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7 Different Types of Women You Should Not Be Dating or Marrying

You might be wondering if you could be one of these women whom men should avoid or are you a guy who’s seeing somebody now.

Either way, this post is for you.

Have you watched The Mean Girls movie? If you do, then maybe you have some inkling now what are the different types of women you should avoid dating or marrying.

Are you in a relationship or still swiping left and right on a dating app trying to find your perfect match? A photo of a certain woman won’t give you the guarantee that she’s the one for you.

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Remember, appearance is not everything. Some would think it’s hypocrisy to say, I’d rather date an ugly girl but beautiful inside.

It could lead to a wide discussion since others would also say, you could change your behaviour or attitude but not your face.

Anyways, I still believe no one is ugly, it’s just a matter of confidence. If you have that, then you’re gorgeous no matter what other people say to you or behind your back.

So, let’s return to the topic of knowing the types of girls you should avoid at all costs.

If you and the girl you met online seem to be born for each other, then you should consider meeting and knowing her personally.

In this post, I gather 7 different kinds of women guys should stay away from.

1.You can buy me love type of girl

In short, a gold digger. A leech, a parasite!

This type of women only love your bank account and the privilege it brings her if you’re with her.

I don’t see anything wrong if a woman asks her boyfriend or partner, to buy her something, but please do not make it a habit and expect that every whim should be met.

Or else, she doesn’t love you anymore.

In my home country, we have a saying about being poor and still being together no matter what. We often hear, ”Bahala saging, basta labing.” That means, ”it doesn’t matter if we only eat bananas, as long as we’re loving each other.”


Maybe. (I could only shrug my shoulders.)

Believe it or not, there are couples who do exactly that.

Only lately, I watched a video on YouTube about a family who lives in an old jeepney (that’s a traditional transportation vehicle in the Philippines).

Yes, they’re poor, that’s already an understatement mentioning that. But you could see not only the love they have for each other but also the determination to stay strong together no matter what happens.

So, if you’re a guy about to marry a girl or dating somebody now, and she asks you for some stuff to buy for her, I’m not here to tell you to judge her immediately.

You should watch out for how she reacts next if you start indulging her and you suddenly stop for any reason.

It is not easy to date a materialistic woman. Imagine building a life or family with her.

I grew up seeing my father give almost all his money to my mother. Our mother thought of us and the monthly budgeting, sometimes forgetting herself along the way.

When the woman you’re seeing now who loves to shop, pays a lot of attention to how she looks and pouts if she doesn’t get what she wants, then you should really think carefully about seeing her again.

You already love her? Well…there are still a lot of women in the world, that’s my opinion.

If you’re married to a woman who couldn’t keep some money for the family and her children because she’d rather go shopping for herself, so she could brag some new shiny things to her girlfriends, then you’d rather have a word with her before it’s too late and it gets worse.

Some women might not ask you directly, but they do it in a not-so-obvious manner but if you’re wary, you could spot it on.

They want you to feel guilty and in the end, you give in.

Your girl voiced out that she needs a new smartphone because hers is very old and it has glitches already, she can’t communicate with you properly then.

And you…you want to always have flawless communication with her. Dang, she’s one in a million, she has porcelain skin, she dresses so well, and she talks so smoothly.

Boy, you’re smitten. So you got her the latest iPhone much to her delight.

Then selfie session followed. Only her. If you’re lucky, you’ll be in the photo too and in the caption, ”My boyfie got me a new iPhone, I love him so much xxo.”


2. What’s mine is mine type of woman

You should always tell her where you are, who’s with you, what are you doing, with whom are you talking, or maybe, she asks you to record everything you do.

Because boy, you’re her property.

She gets aggressive and possessive in a territorial manner when some girl talks to you because she believes, what hers is hers alone.

No sharing. And she these words etched in the middle of her heart, ”Three is a crowd.”

You think you’re lucky, she’s so loyal, and she’s so into you.


Do not mistake love for obsession.

Love is never selfish.

Love involves trust, and these two work together. Without trust, love is questionable.

If she loves you and has faith in the relationship, she wouldn’t go ballistic just because you’re talking to a girl on the phone. You know in your heart, you’re just talking innocently with your colleague or a long-time friend, but your girl doesn’t see it that way.

Believe me, she has her reasons, mind you, they’re illogical and pathetic.

She’s accusing you of cheating just because of that call.

She would demand to browse your phone and messages. She wouldn’t let you out of her sight for fear that you’re going to sneak out and meet some random girl.

Isn’t it exhausting already? I know, it’s exasperating just from thinking about it.

Man, if you’re experiencing it now, talk to her and tell her your feelings about it.

Loving her more and more every day, and giving assurances every second of the day might not save the relationship from failing because of her jealousy.

Her love for herself would.

And building confidence is the key.

3. It’s time to party type of woman

Imagine having a partner or a wife who gets home early in the morning reeking of alcohol and yeah, party sweat.

It’s unbecoming, isn’t it?

Especially if you’re the type of person who’d rather have Netflix with a cuddle on a sofa type of mellow evening party.

