling, should you accept their offer of friendship?

But will being friends with your ex get him back? It can be a fantastic idea. Still, everything should be done step-by-step and cautiously. Winning the ex-lover again is viable if you develop a friendship with him well.

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Read this article first to grasp as much as possible about the situation. More than that, we’ve rounded up some indispensable rules for you. It’s a huge mistake if you skip reading! 

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Will Being Friends With Your Ex Get Him Back
Being friends with your ex. Source: Pexels

Will Being Friends With Your Ex Get Him Back?

Yes. Many couples can return to their romantic bond after the split-up and be friends. Indeed, friendship is a solid foundation for the later rebound. 

Anyway, your best bet would be to give you two some distance rather than take pitfalls, risk hurting your current sweetheart, or come off as needy.

Still, not all cases end up with the same result, which depends on many factors and reasons. 

We are here to offer you the best hacks, helping you make up with an ex easier and more effectively. Scroll down for more details!

9 Optimum Tips To Transform Friendship Back Into Romantic Relationships With Your Ex

Communicate With Goodwill

You need to send an acceptance message if you’re hoping for a future with that person. Tell them you’re still in love with them and are always open to building positive relationships.

As your ex-lover can’t read your mind, letting him know you still want to keep in touch can mean that it’s not a total breakup. You two are ready for a friendly reunion and even a loving romance further down the line if you have a chance.

In this message, you and your potential friend can discuss what it means to be friends. They will have limits on how much time they want to spend together, how close they are willing to get, and so on.

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Think About Who You Want To Become

You can only sometimes get what you want. Don’t be ashamed to acknowledge your fondness for this individual if you have an unforgettable story with them or if they helped you feel something you’d never felt before.

Don’t let the previous hurts and regrets stand in the way of a possible reunion if you had a relatively successful relationship.

Recognize this person for what they are currently. Respect them, and remember that you two can have a rebound if things don’t go downhill in the first few months.

However, refrain from forcing yourself to move on if you’re stuck in the past and can’t get over the ex.

Will Being Friends With Your Ex Get Him Back
Let him see your goodwill. Source: Pexels

Do Not Be Negative Toward Him

This is crucial if you want a second chance at reconciliation with your ex. While you’re vulnerable after a breakup, don’t use social media to slam your ex and publicly express your disgust at them.

By the way, this is also true when interacting with them verbally. Don’t tell that man how much he hurt you or how terrible he is. We are frequently inclined to say very harsh things in the throes of emotion.

If you do these things, the likelihood of you and this person ever becoming friends again or getting back together is relatively low.

This is related to feelings of dependency and insecurity in addition to rage. However, it’s natural to feel sad and unworthy following a split-up.

Consider sharing your feelings with trusted people or finding productive outlets for your frustration.

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Seek New Joys For You

There is no shortage of options for venting negative feelings. Here are a few suggestions with handy activities:

  • Join some physical activities or workouts: It will allow you to release pent-up emotions such as anger and despair. You should do whatever gets your heart rate up, whether sprinting till you can’t take another breath, lifting weights, riding a bike, etc.
  • Do some dancing: it’s been proven to have remarkable healing effects. Put on some tunes you dig or what calms your feelings, and go with the flow.
  • Put your thoughts into writing: It is an excellent measure to clear your head of clutter. Looking through what you’ve written can help you gain perspective on your situation and enable you to read about it from an outsider’s point of view.
  • Make some art: in the process, you can turn your nasty, terrible feelings into something beautiful.
  • Shout your frustrations into a pillow: cry your tears out, and give yourself time to reflect on how you’re feeling. 

All these tips are vital in the recovery step. They all help you calm down and be ready for a restored relationship down the road.

Don’t Freak Out If You Are Not Friends With Them Right Away. Get Some Space!

Will Being Friends With Your Ex Get Him Back
Having space for breathing. Source: Pexels

Having enough space and time to move on is essential. Due to the recent termination of your relationship, likely, you and your ex aren’t on the best of terms right now. It’s not safe that you’re both in a sour mood toward one another.

Additionally, you and your partner currently have quite different requirements, which you must recognize and respect. Both the individual who ended the relationship and the other need space.

Let each other breathe and be comfortable as much as possible.

Avoid Calling Or Texting Them All Day Long

It may signify how much you still care for your ex if you’re always trying to get in touch by text or calling them to see whether they’d like to get back together.

There’s something wrong in your relationship when they notice immediately and tell you they don’t want to be bothered.

You don’t have to spend hours on the phone with your ex every week because you’re still friends with them.

