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7 Ways to Honor a Loved One after They Pass On

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7 Ways to Honor a Loved One after They Pass On

Nothing prepares us for the death of a loved one, even when we have said our goodbyes. The moment they pass on, our whole lives change, and we immediately start the process of grief.

People say that time heals all wounds, including grief, but the truth is even time does not heal grief; we learn to live with it. How do we live with the fact that we will never see that person again? How do we let go of the memories we have of them?

As one good quote says, ‘no matter how much it hurts, life has to move on. Even in our grieving period, the sun rises every morning and sets every evening faithfully. So, it is up to us to keep living our best lives.

Another way to deal with grief is to honor those who have departed in the best way. Here are some ideas of how you can celebrate your loved ones after they die.

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Complete an Activity on their Bucket list

One of the best ways to honor the passing of a loved one is to complete an activity on their bucket list. If they had many incomplete activities on the list, you could pick an activity or more to complete.

However, ensure that the activity you pick to complete will not strain you in any way. Either financially, physically, or emotionally. Pick an activity that you are comfortable you can complete.

And if by any chance, all the incomplete activities on their bucket list are strenuous to you, you can always look for other ways to honor their memories.

Start a Charity in Honor Of Your Loved

Starting a charity Foundation to honor the death of a loved one is one of the most remarkable ways to let them live on, especially if the cause of their death touched the lives of many people.

Some of the most significant charities have been founded from grief. For example, The Gabby Petito Foundation was started in 2021 to honor the life of Ms. Gabby Petito. The passing of Gabby affected many people worldwide, and through this foundation, Gabby will never be forgotten, and many people will benefit from it. Kindly Click here to learn more about the organization and how you can be involved.

To come up with the best charity to honor the deceased, you can consider their interest or the cause of their death and develop a sound foundation around those.

Write a book In Their Honor.

Another way to honor a departed soul is to write a book about them. Especially if you fill, they lived a life that had a significant impact. Unfortunately, some people never leave to tell their stories. Therefore it is our job to say to it because their stories could change the lives of many.

Write A Song To Honor The Death Of A Loved One

A song is a great way to honor a loved one. A piece lives forever, and so do the memories of the departed.

Honor Your Loved One Last Wishes

Another great way to honor a person after they die is to keep their last wishes. Because death is a sure thing, it would be nice if all of us were prepared for it. Remember, we do not know when it will happen to us. Hence we should always be ready.

Some have prepared the music to be played during the funeral and whatnot. Others even choose how their bodies should be disposed of. Even if we don’t agree with some of their wishes, it is important to honor them, significantly if the wishes will not hurt the lives of the ones left.

Some people are gracious enough, and their memories live on as they wish to donate some organs to people in need. Others hoped for their bodies to be used for research and study, and it has been beneficial in the health sector.

Learn A Skill They Possessed

Learning a skill to honor a loved one after they die is so thoughtful. You could learn how to cook like them, knit like them, and pass the craft to the coming generations.

Some people have lived through their families for generations due to a simple skill. Have you had of the famous grandma’s or great grandma’s recipe? It is so cool to still cook food like your great ancestor, who you probably have never met.

The Best Way To Honor A Loved One Is To Live Your Best Life

Live a life that when those who left look down on you, they will be proud. No one knows what happens after death, but we are all optimistic that we will be in better places. Trust that your loved has completed their journey here on earth, and they are on to better things.

So, it is up to you to live your life as you imagined. Do not be so consumed in honoring the passing of a loved one that you forget who you are in the process.

Crash your dreams and make them proud. As much as death hurts, we all have different paths, and the dead have taken theirs. It is our turn to live our lives. I feel so proud when I see someone receive an award and they dedicate it to a loved one who left.


I pray you to heal, be grateful for the time you spend with your loved ones, seek counseling if you have to, and in your own time, in your way, you will finally let them go. I wish grieving was easy, sending lots of love and hugs to everyone dealing with grief.

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