When You’re Not His Usual Type: 7 Hacks To Overcome The Situation!

When you’re not his usual type, you can feel downbeat and do not know what to do next. Worry not! We’re here to help with the optimum methods now. 

There are moments in life when we all feel attracted to specific people regardless of their gender or the type of relationship we want with them. But what happens when you’re not his usual type? Some men can still fall head over heels for you, while many will frankly refuse your love. 

If you feel low as he doesn’t want to be with you, there are a few ways to get over this situation more accessible and keep things platonic again. 

We will pill the tea!

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When You’re Not His Usual Type
What to do when you’re not his usual type? Source: Unsplash

What Does It Mean When He Says You Are Not His Type?

Here are some reasons and meanings when the guys you like say that you’re not his type:

  1. He is not attracted to physical qualities. You differ in his ideal: body shape, height, ethnicity, hair color, or eye color.
  2. He hopes you’ll mold yourself to fit his wants. To satisfy his aesthetic preferences, he may subtly or overtly propose that you alter your appearance in some way, whether through diet, exercise, or even drastic measures like plastic surgery.
  3. You don’t motivate him as he wants in his career, in love, and so on. He thinks another woman can do it well or will go further with him.
  4. He is in love with someone else or looking for love elsewhere. This could be the first red flag that he’s considering ending the relationship.
  5. He can’t seem to move on from his first or last relationship, as he’s still deeply infatuated with his ex or other girls.
  6. He’s hopelessly in love with a lady who doesn’t exist outside of his fiction, whether she’s a fictional character he’s seen online or a coworker he’s dreamt about.
  7. His sexual desire drives him, and he isn’t getting his fill from you, or you do not provide for his psychological requirements in the manner he expects.
  8. It’s clear that he has zero desire to pursue or maintain you. It’s a valid reason for him to want to keep things platonic or not pursue a romantic relationship with you.
  9. He chose you because you were the best available alternative, but when he gets the better “deals”, he says that and walks away.
  10.  If he tells you this, it can be as he’s angry, hurt, or disappointed in you about something.

What If You’re Not His Type? 

Try out these steps to win his heart:

  1. Find Out What Interests Him First

It’s common for men to date only particular “type” women who share their passions and values. A guy in a band aspiring to compose may not find a partner in a musically tone-deaf woman.

However, nothing prevents you from being one of those girls who can patiently listen to him ramble on and on about bands and even join in the conversation. 

If a man piques your curiosity, you should learn more about the concepts in which he believes deeply. He may discover that he enjoys playing the role of instructor after all and that you are the ideal audience.

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  1. Be Confident In Your Uniqueness

You may be more exciting and unpredictable to him as you’re not the typical lady he often dates. Don’t try to mold yourself into his ideal woman. 

Women sometimes downplay their abilities while interacting with men who aren’t interested in them. Then you’ll be stuck with the new concepts as you wanna change yourself utterly. Finally, you feel like a complete idiot.

Self-assured and intriguing women, regardless of whether they are traditionally considered a “type” for a given man, can fascinate him. 

Listen up, girl: you don’t have to “live up” to any guy’s expectations. As soon as he meets you, he should throw out those rules and mold them into something more aligned with your character.

When You’re Not His Usual Type
What to do in this situation? Source: Unsplash
  1. Get Noticed

If your charming demeanor, self-assurance, and upbeat attitude aren’t enough to get his attention, you might have to resort to more active measures. To begin with, making friends with one of his besties is a good tactic since he can introduce you to the others.

Afterward, try to interact with him more, learn about him, and give him a chance to hang out. If he sees you as unique and attractive, he will date you soon.  

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  1.  If He’s Not Into You… Move On

Despite all this, there is still a chance that he won’t feel sexually attracted to you, no matter how interesting or desirable you reveal yourself to be. 

Having a crush on someone is exciting, but if they aren’t interested in you enough to ask you out. It’s time to leave and seek new joys! Don’t tie yourself to what does not deserve you.

And the next section will unveil ways to help you overcome this challenge easier!

When You’re Not His Usual Type
A close-knit relationship. Source: Unsplash

When You’re Not His Usual Type: How to Get Over That?

  1. Limit Time For Get-Togethers

Cut back on your frequent get-togethers if the person you’re into is a friend and shows no signs of being into you. We are not advocating complete separation, yet you should halve the time you spend together. 

It could be trickier to pull off if the person is a coworker, but the payoff would be more significant. Make an effort!

  1. Meet Or Befriend New People

The only person you’re hurting is yourself if you’re waiting for someone who isn’t into you. 

