Is My Ex Really Happy In His New Relationship

Is My Ex Really Happy In His New Relationship? 

Is my ex really happy in his new relationship? Let’s take a look at this article to find the answer properly.


Breaking up cannot be overcome easily. You don’t know how long it will take you to forget your ex. Because everyone is different, there is no specific answer. But seeing your ex in his new relationship is likely to upset you. However, depending on the situation, he is either happy or unhappy. You may wonder, “Is my ex really happy in his new relationship?” 

In this article, find out whether the ex is happy in his new relationship.

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Why Is Your Ex Starting A New Relationship After The Breakup? 

Is My Ex Really Happy In His New Relationship
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Overwhelming Pains

One of the most common reasons your ex starts a new relationship is that the pain of a breakup is too huge to deal with. After breaking up, they have to endure the pain of losing someone special in their lives.  For many people, a new relationship is a perfect solution after breaking up. 

They think the new relationship will help them heal their souls and hearts. However, it can only temporarily make you happy, not always to help you forget your ex.

For Sex

Your ex may begin a new relationship because they have a strong sexual desire. They place significantly greater value on sex than others. As a result, they would look for a partner as soon as possible after breaking up. If they find a new lover just for sex, the relationship will not last.

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Force To Move On

Many people believe that starting a new relationship as soon as possible after a breakup is the best way to move on. They may force themselves to date in the expectation that their new relationship would help them to move on from their ex. However, this is not effective if you and your ex have been together for a long time.

Prove That He Is Happy

Some people are more concerned with what others think than what is happening inside them. Your ex may want to show the world that they’re moved on and decided to start dating again. 

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Signs He Is Not Happy In His New Relationship

Your Ex Keeps In Contact With You

After breaking up, you and your ex have almost no reason to see each other. However, your ex also finds many seemingly logical reasons to see you. What if you enjoyed seeing your ex often? 

Your relationship is over. Whether you are to heal your wounds, you must either go forward or remain. If you maintain contact with your ex, you are denying yourself the healing time that this relationship has caused you.

Your Ex Usually Fights With His New Relationship

In fact, many couples say that conflict helps them understand each other better and find ways to resolve conflict to maintain the relationship. However, if the two of you frequently disagree, you will become bored of repeated fights that simply serve to aggravate your feelings. 

During their relationship, the two broke up and reconciled several times, indicating a significant difference in personality, thought, and lifestyle. That difference makes it hard for the two of you to get along, and you gradually get bored with this relationship.

Your Ex Spends Little Time With His New Relationship

Indeed, when you pay attention to someone and love them, you are willing to spend all your time with them. And a guy who is bored with his girlfriend will do the opposite. If his new relationship is really important, your ex will always find a way to spend time with her.

Signs He Is Really Happy In His New Relationship 

Facial Expression

When boys are in love with someone, they frequently express their feelings through their eyes. When they stare at their partner, their eyes might express their deep emotions. 

You can determine if someone is happy or not by looking at his facial expressions, especially his eyes. You know what he looks like when he’s extremely pleased because he’s your ex. If you see that expression in his eyes again, you’ll know he’s delighted.

They’re Take The Photo Together In Social Media

Your ex tends to show off to the world about his new relationship. It also shows that she is important to him. He might post pictures of his new sweetheart, tag her in a post, post their gifts to each other on social media. 

Express The Emotion Even In Public

Sincere men don’t usually say “I love you” or use fancy words to compliment or comfort. They express their emotions by activities such as holding hands, embracing, kissing, and caressing hair. Let’s assume you see your ex on the street with his new girlfriend, demonstrating their affections for each other, it is an indication that your ex is serious about a new relationship. Or another time, you meet them at an annual party. If he goes to get her a drink, he casually holds her hand as he walks around the stalls, and he frequently kisses her forehead. This is when you understand they have affections for each other and that he is completely happy with her.

He Is Not Attempting To Make You Envious

It’s unbelievable how quickly some people start a new relationship after breaking up with their partner. They can quickly jump into a new relationship just to make their previous partners jealous of their new relationships.

Jealousy definitely helps to rekindle the extinguished flame of an old relationship because when we see our old love with someone else, we have a desire to experience the same thing again.

However, if your ex has found a girlfriend he truly loves, he has no time and no reason to make you jealous of his new relationship because he didn’t come into this relationship to make fun of you or make you feel bad.

He Is Not Pay Attention To Your Personal Life

Your ex will not notice if he is infatuated with a new girlfriend. If he meets you by chance, he can just greet you like a normal friend greets each other. When you have a tendency to tell him about your personal life, he doesn’t seem to focus on your story.

Top 9 Things To Do When Your Ex Has A New Relationship

Is My Ex Really Happy In His New Relationship
Is My Ex Really Happy In His New Relationship? 

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Going Out With Friends

At this time, friends are the ones who help you regain joy and forget sadness. Friends are the ones that when you are in love sick, they stay by your side to share, drink with you, lend you a shoulder to lean on when you are weak. Appreciate and spend more time on these relationships instead of sitting there thinking about things that cannot be saved.

Don’t Be Afraid To Suddenly Meet Again

If one day you accidentally meet your ex on the street or in a cafe, don’t be embarrassed or show an attitude to them. Be a calm girl with intelligent and cultured behavior, if you meet face to face, talk naturally with a calm attitude like a normal friend. Mastering your emotions is not an easy thing, but if you act like that, that person will think in your head that you are more mature and brave than before.

