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9 Assumptions About Single Ladies That Are Absolute Crap

All the single ladies, Put your hands up!

What age is the ideal age for someone to get married? This is one of the most popular topics surrounding relationships. The answer to this question is when you want to.

Marriage, to me, is like thirst. Do you know how we don’t get thirsty at the same time? Same as marriage, all women do not get the urge to be married at 25. Some women get the urge to get married at 19, others at 25, others at 50, and others, do not get the urge at all.

Stop giving single women a hard time. They know they are single, and it is working for them. And if it is not, they are doing whatever it takes to change that.

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Some single women are just a yes away from being Mrs. Someone. Furthermore, women are master manipulators. You men will hit on them, date them and marry them because they played their cards right, and they required you to do so. 

This article will look at some assumptions people have about single ladies. Enjoy the read.

1. Single Ladies Are Picky

We are all picky in nature. There is not a single person in the world today who is attracted to everyone. Being picky with the people we get into a relationship with is the normal thing to do.

2. Single Women Are Looking For Mr. Perfect

Single ladies know they are not perfect themselves. Why would they want perfect? They are just looking for men with the qualities that they want.

3. Single Women Know Nothing About Relationships

Study shows that single women give the best relationship advice. I know some of you cannot seek relationship advice from single people. Counsel is sensitive, and you shouldn’t get it from sources you do not trust.

Most single people probably know so much about relationships, so they choose to be single. They would rather be single than be in relationships that don’t serve them.

4. They Have Been Hurt Deeply By Love

Have single women gone through heartbreaks? Absolutely yes. But this does not keep them from falling in love. However, they love differently now. They can see and smell bullshit from afar and keep away from it.

We, however, cannot ignore the fact that there are a few women who stopped believing in love after a break–up. I am so sorry about this. Love is a beautiful thing. If the fear of getting your heart broken again keeps you from wanting to be in love, I suggest you speak to a counselor. Work that trauma out.

5. They End Up Settling With People Who Are Way Below Their Standards.

People assume that when single ladies realize they should have gotten married earlier, they settle with anybody who comes their way.

Is this the case, though? Well, sometimes this happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. It is not like single women are idling around waiting to get married. While they are single, they are busy leveling up. You know, getting that master’s degree, building their financial portfolios, working on their bodies and health, etc.

Unless a woman is just idling around? They will be damned if they get married to a person who is beneath them. Most single ladies’ standards rise daily.

Beneath here is relative what I consider below my standards could be someone else’s highest standards.

6. Single Ladies Are Lonely

Of course, single ladies get lonely sometimes, just like everybody else. Loneliness is an emotion that can be experienced by anybody, those in relationships and those who are not.

7. Single Women Are Wh–es

This came to me as a surprise. Some people think that single women avoid getting married due to their promiscuous nature. How offensive! Have they not heard of the word Celibate?

8. Single Ladies Are Desperate And Available

Just because someone is single does not mean they are available for every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Also, it is frustrating how some men make low efforts when pursuing a woman of a certain age romantically. Every girl loves flowers, wine, and everything nice. Nobody will fall for you and your low effort, no matter how old they get


Being single is not a disability, and we need to stop treating it as such. Most single women are happy with their lives.

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