Is it bad to hook up with your ex

Is It Bad To Hook Up With Your Ex? 12 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

Is it bad to hook up with your ex? You may get overwhelmed with tons of advice, and you still do not dare to decide. Let us show you what you should do! 


Even if you and your ex have just split up, it might be challenging to talk to the other. You could feel your heart rate increase, your breathing gets short, and your eyes water whenever you meet him or her.

Perhaps you may fantasize about your ex and long for physical intimacy again. But is it bad to hook up with your ex?

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It may feel exhilarating to have sex with an ex, yet doing so might lead to even more heartbreak for you or someone else, not to mention any partner you may now have. 

Let us prove this statement more clearly. Stay tuned!

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Have ONS with your ex, should you? Source: Pexels

Is It Bad To Hook Up With Your Ex?

It’s up to you! Yet, in most cases, sleeping with an ex isn’t the best tactic for winning them back as a partner, whether just for your satisfaction or finding alternatives when you feel lonely.

Although it might be handy to have sex with your ex, it’s not a good idea in most cases if you want to get back together. More than that, you can have the hurt feelings of a breakup once again. Don’t do that!

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Sleeping with an ex is not good to go! Source: Pexels

12 Sure Signs Of A Bad Move If You Hook Up With Your Ex

You’re Emotionally Attached To Your Ex

It’s not a bright idea to jump back into bed with them when you still have trouble getting over them or have love or emotional attachment.

Consenting, fully-developed adults dating for a while can enjoy satisfying sexual encounters without experiencing any negative feelings against one another. 

However, the inverse is common as well. It’s never fair, but one person (in such a relationship) can end up with more intense emotions and significant pain. There is no way to ensure that this won’t occur.

Of note, your inability to eliminate your feelings for him stopped you from doing the necessary things, including getting over him, healing, moving on, improving yourself, and meeting new, better folks. 

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Ex Treated You Like Crap In The Past

When looking back on a relationship, it’s easy to gloss over your ex’s subpar qualities. Still, if you’re considering having sex with them again, it’s essential to take a hard look at how things were between you two. Meeting them again, you should also recall the breakup.

How did you feel due to the way they treated you? Was there a lot of tension or hostility there? Having sex is pleasurable and gratifying, so go ahead and hook up, but think about the person thoroughly and how they’ve made you feel in the past. 

If you have good reasons to put them behind, they might need to remain there for good.

We don’t care how sex makes you feel; once your ex lied, cheated, and was an awful, cold human in the past, don’t sleep with him. Not even once, never!

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It’s A Waste Of Time

We won’t sugarcoat it; we understand the allure of being with your ex. Still, you may be wasting your time and effort.

To put it bluntly, it’s not worth the effort. You should actively seek out and court other men and make love with someone you can picture a promising future with. 

You’ll soon agree to what we said when you make an attempt in vain to get your old flame back. Moreover, your ex may want to take advantage of you and just desire an ONS with you.

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Avoid squandering time on ex. Source: Pexels

One Or Both Of You Is Dating Someone Else

We bet that many women, after having sex with a man, develop strong feelings for him. By continuing to sleep with that person after you’ve broken up with him, that connection doesn’t become severed the way it should.

It would have hurt less to learn that he was seeing someone else if you used the time to get over him (instead of sleeping with him). Also, it sounds like hell when he has been sleeping with someone else (his lover) the entire time you two are together.

The same will occur with your current sweetheart. How can he imagine what you did with your ex while loving him?

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It May Not Be Healthy

Just look at you; you’re a woman of responsibility and effort. Which begs the question, why would you risk your health by going out and hooking up with your ex? Nothing can ensure that your ex has no problem regarding sexual transmitted diseases or something similar.

Having sex with a pretty guy is enticing, but you run a risk if you are careless just a bit. Beyond that, getting naked together will bring up all those memories, good or bad, or somewhere in between. Your health is the top priority!

The Devotion system
Is It Bad To Hook Up With Your Ex? 12 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

Not Enough Time Has Passed

Getting over a former partner requires time. A breakup after an argument is likely to leave you feeling resentful toward your ex. You may believe that you have moved on, yet you may still be bothered by unresolved concerns from the past. 

Getting back together with your ex will keep you emotionally captive. The two of you aren’t together at that moment, but sometimes you may miss and long to meet him or her again. It takes time for broken hearts to mend.

Someone can feel socially slighted at the end of a relationship, and those unresolved feelings stick around long after everything ends.

Sex is the very last thing you want to discuss after a breakup. Anyway, it’s time to look elsewhere, not with your ex.

