Interesting Topics To Make A Conversation Flowing

What To Talk About With A Girl: Interesting Topics To Make A Conversation Flowing

a man pondering what to talk about with a girl

Recognizing what to talk about with a girl may not require a bachelor’s degree, but it is surely a challenging venture for men.

As a woman myself, I understand the predicament of some men in talking with a girl they like or they’re seeing.

So what makes it difficult for a man to talk to a woman, especially the one he likes?

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There are a lot of reasons for this.

Maybe the guy wants to impress the woman too much and is afraid to blow everything off once he opens his mouth.

Another reason is a guy lacks self-confidence and is afraid to be rejected by a woman.

A man would also find it a challenge in talking to a woman when he cares too much about her opinion of him.

And of course, understandably, a woman’s beauty can make a man stutter or just root him in the spot like a simpleton which is not a good example when you’re just starting to get to know a woman.

So if you want to know what to talk about with a girl, you should also know first the methods on how to talk to a girl the right way.

How to talk to girls easily

Be yourself – You don’t have to pose as somebody you’re not. In fact, women will also appreciate it if you are true to yourself and what you’re presenting has not even a tinge of deception or lie.

It’s important to be authentic when talking with women. Women are often more sensitive than men and they can easily detect insincerity or a lack of authenticity. This is because they spend their lives looking for the truth in others, and they want to believe that you are genuine.

Women are also more likely to connect with someone who is being open about their thoughts and feelings. They want to know what makes you tick, what your passions are, what your fears are, and what your goals are.

This is why it’s so important not to hide anything from us, because one way or another, we always find it out.

Do not be afraid to make a joke – This one could be a little bit risky. But if you can make it right, then you’re on a good way to earning a woman’s attraction. Start a joke slowly and be sure that she’s already comfortable around you.

One thing you should not miss is women like to laugh. According to studies, women find men who make them laugh more attractive. So, guys, you don’t have to show off your abs to catch a woman’s attention that will last.

Find common interests – Before you start jumping on things to talk about with a girl, you should know the woman first so you’ll have more ideas on how to start a conversation with her.

But hey, that’s why I’m opening topics to talk about with her so I would know her much better.

Hey dude, surely, you know a little about her and you can start with that. If you know her social media accounts, you can check her posts and then you’ll know her interests and hobbies.

Perhaps, you’d find out she loves going to the gym too!

Just be observant and a good listener when she talks so you would pick up things that might be of interest for a conversation.

Be confident in your own skin – Aside from the humour, confidence is what attracts a woman to a guy. Forget about those myths that money and body will charm their way to a woman’s heart.

As cliché as it may sound, yes, money can’t buy you love.

And oh, don’t overdo confidence or the woman will think you’re an arrogant pompous windbag.

Don’t panic – Women could be challenging and knowing there are indeed different types of women, I understand how you feel. But hey, women are not that formidable, at least not all. So be the tough man that you are and do not be intimidated by her presence no matter how her beauty makes you tongue-tied.

On the contrary, don’t too show much of your machismo. Remember, women like to see the confidence and not arrogance.

Stay calm when silence ensues – Silence should not always be awkward. Sometimes it is a sign of comfort and compatibleness between two people. If the girl stops talking, it would be your chance to start a topic about yourself but do not forget to transition the conversation back to her. Remember it’s about her.

Have good hygiene – Okay, this is pretty obvious. Who would ever want to talk to a guy who reeks as if he doesn’t even meet a shower in his entire existence?

If you smoke or drink, please consider sniffing yourself before you meet a woman you’d want to woo in the future.

Please also consider wearing fresh clothes and not some pair of clothes you just picked from your laundry bag without knowing if the clothes are clean or fresh smelling. Use men’s cologne, for Heaven’s sake.

Now you’ve done one of the hardest parts, let’s continue with the rest.

What To Talk About With A Girl

Interesting things to talk about with a girl you like so she won’t fall asleep while talking to you. Read further if you’re also looking for answers about conversations topics with a girl, topics to talk about with a girl over text, online or in-person, questions you can ask a girl as topics for conversation and so on.

Hobbies and Interests

woman reading

It’s not cliché or overused to ask a girl about her hobbies. When you’re getting to know a woman by engaging her in a conversation, knowing her hobbies is key to knowing her as a person and how you will fit in her life if everything falls into place.

It’s a shame if you’re in a 6-year long relationship already and about to tie the knots and you just found out, she’s not into swimming because obviously, she can’t swim.

Knowing her hobbies plus interests will give you an idea of what type of person she is if she’s an introvert or extrovert. Other than that, you will also have more options on what kind of activities you will do when you decide to meet her again.

Latest events

It doesn’t have to be political or religious. Asking her about the latest events gives you hints if she’s keeping tabs on what’s happening with the world nowadays. Additionally, it is a good topic for a conversation with anyone and it doesn’t require a certain high IQ to voice out one’s opinion about the latest news.

Talking about the latest events could lead to more topics so you’re saving yourself from awkward silence.

Her hometown

You might already know where she was born or where she grew up but you can prompt her more on what she likes about her hometown.

