Is It Okay To Tell Your Ex You Love Them After They Left

Is It Okay To Tell Your Ex You Love Them After They Left? 

Is it okay to tell your ex you love them after finishing the love relationship? Below are some guides regarding this problem. 


The question, “Is it okay to tell your ex you love them?” has gained popularity in the couple community after ending their love bond. Both boys and girls should realize their emotions exactly to get the right actions to each other. Read the article below to review some options for this problem.

Is It Okay To Tell Your Ex You Love Them After Ending The Relationship?

The answer to this question is not unusual. People can completely have feelings for their ex for months or even years after making a breakup, then fall in love again with each other later. The number of people accepting this trend has been increasing significantly, especially the young group in society. 

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Love is considered one complex thing that strongly impacts human emotions and behaviors in life. Therefore, people can not determine whether to fall out of love precisely at first sight. Everyone should consider the reasons for wanting to express the emotion with the ex on their own and evaluate whether those things are really good for both. This can support people to temper their expectations and defend themselves better in the future. 

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Is It Okay To Tell Your Ex You Love Them After They Left
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People should also take references from a therapist to get a deeper understanding of their emotions before talking to their ex. Some short conversations through online contact can help everyone to restrict anxiety and get better feelings about this problem. This is one of the effective methods applied commonly in modern life when facing complicated psychological issues. 

Reasons To Express Emotion With The Ex

There are a lot of reasons making people get confused with the question, “Is it okay to tell your ex you love them?”. They can come from past mistakes when building and maintaining the relationship or the present status of both partners. Below are some common reasons for this thought:

Faulty Reasons For Ending The Previous Bond With The Ex

Some people tend to lose their temper easily, then make crazy decisions, which harms their love relationship in a short time. If those mistakes are attributed to you, it will be a good idea to have an official meeting with your ex to express your apology. This action not only improves the situation of the previous relationship but also brings more opportunities to begin a new thing with each other. 

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Significant Changes Occurring In The Life

If the breakup occurred during the period that there were some issues within your life, start by mending fences with the ex. Remarkable modifications, including health, family, or career problems, can affect how people act or think toward other people they love. Once you have moved past these issues, try contacting their exes and explaining how they have changed. 

Is It Okay To Tell Your Ex You Love Them After They Left
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Still Remaining Interest With Each Other After Ending The Relationship

Keeping in touch with each other through phone calls or text messages after ending the relationship can be one opportunity for people to express their emotions with their exes easier. Finding the appropriate time is to meet with the ex and observe his feelings. If there is any romantic sign from him, try to suggest the hopes backing the relationship as in the past. 

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Reasons To Avoid Expressing Feelings For The Ex

It is not always right to express feelings for the ex in all situations. People should care about their exes’ emotions before deciding on this problem. Below are some cases in that people do not express their love to their ex. 

The Ex Having A New Love Relationship

The common reason for making rejection back to the previous relationship is that the ex is in a new relationship. It will not be fair to his new girlfriend, who has not made mistakes in this problem. This also brings a lot of complications and effects on life, even making him lose their trust in you, breaking up the friendship that both used to have with each other. 

Is It Okay To Tell Your Ex You Love Them After They Left
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The Ex Not Loving You 

When the ex expresses that he does not like you, there is no opportunity for you to improve the love bond as the last time. If you continuously pursue feelings with him for a long time, he can get annoyed emotions, and you also get hurt again. This is not good for both in life. 

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The Ex Not Wanting To Keep In Touch With You

If the ex does not want to meet up, text, or call you, you should learn how to keep pace with him (particularly by setting one boundary with each other). Once confessing your feelings to people, who do not love you, you are surely hurt and waste a lot of time on yourself—choosing to accept the truth and make beauty in your life a lot. 

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Your ex does not want to contact with you

How To Express The Emotion To The Ex

People should depend on why they want to tell their ex about their feelings to choose the best way to this problem. There are some relevant questions, including:

  • Do you want to say to him in person about this problem?
  • Are you ready to speak terms to him?
  • How much of a declaration for you to make this decision?

Owning The Best Emotion Yourself

You must know your emotions with your ex, then prepare your strong preparations before meeting up with him. This can ensure that you can honestly express their feelings, allowing them to understand you better and approach a new relationship. People should also decide what kind of communication is the most suitable for both of you (comprising letter, email, chat, video, or phone call). 

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Once you have the best preparations to talk to him, you can easily foresee possible responses from him face-to-face effectively. He can get angry, turn you down, ignore you or even storm out. However, if there is still any interest in each other, it is a good idea to start a new bond after a previous breakup. 

