My Ex's New Girlfriend Is Stalking Me

My Ex’s New Girlfriend Is Stalking Me: 9 Pro Tips To Tackle It!

When my ex’s new girlfriend is stalking me, what should I do? If you pose such a question but do not know the optimal tips to tackle the situation, read on!


You see your ex’s partner staring at you whenever you run into each other and even in the virtual life of social media. The shift in her tone or refusal to engage in conversation with you is erratic and irritating. These acts point to her jealousy of you.

But why my ex’s new girlfriend is stalking me? 

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It sometimes needs to be clarified why she has such jealous feelings. She’s the official lover of your ex, and she’s the one in the relationship. Her feelings of inadequacy or her suspicion toward her boyfriend may be the root causes. 

So, we are here to provide you with the best tactics to handle such hassles.

My Ex's New Girlfriend Is Stalking Me
Don’t let her bad demeanor make you downbeat. Source: Unsplash

5 Proven Reasons Why My Ex’s New Girlfriend Is Stalking Me

She Picks Up On Unspoken Feelings

She may have noticed that you and your ex still care about one other. She knows he still has affection for you, so she never wants to express interest in reconciling with you. 

As such, she gets obsessed as being with someone who has others in his mind elsewhere is terrible.

Also, the ex’s girlfriend thinks you desire to get back with your ex whenever she sees you being friendly with him. And she typically wants to guard her relationship from you if she believes you’re after him.

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She Doesn’t Trust Him

She may be wary of him if he has a history of cheating or lying, such as hiding the friendship with you from the get-go. 

Maybe the girl thinks her companion is about to cheat on her. He may try to be intimate with you, just like he did with the girls he dated, simply as he likes to show off his attraction and affirm manhood.

My Ex's New Girlfriend Is Stalking Me 3
She can lack belief in her boyfriend. Source: Unsplash

You Two Have Children Together

Any woman will be upset while you have a child with her current boyfriend. She feels unhappy and insecure that you will always be a part of his life due to the child. 

Your kids and your position are hard to fade in your ex’s mind. And, of course, your ex must be responsible for your children. In other words, you two will keep in touch if needed and raise the children together.

She’s jealous as she adores having a kid like you. The more she loves him, the more eager she wants to hold him tightly for her only.

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Your Ex Makes Her Feel Some Type Of Way

My Ex's New Girlfriend Is Stalking Me
She’s doubtful about your connection with the ex. Source: Unsplash

Perhaps he’s trying to influence her through you. He might name drop you to seek jealousy from her, as some men take that emotion as a sign of love.

He may compare you two or feel nostalgic about his time with you. This can cause her to doubt her worth as a sweetheart and in the relationship.

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She’s Insecure

Jealousy is a pointer of low self-esteem in females. One can only assume that her boyfriend had feelings for her at one point. She constantly evaluates her attributes against yours to find fault. Not to mention, she starts to question whether or not she is adequate. 

That girl wonders if his contentment with her charm is enough to catch his eyes or if there is anything she can do better than you did. 

The motivation behind these actions is envy. She imagines that someday you will win your ex back again, and she’ll lose him.  

9 Pro Tips To Tackle When My Ex’s New Girlfriend Is Jealous Of Me

My Ex's New Girlfriend Is Stalking Me
Sort out the disturbances effectively. Source: Pexels

Don’t Feed Into Her Crap

It’s possible that she’s immature and needs constant affirmation. Such ladies keep going and going until they reach an age where they can stop on their own. 

Remember that this is the way the world is and that some individuals will always behave this way, particularly women since they are stereotypically more competitive with one another than men regarding love.

Don’t pay any attention to her if you can stand it. Stay cool and ignore the looks of disapproval. Get hold of yourself when her tone shifts and only reply when she is talking to you nicely. Be steady!

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Don’t Beat Yourself Up

You shouldn’t feel guilty if you have no lingering feelings for your ex. You’re just friends with them, and you’re not contributing to the manipulative actions of either of you. Jealousy is a constant emotion for certain females.

Once they’ve settled down with their significant other, they resent the women who came before them. They obsessively look at photos of the most recent ex-girlfriend, probe for details surrounding the breakup, and pass judgment on everything.

No matter how hard you try, you may be unable to change the situation. Please don’t beat yourself up about it right now. You did the best you could, and you and your ex have done nothing wrong.

Draw A Clear Line Between You And Your Ex

My Ex's New Girlfriend Is Stalking Me
Do not fool yourself with her bad acts. Source: Unsplash

Sleep on it before accusing your ex of “trying to make me jealous” if you’ve had that thinking. He may be trying to make you jealous of the new girl in his life as he misses you. Reevaluate your “relationship” while he constantly compares you two on the phone or says he wants you.

Make sure he knows you only want to be friends since you value your friendship with him. Tell him flat out that you don’t want to date him anymore. Once he keeps pushing as he can’t get over you, you will be through with him as friends.