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Your Ex Is Still Emotionally Attached

Even if you’ve moved on and are just looking to have fun, it’s not right to exploit your ex for sexual purposes if they still have feelings for you.

Hooking up again with an ex can entail multiple problems, as stated above. You might just regard it as a chance to cure a sexual dry spell or have no-strings-attached fun.

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Meeting the exes can render you feel faulty. Source: Pexels

You’re Trying To Make Someone Else Jealous

If you’re thinking of hooking up merely to get a rise out of someone else — whether it’s because your current partner isn’t giving you the attention you want or as your ex is with someone else and you want them to part ways. That’s a red flag that you shouldn’t do it.

A few things can go wrong when you try to trigger your new partner’s jealousy by having a one-night stand with your ex.

When your current lover fears losing you to your ex, he may try to woo you back with flattery and promises of a better life. On the other hand, in the worst scenario, they can suspect you’re fooling them, and they may leave you, hold you accountable for your deceit, or even hit you or other violent demeanors.

You May Be Replaying Old Emotions

After being through with a lover, you may feel a wide range of intense emotions. The list of possible emotions is long and varied, including but not limited to wrath, sadness, guilt, regret, shame, fear, and jealousy. 

You might be reliving past sexual experiences with your ex if you shared that intimacy before the breakup.

This holds true if you didn’t set out to have sexual relations with others and think much of it anyhow. The situation can get worse when you can’t keep your balance well.

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You Feel Lonely And Want Someone By Your Side

The dreadful and potent emotion of loneliness can drive us to do pretty shady things, including sleep with an ex for a little while to make us feel less alone.

Rekindling feelings for an ex can be appealing when you feel like your dating life has stagnated, and you’re out of options. 

Instead of getting involved with someone you know is unhealthy for you, it’s best to seek the companionship of family and friends during these difficult times.

You’re In A Bad Emotional State

What’s the most warning-worthy red flag indicating hooking up with your ex is a terrible idea? If you’re feeling down in the dumps and can only find solace in recalling happier times, you should look back.

The allure of falling back on previous behaviors can help you feel better when experiencing current negative emotions. Because of this, you might start recovering a relationship with an ex. 

Back again, hooking up with an ex may make you better in the short term, but it could lead to more severe issues in the long run. 

No one can tell you whether or not hooking up with an ex is ideal; you have to be truthful about how you feel.

If you’re still unsure, try imagining they’ve entirely cut you off after the fact and seeing whether that hurts you. Finding a new sexual partner may be in your best interest should the answer be yes, so long as it’s enjoyable and satisfying.

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Is it bad to hook up with your ex
The negative feelings can recall the good old days. Source: Pexels


When Is It Ok To Pursue Sex With Your Ex?

It’s OK to hook up if you both agree that you’re having sex for sexual purposes exclusively, meaning that you know it’s just a one-time thing and won’t lead to anything more serious, like animosity.

You should stress the significance of being able to walk away maturely; you two should recognize that this informal contact might cease at any point.

When both parties are not harboring any negative thoughts against the other about why you split up, it’s more likely that getting back together will go well.

One final indicator is that it could be wise to engage in sexual activity with an ex: want to give things another shot as a couple rather than just hooking up again. As such, you will feel more as ease when making love together.

What Happens When You Hook Up With Your Ex?

It’s pretty uncommon for two exes to sleep together and then slip into a friends-with-benefits relationship, which is really hard to step out of.

More than that, your ex, perhaps, just wants to have sex with you, nothing else. You, just you, can be the only person enduring all painful feelings. Don’t mislead yourself when you feel vulnerable.

In the worst scenario, you can get unexpected diseases from the ex, leaving you worried and depressed later on. Protecting your mental and physical health are always top priorities.

What Are Sure Signs That Ex Just Wants To Sleep With You?

  • Currently, he is in a serious relationship.
  • He is inconsistent in chasing you.
  • He’s eager to go straight to the bedroom with you.
  • He never seems free when you want to hang out with him.
  • When he sees a sexy photo of you online, he sends you a message.
  • He never defines the partnership situation.
  • He avoids some of your calls and texts.
  • He is not interested in a serious commitment.
Is it bad to hook up with your ex
The ex sometimes just wants to sleep with you. Source: Pexels

Final Thoughts

Is it bad to hook up with your ex? Back again, don’t do that! 

You shouldn’t check out your list of ex-lovers just for having sex sometimes. It matters as things do not stop at a one-night stand. Your feelings or others’ may get hurt if this happens.

All in all, though, many have their rationales regarding the pros and cons of hooking up with exes; we stress that you shouldn’t. Stick to what we shared above once more to keep you away from exes you’re sure to yield nothing good.

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