6 Types Of Foods You Should Avoid On A first Date

I know I am not the only one who gets nervous when going out for a first date. We are always asking what I am going to wear. How should I style my hair? And which color scheme should I go with? Those questions I will leave to fashion bloggers to answer.

I, on the other hand, am going to handle the types of food you should avoid on your first date and why. But then again will depend on the level of your confidence.

1. Rice

Rice is actually my favorite meal but I wouldn’t order it on my first date. The reason, you know how rice cooks and you can literally see each grain of it on your plate? During a date, when you are obviously nervous, you might be tempted to talk or even to giggle while you have some food in your mouth. That is when a tiny rice grain will decide to go through your windpipe and you chock like never before. Now, you wouldn’t want to choke and possibly die on your first date, would you?

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Also, there is something about rice that makes it impossible to get chewed using one side of the mouth only. It always finds a way to move around your mouth and getting to very uncomfortable areas of your mouth like under the tongue where you have to get it out of there and as you may imagine, your face is not the prettiest when doing this.

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2. Overly Spicy Foods

My friend, if you are not Indian please do not order spicy foods, especially anything with too much pepper. The reason why I am discouraging this kind of food is, I do not understand how spices affect our breathing and optic system.  I mean one spoon of spicy foods, just one, and your nose starts running like a Kenyan marathoner, and where the hell do tears come from?

3. Leafy Vegetables

I love leafy vegetables but I wouldn’t order them on my first date or any other number of dates for that matter. This is because in many cases, during a date is when they choose to gets stuck between my two front teeth. I honestly want to impress my date, I wouldn’t want my date to go home thinking that vegetables stick on my teeth too as it does on other people. I am not a normal person.

4. Go Slow On The Alcohol

If you can completely avoid alcohol on your first date, well and good. If cannot, I believe that if you are grown enough to out on a date, you know your limits when it comes to alcohol. Please do not exceed those limits. Too much alcohol can make you do stuff that will kill any chance of ever getting a second date from that person.

5. Foods That Causes Bloating

Well, for some it is beans for others it is broccoli while for others it is soda. Please do not order these foods; you wouldn’t want to pass out gas at any time on your first date. Would you?

6. Food You Have Never Tried

What if you order something you have never tried then it gives you gas and bloated stomach, or it is too spicy, or it chokes you or even it makes you lose your sober? Think about that and avoid ordering food you have never had. Remember, a date is where you go to know more about that person, not a place to try new foods.

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