Usually, (but not every girl though), girls who party only look and want fun in life. This type of woman is living only at the moment. She only wants short-term fun, I wonder if something serious comes her way, how would she react to this situation without driving herself to a club and getting some booze.

I hate parties, but I don’t criticize you as a woman if you like parties as long as you know your limitation and you don’t forget your responsibilities as a woman, mother, girlfriend, daughter, student, or employee.

When I was in high school, a rape case involving a woman and marine officer spread all over our country.

The woman was last seen partying with the guy and his friends and went with them.

Days later, she cried rape.

I am not blaming the victim here for being raped. Rape is a rape and a crime, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly but rather seriously.

But fellow women, be responsible for your own welfare. You can party until morning, you can drink for all I care but do not forget yourself and your responsibilities.

Partying is not immoral, may be unattractive for some, or could be sexy for some guys, but you should do it responsibly and safely without spoiling your fun.

But hey, going with strangers you met at the party because you seem to click then cry rape afterwards, or driving yourself to a tree because you mistake it for a garage is not fun.

NOPE, not at all. Suh-reh.

In a real-world of partying, yes, you’re there to have some fun. But come on, some people are there to get drunk, high, and lay too.

If you’re a guy and find that problematic in your girlfriend is understandable especially if she does it almost every day and forgets that she has a boyfriend too.

4. I need you to assure me every minute type of woman

We have often heard about the beauty of a confident woman, but we should not forget the ugliness of her opposite too, the insecure woman.

She’s the type of woman who needs your assurance now and then. These women need validation from other people, so they could lift themselves up.

They’re often jealous just because you’re talking with your office mate, and they make you feel guilty about it. As I mentioned above, her insecurity which leads to jealousy will drive her to get nasty, possessive and aggressive.

You don’t want it to happen right?

So if you’re dating a girl now who needs validation and assurance from you from time to time, then you should observe her in the coming days.

Insecure women could bully and belittle other people, so they would feel better for crushing others’ confidence.

This type of woman could be frustrating since their insecurity leads them to be clingy, attention-seeker, and controlling.

Insecurity is not healthy in a relationship, and having an insecure partner can be challenging.

It is either you discuss it, or leave and forget.

Either of the two may be difficult for both of you, but you should choose now prevention or solution.

5. I need you ASAP type of woman

In the getting-to-know phase, it might be normal to receive messages from your prospective partner. It might not bother you if it doesn’t hint at any clinginess from her messages.

But as time goes by, you constantly see each other, and you would both realize the boundaries and limitations when it comes to relationships and communication.

Both parties need time apart from each other. You have your life, your work, and so she, but you love each other.

Being apart from each other doesn’t mean love is already gone.

Unless you’re workmates, then wherever you are, she is there too, but if not, that’s kinda off-putting.

Well, an occasional surprise visit to your work with a cake she baked for you may be sweet. Oh, it is, believe me.

But you know when it is not normal already when she shows up almost every day to check on you, and worse, to know if you’re flirting with your workmates.

Clingy women often show their claws through messages.

One message from her is cute. Two messages in a row you would think she forgets something.

But a text message demanding your immediate attention and response although she knows you’re in a meeting or driving is not acceptable.

It gets even worse when she turns into an accusing little minx.

Wanting to spend more time with your partner is adorable, but everything has its time and limitation.

It’s not right to demand your partner’s attention when you know he has duties and responsibilities too.

Girls, if you want cuddle time, then schedule it.

If you feel bored and lonely, engage yourself in productive activities without involving your partner. Your world doesn’t revolve around him.

Love means having freedom and faith in a relationship.

We all have clingy moments too, even us kids to our parents, but you know when it is too much.

6. I’m better than you type of woman

She’s the kind of woman who thinks everyone kisses the ground she walks on.

I bet, she’s the Prom Queen or the famous cheerleader in her high school days who couldn’t and wouldn’t let go of the fact that those are just the old days.

She’s not yet grown up and wouldn’t want to grow up because she thinks, she would look old and ugly.

If you’re dating a stuck-up princess who thinks everyone is inferior and that she’s better than other people and you, then you might be having a real hard time there.

This type of woman or maybe still a girl is difficult to deal with and you wouldn’t be comfortable introducing her to your humbling family unless she learns how to come back down to earth.

These women are usually rude, secretly insecure, and vindictive when you bruise their ego.

If I were a guy, I would run in a different direction and avoid this woman.

7. ‘Leave me alone’ type of woman

She doesn’t like disturbances, and she doesn’t give effing care if you might be burning in snow.

She needs time for herself.

She needs her rest.

She needs her privacy.


In reality, she’s only lazy and used to have maids following her move as she’s growing up.

If she can’t change from being a lazy girlfriend, then you wouldn’t want to have her as a lazy wife and lazy mother of your children, would you?

Bet she doesn’t have to work all her life and she only depends on her parents to support her financially.

If you’re dating her, would you take the responsibility to discipline her?

lazy girl type of woman Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash[/caption]

Are you one of these women or are you dating one of these women?

Communication is key.

But always remember, prevention is better than cure.

If love’s already involved, they say, as cheesy as it sounds, love could solve everything.

What is your opinion about it? Did you already encounter these types of women? How was it?

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