You need to put yourself out there, date various people, and even have a few one-night stands if that’s what it takes to get over them. 

Start surrounding yourself with alternative opportunities with others. You may meet a better guy suitable for you.

  1. Reduce Social Media Consumption Of Their Stuff

You might block him if you feel uncomfortable. Instead of unfriending, you can unfollow or hide all posts related to him, resulting in them no longer appearing in your feed and, hopefully, less mental attention. 

Even though you might sneak a peek at their Facebook page sometimes, at least you won’t be bombarded by their daily activities and images.

  1. Come Clean About Your Feelings
When You’re Not His Usual Type
Everyone dreams of a romantic bond. Source: Unsplash

It takes more courage to admit how you feel than to suppress it. If the person you have feelings for is making you think of them constantly, then it’s time to have a candid conversation about it. 

Tell them what’s going on, as awkward as it may seem, at least they can agree to help by staying away from each other for a while.

  1. Consider A Clean Break

When you realize these strategies aren’t working, it’s time to cut ties for good and move on. You may not progress in life while they’re still around, and you must go forward with someone loving you genuinely and caring for you well. 

It will hurt, but as Samantha Jones said in SATC, “I love you, but I love me more.” If you care about yourself, we suggest you leave the unsuitable person immediately.

  1. Find New Joy

A fantastic supper, a vacation to the beach with friends, or preparation for a promotion are all excellent options. Finding something to motivate you to keep pressing on is the goal. When people are happy with one another, life is much better. 

It’s a lot of fun to wake up next to your significant other and spend the entire day doing things you enjoy. When a relationship ends, it’s natural to feel sad about not being able to share that pleasure any longer. True, those instances are fantastic, yet, there is more to life than just those moments.

When You’re Not His Usual Type
Seek your true love. Source: Unsplash
  1. Talk It Out With Someone Who Can Calm You Down

If your heart has been crushed, the last thing you need is someone else, like best friends, and list all the ways to overcome the dilemmas.

The time for trying to make sense of the experience and draw lessons from it is not now. All you need is someone on your side and sympathize with your tragedies. Sharing does the trick in healing the pain.

Your close buddies never go with judgments. They will give you the best advice to mitigate your hurt and find ways to save you. 


Can A Relationship Work If You’re Not His Type?

Yes. But it depends on whether they arrived at their decision to be with you. 

The individual has moved past the stage of picking a mate based on his former notions. He knows who he should be with and instead makes rational choices rather than trying to fit into a pattern that may have been harmful to him.

If, on the other hand, he is pining for someone who is more typical of them and may even be trying to influence you to become more like them, you should be wary.

In other cases, they’ve been injured too often, or they realize that being with somebody of their type isn’t working for them; they may seek out someone radically different just to see how it feels. 

When You’re Not His Usual Type
When You're Not His Usual Type: 7 Hacks To Overcome The Situation!

Can You Be Attracted To Someone Not Your Type?


Someone’s uniqueness could be what draws you to them. You may even pinpoint the good qualities that set them apart from other potential partners. 

There’s a chance that this person treats you with more kindness and consideration than anyone else ever has. They may show their support in ways. 

Once you spot many benefits you can gain and more exciting things from these people, you can be attracted to them, even if they’re not your type.

How To Spot Type Of Bad Guys?

1. The Patriarch

He enjoys silencing women and thinks men should have all the power. Everything you do, he will control.

2. The Prince Charming

He’s appealing to the eye with his attractive and endearing look. However, he is too sensitive to everything related to your demands and even his.

3. The Dependent

One word to describe this guy: parasite. He is a financial drain on you. The more you go out on dates with him, the more he spends than he should, and he nearly never offers to pay anything.

When You’re Not His Usual Type
How about your inclination? Source: Unsplash

4. The Puncher

He has a history of violence and has threatened you with physical harm before for doing something he disapproves of.

5. The Gamer

You can challenge him to a game of anything, from baseball to a computer game. Instead of spending time with you, this person would rather glue his eyes on video games.

6. The Casanova

A Casanova can woo all ladies and maintain multiple romantic relationships at once.

When he has sexual encounters outside of his committed partnership, he doesn’t feel any remorse.

Final Thoughts

Most women don’t like hearing “you’re not my type” from guys as it sounds like they are rejected as potential partners or friends.

The truth is that most guys aren’t interested in dating or becoming friends with any woman who isn’t their usual type. When you’re not his usual type, you can be hurt a lot. But you must stand up and keep moving on. You deserve a better person. What we shared above can help you overcome the hurdles quicker.

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