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What To Do When You Have Nothing To Do (Without Using Your Phone)

So you’re bored and asking yourself what to do when you have nothing to do.

Sometimes you ask, how do you stay busy when you have nothing to do?

I get it. We are all vulnerable to getting bored especially when we are alone at home and tired of doing the same things over and over again.

No matter how physically active you are, sometimes you have the urge to just lie down because of that gnawing boredom.

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These moments of boredom hit us anytime and no one is an excuse, especially during the pandemic when we have to stay most of the time at home.

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Yet, that shouldn’t stop us from being productive even if we think we have nothing to do at all or don’t have any idea what to do without involving our smartphones.

Without smartphone?

Yes, it is possible.

Do you think you find creativeness when you always scroll on your phone?

No, using smartphones hinders us from being productive.

Phones with Internet may give us ideas especially if you switch to Pinterest and Google search, but it’s not that helpful sometimes.

Sometimes, we just use the phone just for the sake of doing something although it’s not productive anymore.

So this time, ditch your phone.

Hide it where you can’t find it immediately when your fingers get the itch to scroll senselessly again.

Here’s what to do when you have nothing to do without using your phone


It could be the first or the last option if you feel bored. It is always effective for me. If you see the mess around you, it only adds to the lack of desire to do something.

But if you see an organized environment it inspires you to work even more effectively.

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Don’t you know that baking is good for your mental health?

You may think it could be stressful especially if you have a lot to do, and a lot of procedures to follow but according to a study, people who engage in creative activities like cooking and baking, are happier every day.

So baking is not only good for your mental health, it also saves you from boredom.


Like baking, cooking can be beneficial to your mental health too.

Aside from that, cooking teaches you to be patient and helps you control procrastination.

So if you have nothing to do, you can try experimenting with dishes at home instead of scrolling in your social media accounts.

Do some DIY

Are you a creative person or a person who finds uses in every item she finds at home or anywhere?

DIYing might be your thing.

It won’t bore you out and it would enhance your creativity.

Additionally, you can sell your DIY stuff or finished products through Etsy or your blog, if you have one.

DIY activity when you have nothing to do
Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Read a book

Others get bored from reading but oftentimes, reading helps you fight off boredom. If you’re not into reading, and you just grab a book just for the sake of reading, then start reading materials that you find interesting.

Do not read an Algebra book if you hate Math, or do not read a book in German if you don’t understand the language.

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Play with your pet

Having a pet is beneficial to your health.

Spending time alone with your cat improves your serotonin level which boosts your mood and well-being.

So if you’re bored and you have nothing to do at home, play with your furry friends or babies, they will be happy too to receive attention from you.


One of the things I enjoy doing the most when I have nothing to do is writing.

If you are bored, then you can write why you are bored and what you would like to do.

You don’t need special skills to write, if you can speak, then you can also write down your thoughts.

Maybe you’re planning to start a blog. Start now and you will never be bored.

Paint or draw

If you can’t paint or draw, you can try doodling.

Doodling doesn’t require your full attention, so if you’re preoccupied with something, you can doodle.

But if you want to learn how to draw, I recommend reading this epic book which has really taught me how to draw things other than flower.

drawing at home
Photo by Dominika Roseclay

Work out

Working out is not only good for your physical health, but for your mental well-being as well.

Probably you’re thinking you can’t work out at home without any heavy equipment.

But everything is possible nowadays. You can be fit and healthy without going to the gym, you only need a yoga mat and you’re ready to move your strained muscles in the comforts of your home.

meditate or do a yoga when you think you have nothing to do at home
Photo by Elina Fairytale on Pexels

Learn (a language or any skills)

You can learn without using your phone at home, as long as you have a book or a guide on how to learn something.

If you have already learned a language, you can use a workbook like I made for German language learners.

Click here to learn the German language for free online.


You don’t have to be a professional to sew.

We all have learned it in school and I assume you can do some simple sewing.

If you can’t sew by hand, you can use a simple sewing machine especially if you’re a beginner.

Do some paperwork (bills, documents sorting)

Now that you have nothing to do at home, it’s time to do the things you like to accomplish last.

Without anything in your mind now, you can concentrate on doing your paperwork like collecting bills to pay, official letters waiting for your response or postcards, and letters from relatives wanting to hear from you.

do paperwork at home when you have nothing to do
Photo by Angela Roma

Here’s what to do outside your home when you have nothing to do:


Don’t you love the idea of spending time with nature without mixing technology into it?

Without any distractions, you can enjoy nature more.

Do not take photos using your smartphone or digital camera, use your eyes instead to take everything in your memory.


If you’re already outside, with your tent if you’re planning to camp outside, why not bring your fishing equipment too?

Whether you’re alone or with your family, you can always go fishing; it is relaxing, and at the same time, it brings you closer to your family or kids if you’re with them.

Walk with your dog

If you’re at home, you can do pet-sitting if you have nothing to do but if you’re outside, and wanted to breathe some air, you can always bring your doggie for a walk.

It is beneficial for your health and for your furry friend too.

things to do when you have nothing to do at home
Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels


When you’re feeling bored and have nothing to do at home, go out and find a place where you can read in silence.

If you don’t want to carry your books with you, you can always have a portable reader like Amazon’s Kindle. It is like carrying a library in one gadget, easy to use, and very convenient.

Kindle is not similar to a tablet or smartphone, it can be connected to Wi-Fi, but you can’t browse on your Facebook or stalk the latest outfit on Instagram.

when you have nothing to do just read
Photo by Adrienne Andersen

Now it’s your turn

How do you deal with boredom at home or outside?

Imagine waiting for your mother in the car and you always have the urge to use your phone since you have nothing to do.

But you are wrong. Forget the smartphone and your social media. Apply these things so you know what to do when you have nothing to do wherever you are.

Let me know how you cope with boredom especially in times of lockdown due to Covid-19.

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