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Take A Look At Your Feelings And His

When closely examining how you feel, you must be completely truthful. Maybe you’re unconsciously flirting with him. Is it possible that the presence of your ex-boyfriend makes you happier and more outgoing? 

It’s time to be honest about whether or not you’ve been fantasizing about reuniting with your ex. In all likelihood, he is in a relationship with another girl, and you should never damage your dignity by breaking that bond.

Have A Conversation With Her

It’s best not to engage your ex-boyfriend in conversation. Instead, make an effort to talk to the lady. Tell her you’re happy for him since he’s found such an enticing girl, and then ask whether the two of you can remain friends.

It can also lead to a more in-depth discussion, during which you can make it clear to her that although he is your ex-lover, you have no desire to be in a bond with him again.

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Rebuild Your Self-Confidence

If your ex is seeing someone else, it could be a blow to your pride. You must remove any obstacles immediately so that you can feel good about yourself again before reaching out to your ex and his new partner.

We know it’s hard, but try not to show discomfort in front of your ex and his new girlfriend. When you encounter your ex and his new partner, the best thing to do is to say hello, smile simply, and move on. 

Maintain emotional equilibrium, ignore your negative feelings, and enjoy life. This is the point where you should leave the room once you are not having fun.

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Block Your Ex’s Number And His New Girlfriend (If Any)

If a stalker is contacting you repeatedly through phone calls or texts, blocking their number may be the most straightforward approach to rid yourself of them.

Once you block your ex’s and his lover’s numbers, they won’t be able to reach you or frustrate you. Once her all-out efforts to annoy you fail, she may stop trying.

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She likes to compete with you. Source: Unsplash

Be Ready In Case Of Attack

It’s unfortunate but possible that a stalker could physically assault you while you refuse to give in to their advances (in the worst scenario). 

You can also bring pepper spray with you whenever you go out in case you have to defend yourself against an unexpected attack.

More than that, some basic postures or self-defense martial arts are required to keep you safe. Investing your time in learning such courses always makes sense in multiple conditions.

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Be Alert When You Hang Out Alone

In the worst scenario, going out alone is risky if a stalker is following you. In many cases, the ex’s new companion is more aggressive than you assume and will find ways to beat you utterly.

If she is stalking you, you might find that anyone shows up in locations you frequently visit. Someone may trap or harm you somehow when you’re alone.

You can’t be coerced back into a situation you don’t want to be in, so hang out with other people and let them know about your danger.


Is It Normal If Your Ex’s New Girlfriend Gets Jealous Of You?

Overall, it’s typical yes, but it’s not the same in all cases. She often shows envious signs when your connection with your ex gets her on the nerves. 

Something about you triggers her jealousy. Perhaps you’re more beautiful, successful, and clever than her. Whenever she feels the threats to her happiness, the ex’s new girlfriend, by nature, will do anything to protect her benefits and lovers, as stated above.  

My Ex's New Girlfriend Is Stalking Me
The ex’s girlfriend likes to make you feel inferior. Source: Unsplash

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What Are Clear Signs That His New Girlfriend Is Jealous Of You?

Here are 15 sure signs that she’s envious of you if you’re her his lover’s ex-girlfriend:

  1. She keeps giving you evil.
  2. She gets in a bad mood when you come around.
  3. She’s always doing something bigger and better.
  4. She interrupts him anytime you speak to each other.
  5. She never has anything good to say about you.
  6. She demands that he has no contact with you.
  7. She copies everything you do.
  8. She is constantly criticizing your appearance.
  9. That girl applauds your failures.
  10. The girl finds ways to demean you.
  11. She flaunts her successes, often more than her actual merit.
  12.  That girl loves to dish dirt on you.
  13. She is very competitive.
  14. She will humiliate you in front of other people.
  15. The girl hates you for no reason at all.

How To Handle An Uncomfortable Text From Your Ex’s New Lover?

Many factors could be at play if your ex’s new partner has reached out to you. Perhaps you maintain in touch with your ex, and now they want to be friends too. 

They may seek your counsel because they feel insecure in their current relationship. Or they may be concerned that you are still in touch with your ex with a somewhat unpleasant voice’s tone.

Think about what you hope to get out of a conversation before answering. Ignoring the texts is ideal to start if needed. Don’t feel obligated to reply in case you don’t want to. 

While interacting with this person will negatively impact your mental or emotional well-being, don’t reply. Try everything until you find what works for you. 

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Final Thoughts

The above is all about why and how to handle when my ex’s new girlfriend is stalking me. There might be one or many drives behind her stalking behavior; still, remember that doing so can hint at an impending threat. 

If an ex’s girlfriend sends you unwanted text messages, they may fret that you two will get back together someday.

In some cases, stalking can come from a place of obsession. You shouldn’t need to retaliate and add fuel to the fire, even if you sense they are attacking you unfairly. Instead of giving in to the negativity, you should choose the high road and ignore or block them.

Anyway, be careful with the ex’s lovers’ behaviors. Try to keep your distance from your ex correctly and apply the other tips above to sort out this matter better.

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