You can also ask her about the famous tourist spots and try to tease her if you can come along when you visit her hometown again.

If she doesn’t have against it, then she might like you to come along too.

Her future plans

girl thinking

Ask her this with the intention of just knowing what she would like to be or do in the coming years.

Does she intend to stay single? Ouch.

What kind of living does she want to have in the future?

Can she see herself in the next coming years staying in the same place or city?

Where does she plan to retire?

You don’t have to include yourself yet in asking about her future plans because she might see it as too advanced and sometimes considered a red flag.

Embarrassing moments

embarrassed woman image

This one may lighten up the mood and ease the awkwardness between you if you can make it right of course.

Laugh if you have to but don’t make it too degrading when she tells her embarrassing moments.

If you don’t know what to talk about with a girl, you can always ask this question because I’m sure everyone has this and be prepared to share yours too.

Trust me, this will be hilarious.

Favourite destination

Asking about her favourite destination opens up topics about her travel stories if she’s a constant traveller or she might share her dreams of travelling to a certain place she never had the chance to visit.

And what else, you can insert yourself here if she feels like travelling with you sometime soon.

Asking her this will let you see her passion for travelling and take note of her wistful look that you shouldn’t miss when she relays stories and memories to you.


woman and a dog

If you’re a pet lover, you shouldn’t miss this in talking with the girl you like. You can be a bit futuristic here (at least privately, in your mind).

Ask her if she likes having pets or if she has pets already.

Knowing that is crucial if you picture yourself living with her in the future and if she doesn’t like pets, then you have a decision to ponder.

If she likes pets and already owns one, you can ask her more about her pets at home.

Childhood (memories)

Talking about her childhood will give you a glimpse of her past and how she was as a child.

It is a personal topic and I’m pretty sure that she’s going to be more talkative around you unless she has a pretty bad childhood that she’s wary to share with you that soon.

If that’s the case, then don’t be so intrusive or else you will scare her away. If she’s getting comfortable around you, she will impart her childhood memories with you no matter how bad they were.

What she hates in a person

angry woman image

Now let’s find out if you have the characteristics in a person that she doesn’t like.

But look, she’s talking to you, perhaps, she doesn’t find those in you. Who knows right? So the key is to engage her in this conversation.

Asking this will give you insight into her personality and how she reacts to people.

This is not only for the sake of having conversation topics with a woman, but you are asking this type of question to get to know her better.

Her work

topics to talk about like work

It may not be one of the best things to talk about with a girl but asking this is already getting normal and some women would love to talk about their works.

Some women even treat their work and profession as their passion and it is already part of their lives.

So if you’re being hesitant about what to talk about with a girl, you can always ask this as an ice breaker, especially at the start of your conversation.

Some people might disagree with this but to each his own.


games are one of the topics for talking to a girl

Is she a board game person?

Does she like playing by the way?

Maybe you can teach her how to play StarCraft, Diablo, Call of Duty and so forth.

If she’s not into computer games or online games, then you can ask why and what type of games she prefers.

Talking about this gives you ideas on what to talk about with a girl about her passion and hobbies when she’s not working or doing anything at home.

Her most awkward or worst date ever

This will somehow build a connection with her.

She opening up to you about those moments means she doesn’t see the moment with you as a worse one yet.

You should also know what she finds so awkward or worse with those dates. Then you have the edge not to repeat those mistakes other men do.

If you can keep that up, then you won’t be one of those awkward dates she would be sharing with another date in the future.

Her accomplishments

Let the girl know you’re not only interested in her as a woman but you’re also interested in knowing her achievements.

She will be proud in talking about those moments in her life and she’ll see you as someone who really cares about and believes in her capacities.


Obviously, this one should not be missing from the list and in the topics that you’re going to talk about with the girl you’re interested in.

If you’re a very family-oriented person, this really matters and I know that full well.

Does she have a close relationship with her parents?

Does she have sisters or brothers?

What are they like?

Is she different from her siblings?

How does she feel when she’s with them?

What was the happiest moment with them?

Her appearance

fashionista girl

It doesn’t purely have to be about her physical appearance, at least, not in the way that you normally think.

You can praise her if you find her stunning or beautiful.

But for you to strike a longer conversation with her, instead of just complimenting her in which case you might only receive a timid thank you, you can comment on her looks.

Do you think she looks a bit Latina? Does she have Latina blood?

You noticed how she dresses up like a Parisian woman and you can ask her if she likes fashion or has lived in France before.

Knowing this will give you ideas on what garments and things she prefers using in case you’re considering buying her gifts soon.

Not only that, you will have insight into how she spends her money or if she likes to shop a lot. Remember, only observe, and not ask where her money goes.


One of the most common topics of a conversation even between couples so if you’re still knowing her better, you should not fail to ask her about movies.

Does she like watching movies anyway?

Is she somebody who avoids horror movies?

How often does she go to a movie theatre?

What was the best movie recently she has ever watched and why?