Although you should still contact them through texts, calls, or in-person visits (if they share this preference), you should limit the frequency and timing of these interactions.

But if you feel compelled to keep in touch with them, schedule a maximum number of interactions with them and stick to it.

Will Being Friends With Your Ex Get Him Back
Try to minimize texting. Source: Pexels

Talk Through The Issues You Have With Him

You can discuss the relationship’s problems so both partners can see the big picture. And go over everything that’s transpired since you two parted ways up.

It’ll seem like a poor idea at the time, but it’ll strengthen your friendship and bring you closer together in the long run.

You might also take this time to reflect on how your friendship can affect your ex’s life. If any, this suggests that you two need space to figure out where you stand individually and as friends before getting back together.

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Don’t Try To Rush Things

You could lose the opportunity to get back and build a strong foundation if you rush things or hastily put the pieces back together.

In a relationship, moving too quickly can lead to a recurrence of the problems that led to its demise. Putting forth the effort to get back together with an ex requires some distance and time apart.

Don’t make a huge issue out of your eagerness to start dating again; else, your ex may misinterpret your enthusiasm.

They may decide to be your buddy, but if they don’t, you’ll have to accept it and move on. 

Insisting on chasing a person who has already turned his back on you only hurts your ego and strips off your dignity. This will make you a needy and desperate girl mourning over the past and afraid of moving forward. Remember that tears won’t let you see the stars when the sun is gone. Many good guys out there are waiting to treat you kindly as you deserve.

Will Being Friends With Your Ex Get Him Back
Try to keep things stable in advance – don’t rush! Source: Pexels

Respect The Ex’s Boundaries

You should accept your ex’s wishes when you have been friends with them for a time and they still don’t want to be with you. If they show no interest, don’t try to persuade them.

Your friendship will flourish once you can be reasonable with them and accept their choice.

Beyond that, the two also feel more comfortable when both respect the perspectives of each other. Suffocating him with over-concerning and bombarding him with texts and calls are a no-no. Make him feel as if he still has his own private realm and freedom even when he is with you.

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Why Does My Ex Want To Be Friends?

When an ex begs to remain friends with you, it’s because they’re at a loss for words and think asking you to stay friends is preferable to saying, “Well, I guess we will never talk anymore.”

Therefore, it is usually as if they are attempting to soften the blow, make it easier on you, and minimize your heartbreak.

In other cases, they can only be partially sure about the breakup. And they are free to ask you to be their buddy. Simply put, they don’t want a split utterly. Thus, they’ll keep you close in case of changing their mind.

Also, perhaps your ex-partner is having a hard time deciding. They’ll likely do anything they can to stay in your life once they change their mind.

On the other hand, the polite rejection of friendship is still essential in case you no longer wish to be friends and immediately begin a no-contact policy. 

Will Being Friends With Your Ex Get Him Back
You’d better consider any request to your ex. Source: Pexels

Why Is It Bad To Be Friends With Your Ex?

It’s wrong to be friends with your ex because the following reasons:

  • You can take a step backward.
  • You’re trying to move on but being friends with exes halts you from doing that.
  • You can’t help but miss your ex, yet there is no hope between you two, which upsets you repeatedly.
  • The two do not feel the same way. One feels normal, while the other is unpleasant and exhausted to overcome the negative thoughts.
  • Being friends with exes can ruin the happy relationships between you and your new lover or him and his new girlfriends.

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What Are The Benefits Of Being Friends With Your Ex?

If you want your ex-partner back, you’ll need a way to get in touch with them. You must convince your ex that you’re still the right person for them, that they can trust you, that you will make them happy, and that you can seduce and attract them again.

Also, staying friendly with an ex can be a fast track to reconciling if you believe you can keep your sentiments and emotions in check. 

You can treat your exes as you would treat your friends and strive toward increasing the level of closeness between you two when facing hassles.

Once a threat to your ex’s new partner comes, she will be aware of the powerful bond that formerly existed between you and him when you always support your ex greatly at all costs. Finally, it will (unintentionally) drive him back into your arms while his new lover gives up.

Will Being Friends With Your Ex Get Him Back
Being friends with your exes. Source: Pexels

Final Thoughts

So, will being friends with your ex get him back? It’s up to your feelings and competency.

Don’t leave it to chance and count on luck if you’re eager to know whether being friends with your ex could lead back into a romantic relationship. As long as you’re still in love with him and want to meet him in the middle one day when everything gets back once more, your friendship, goodwill, and sincerity could mend your broken bond and rekindle the spark.

If our sharing doesn’t help, consult a genuine, gifted, and credentialed advisor who can provide for your needs in your cases.

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