Reconnect With Friends

Surely everyone has lost a relationship since having a lover, when you truly love, you will try not to let your lover be sad. So if you miss it, start over. Reconnect with your friends, but don’t use it as a substitute for your feelings. Friends are a part of life because anyway we wouldn’t be able to live without friends.


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If you are bored, make a plan to travel alone or invite friends to go with you to relax. Traveling will help you change the atmosphere and forget the sorrows of the present. 

Traveling in a far away place with gorgeous, charming clothes and always keep a bright smile on your lips as well as a message you send to your ex: “I am very happy and living well without you”. If your ex is happy with the new one, you should also be happy with your best friends.

Don’t Miss Too Many Memories

After the breakup of a long-term relationship, people are often nostalgic for the good things they did together. After getting through this period, you will feel comfortable and happy because at least you have lived to the fullest in the past with those happy things. So, you do not need to force yourself to forget the memories you have. 

However, you also can’t spend all of your time in nostalgia, which only makes it harder for you to get over the hurt of the present. When a relationship ends, there is something wrong with you. Every time you think about good memories, take a little more time to find out if you may have gone wrong somewhere and decide that breaking up is good for both of you. This will help you quickly soothe your soul and the beautiful memories you and your ex already have in the past.

Enjoy Life

You realize that they have someone new to you as light as a grain of sand floating in the ocean. Right now, your life is fine, this is an opportunity to discover yourself, find your interests again. Instead of after breaking up, you don’t dare to go to the familiar coffee shops that the two of you used to go to, or go through familiar streets, you can write 2 long diaries. 

Now is the time for you to go back to those places, with your friends and later with your other half. Because they’re not guilty and they’re beautiful, right?

Take Care And Change Yourself

Going through the time after a breakup is really not easy for anyone, but any pain will eventually be healed by the medicine “time”. If accidentally one day you find out that your ex has a new lover, don’t be sad but be calm. If you still have feelings for that person, give it up, don’t expect the past to heal while they are building a new happiness with someone else. There’s no reason for you to be so sad all the time

What you need to do now is to take good care of yourself, put on some powder, and put on some lipstick every time you go out. You have to be so beautiful, so gorgeous, show that person that even if you are alone, you still have a good life. And from this moment on, you no longer have any lingering feelings about that old love.

Focus On Work And Study

At this time, if you are grieving, find a way to forget your sadness by focusing on your current job and doing your best to achieve high results. When you focus on work, you will forget the shadow and pain of the past love story. 

Get up and work really well, effectively to improve your income and position. You have to prove to your ex that you’ll live a better and more successful life after breaking up than when you two were still in love.

Must Be Successful

There are thousands of reasons to be apart, no matter what the reason is, you still have to try. Trying here is not in a hurry to find a rich guy to prove to them, but to try for your own future. When in love, every couple paints a sweet ending for love. There is a small house, small children, a stable job, trips… An independent, successful girl is still attractive.

What Not To Do If Your Ex Is Happy In His New Relationship? 

Is My Ex Really Happy In His New Relationship
Is My Ex Really Happy In His New Relationship? 

Do Not Stalk

You’ve now determined that your ex isn’t heartbroken about your breakup and has moved on with his life. Don’t follow him everywhere trying to figure out how he could spend time with someone instead of you. 

Don’t even bother stalking his new girlfriend. It’s fine to follow her on social media if you don’t already know how happy they are. Then you may point out every fault and persuade yourself he’ll never be happy with her. There’s nothing you can say to make yourself feel better about her. Stay away from them, both on social media and physically, to avoid self-torture.

Do Not Compare Yourself With His New Relationship

You see his new girlfriend often, so you know what she looks like. She can be the ideal type of man, who has long hair, a supermodel, and a perfect smile. 

However, each person has a different beauty. If we were all the same, how boring and monochromatic life would be? You may not be as beautiful as she is, but that doesn’t make you less pretty. You will meet the right person in your life at the right time.

Do Not Compete

Many times, you may intend to compete with your ex. You want to prove that you’re also happy and become more perfect. You have a new boyfriend, go through the places you and your ex used to go, take pictures that flood social media as if you were the lucky and happy woman. Don’t act like that! If he’s really happy, you don’t need to compete because you cannot fake happiness. Indeed, if he’s happy, he won’t care how your life is going.

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Why Is My Ex Rushing His New Relationship?

Your ex is rushing his new relationship because they wanna try to reach the intimacy they had with you. Perhaps they’re pursuing the emotions they had while they were with you. Don’t do it merely to attempt to find a way to get back together.

Should I Be Happy For My Ex’s New Relationship?

We claim that you could be happy for your ex’s new relationship if you are also falling in love with someone. If not, it is really uncomfortable. Remember, ex is just someone who walks with you a part of the way.

How Can I Know That My Ex Still Loves Me?

To determine whether your ex still loves you or not, let’s see the way he’s acting towards you. Notice how often they spend time with you. In addition, you can also realize his feelings by talking to his family and friends.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have provided you with the answer to the question “Is my ex really happy in his new relationship?”. We’ve all dated someone else’s ex. As a result, there is no need to be judgmental or stigmatize them. You shouldn’t be overly concerned with whether or not they are truly happy. Stay focus and enjoy your life.

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