Does she prefer watching movies at home or going out to the cinema? Maybe she likes binge-watching on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Knowing all these gives you ideas more about her personality based on the films she’s watching or where she watches them.

But it doesn’t mean also if she likes watching crime movies or psycho-thriller movies, she could be a psychopath too – I really hope not.


woman listening to music

If you are running out of ideas on what to talk about with a girl in person, if you dare, you can hum.

Sounds weird perhaps, but hey, who says, you are not allowed to do that.

But please do not hum during the entire time while you’re with a woman.

You can hum a certain part of a song and ask her if she knows the song.

You can also ask her if she sings or what type of music she likes.

Was she in a concert before? Maybe you were there too but your paths have not yet crossed then.

If you have concert dates in mind, you can also take a risk and ask her if she likes to come along.


Talking about languages can be entertaining especially for people who speak more than one language.

But if you are someone who speaks only one language, knowing others’ opinions about other foreign languages and hearing their experiences in learning them is a great way to hold a conversation.

Language is key to great communication.

So if she’s a foreigner in your city and is still learning the local language then you can volunteer yourself in helping her to learn it faster.

Asking about language lets you know what language she prefers in talking to you.

Does she like to speak English more so she can practice it?

Maybe you’re planning to learn a foreign language and she’s learning it already. Then voila, you have finally found something in common and a way to get to know her better.

About you

talking about him image

Now, it doesn’t have to be a form of introduction with your name, address, blood type and so forth.

You can make it lighter for her by opening up something about yourself.

What happened to you recently can be a good start to a conversation with a girl.

You can share that with her especially if it’s something really extreme or even normal happenings in your life lately.

You might know, she has had the same experience she would be willing to recount.

Talking about you is like a break for the girl you’re talking to. Especially if she’s the type of person who doesn’t talk a lot and finds talking with guys a bit exasperating.

But you have the goal, you don’t want to centre it around you and you want the girl to talk about herself.

Talking about yourself is easier to insert when she stops talking if you’re cautious of the silence in a conversation.

Remember, control yourself to talk more about yourself. On the contrary, don’t let her have the feeling that you’re interviewing her like a job interview.

Thought-provoking questions

man and woman talking

There are reasons why you like the girl. One of them can be her appearance but we all know you should not base your attention on how she looks or why you like her and why you see yourself spending more time with her.

How she looks may be important in society but her character and principles in life are way more important.

So, ask her some deep and thought-provoking questions then you’ll know how she is a person. Is she a person with a deep character or was it a mistake for coming to meet her in the first place?

Here are some thought-provoking questions to talk about with a girl:

  • If you were not here where you currently are, where do you think you are right now?
  • What is the stupidest lie you told someone?
  • If you have one million euros now, what would be the first thing you will buy?
  • What is more important to you, love or career?
  • If you were given a superpower, what do you prefer?
  • What do you miss most about being a kid?

Deep questions are great topics to talk about with a girl you like to know her better on a deeper level. Asking her open-ended deep questions would lead to more meaningful conversations and a deeper connection with her.


This one’s not for every guy out there – if you are brave enough to ask her about relationship topics, then do it.

Ask her about you and how she finds you. Do you think you have the chance to meet her again?

Instead of wondering about that, ask her directly for a second date, uhm, meeting.

What to talk about with a girl you like? 5 Things you shouldn’t do.

  • Looking away – Avoid looking away when you’re talking to her. She’s the one you’re talking to and not to the chair, air, wall behind her, or worse to the waitress passing by. Looking away shows disinterest and disrespect to the girl. Plus, maintain eye contact with her. But don’t gawk at her or you’ll freak her out.
  • Talking about other girls – Women like attention and she’s expecting you will ask about her or that you’ll talk more about her. Bringing up another girl’s name on the table gives off the vibe that you’re not that interested, especially if you’re talking about another girl with admiration or curiosity or any feelings she will sense that tie you strongly to the girl.
  • Fiddling with your phone – This is the same as looking away and talking about another girl – you’re giving off a signal that you’re not really interested in her or you’re deliberately trying to be pompous around her. It might be a habit but control yourself not to take your phone out and turn off the tone if possible.
  • Talking too much about you – You should be sensitive to her needs and give the poor woman a break. Perhaps you’re already boring her with the topics. It’s okay if you also talk about yourself because I know, she doesn’t wish that the focus of the conversation circles around her. But, it’s not only about you.
  • Not doing the obvious – Do not be late and do not let the girl wait for you, if possible be at the meeting place earlier than her. Greet and smile at her. You should work on your smile so you won’t creep her out with your eerie smile. I know you might be nervous and so is she. So even a simple smile can send her away and you will lose your chances. If you’re not confident with your smile, you can do it with a closed mouth.

So there you have it – you’re ready to talk with the girl you like. Use these topics when you’re about to meet a girl and you’re afraid to be dumbstruck when you have no ideas what to talk about with a girl you really like.

Remember, women like to talk a lot if they’re comfortable with somebody they’re talking to. No matter how awesome the topics you have in your mind now if the woman is not even at ease, then it’s also useless. And that’s a topic for another day.

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