Needing The Effective Support System

It can be the best way to have anyone console you after experiencing the discussion with your ex. This is considered one effective support system for all people when they have big changes in their love. 

Most online therapists can remove negative feelings for you after a failed meeting with the ex. Thus, you should give the online therapist the exact period you plan to talk to your old boyfriend, then determine a session afterward. Remember that you have to express your detailed thoughts after the meeting with your ex with the therapist, which makes any exchanges occurring more effective. 

Using Sweet Words To Attempt To Get Back With The Ex 

If you are the type of person who is so romantic or your ex is a romantic listener, using sweet words to get back with your ex is not a bad idea. You can put the ex in situations where he feels comfortable, then communicate with him with love words and a gentle rhythm to express your emotions best. 

If you want to face reality and transfer love feelings to your ex quickly, you can choose the way to express it directly to him. This method does not need a lot of effort to seek romantic or suitable words when talking to the ex. 

Is It Okay To Tell Your Ex You Love Them After They Left
Source: Pexels

Writing Things That You Want To Say

Write out what you plan to express to him before meeting with him, then read it back and send it if you are satisfied with it. Remember not to rush this decision, which can bring a lot of problems for the relationship between you and your ex. All these things should be done under certain thoughts and considerations, allowing you to get a good result in all situations. 

Which Are the Best Tips To Control The Feelings With The Ex?

There are normally four tips to control the feeling with the ex and answer the question, “Is it okay to tell your ex your love?” including:

  • Utilizing the tide theory in love
  • Dropping breadcrumbs about the feelings for the ex
  • Building a romantic environment when meeting the ex
  • Adapting the 30/70 split

Below are some reviews for these tips that people can apply effectively:

Using The Tide Theory 

The tide theory is considered as the concept describing the frequency and intensity of experiencing text with the ex. This means that you should apply this theory slowly, not too quickly, with the ex to gain the ex’s interest in you over time. The tide theory is built based on the natural progression of attraction to the ex as the way the tide operates on the beach.  

The biggest mistake most people encounter when utilizing the tide theory is letting time go too fast. This can determine this theory’s positive effects, transferring them into negative emotions on the ex in a short time. Therefore, people have to learn how to use the tide theory reasonably. 

Dropping Breadcrumbs About Your Feelings

People can drop breadcrumbs about their feelings with their exes when they can understand their emotions and apply this method as a smart tactic in love. The keyword to drop breadcrumbs is to take note of what you want to share with the ex. For example, you can tell or note, “I miss the period together with each other in the past.” One effective recommendation is to use text messages to say these things. 

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Building The Romantic Environment Around The Ex

A romantic environment can include different reasons you want to express emotions with the ex or the love memories both of you used to have. One great tip you should utilize is to talk about the familiar video and music that can get strong feelings from the ex about the period coming past. 

Is It Okay To Tell Your Ex You Love Them After They Left
Source: Pexels

Choosing a space with love color, only with two people, can be one perfect option to express all with each other. This can support the development of a new relationship in the future. 

Taking The 30/70 Split

The 30/70 splits start to get well-known when publicizing the Hitch comedy. The most famous scene of this comedy is when Hitch tells Abert that Albert wants to kiss his ideal woman, he needs to make his efforts of 90% and let her come to the addition of 10%. Then, people consider that the 30/70 split is more suitable than the 10/90 split as the origin. 

This method means you should share your feelings with the ex about 30% of true feelings and let them fill in the remaining 70%. Everyone can seek to read or buy the 30/70 split book on the website or bookshop. 


Should You Move On If You Are Not Right For The Relationship?

If you realize that telling your ex is not good for both of you, it is time for you to move on from these feelings. This can bring better experiences for both of you and even can help you to maintain a true friendship with the other. You also feel relaxed after removing these complicated emotions and begin to concentrate more on yourself.  

Do You Still Love Your Ex Or The Person You Thought Of Them? 

You usually tend to see your ex as the perfect match for you after getting well on with each other for a long time. This can confuse you with your feelings for your ex and the person you thought of them. Consequently, you can make wrong decisions for these problems, harming your current relationship with your ex. 

Is It Okey To Ask For The Emotional Counselors?

Certainly yes. Emotional counselors have a lot of experience and advanced knowledge of these issues over time. You can choose how to share your feelings with your emotional counselor through text or video to get useful advice. 

Final Thoughts

This article has just answered the question, “Is it okay to tell your ex you love them?”. People can get the tips above to make the right decisions when expressing their emotions with their ex after a certain time. Always remember to consider and think carefully before building a new love relationship.  

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