Is it bad to tell your ex you miss them

Is It Bad To Tell Your Ex You Miss Them? Secret Revealed

Some people may miss their ex for any reason after the end of the romantic ties. Is it bad to tell your ex you miss them? Visit our post to get the solution now!


After your breakup, you and your ex have moved on to other relationships and lives. However, you start to feel puzzled when you unexpectedly realize that you miss your ex-lover. Is it bad to tell your ex you miss them? Should you text him or not? Not all girls, or even strong boys, can make quick decisions in this circumstance.

Let’s scroll down to read our piece for advice on the aforementioned topic and other insightful details you need to know.

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Is It Bad To Tell Your Ex You Miss Them?

The answer is that your situation will determine what to do. Simply, your motivation for telling your ex that you miss them will depend on the circumstances.

If your former shows intense emotions for you and the reason you and your ex broke up was a simple misunderstanding, you should let your old flame know that you miss them. It’s also acceptable to let your ex-partner know that you miss them when you desire to express your feelings without expecting to build a romantic relationship again.

However, you shouldn’t tell your old girlfriend or boyfriend that you miss them because of hopelessness or in an effort to win your love game or pity toward your ex. If you are doing that, you are truly selfish.

Is it bad to tell your ex you miss them
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You also should quit considering messaging your ex that you miss her or him in case your ex betrays you and shatters your heart. If you indicate that you still miss them, you will aggravate an already distressing past scenario.

And in case he has moved on with a new girlfriend (in a serious connection), you’d better bury your feelings then.

After ending a romantic relationship, we know that you may feel alone and heartbroken since some individuals believe their ex is the person with whom they had imagined a happy ending. That’s one of the reasons why you may decide to text your ex-lover that you still miss them too much.

Don’t do that since you made your agony worse. After a failed relationship, there are numerous appropriate ways to go forward with your life. Don’t invest your precious time attempting to get your ex back, especially if he has already found happiness with someone else.

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What Time Is It Appropriate To Text Your Old Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

You may already know that telling your ex how much you miss him may be either fruitful or in vain. In this section, we’ll outline the appropriate circumstances in which you should let your ex know that you miss them and hope for a happy return.

Is it bad to tell your ex you miss them
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1. You Ended Your Relationship Unjustifiably

Talk with your ex if you split up with him or her for improper reasons. Perhaps you responded aggressively to something your ex said or did, or you made a snap judgment like “Let’s break up!” with an angry attitude, and then you regretted it.

You can feel guilty about the breakup because you erred. If so, inquire about his or her willingness to meet to discuss the separation.

Let’s attempt to see yourself in your ex-position lovers because you know you were mistaken and hurt them. Your ex will feel relieved when you let them know how much you miss them. That is all they need to hear from you.

Collectively, a happy love needs two people to understand each other and find the general solution to deal with misunderstanding issues before you decide to call it quits. Let’s try to comprehend what the other person could be feeling, thinking, and responding.

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Is it bad to tell your ex you miss them
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2. You Have Clear And Powerful Intuition

We wager that some persons who fall in love with someone else or are in a long romantic relationship have a strong sensation or inner intuition, and breaking up with exes have the same feelings.

Those sensations are stronger when you want to inform your ex that you miss them. Your heart beats for reasons your mind cannot understand, and you believe that you and your ex-partners belong together.

Don’t stress over figuring out how to tell your ex that you miss him if this is the case. It would be best to express your feelings to them honestly.

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When Should You Stop Texting Your Ex?

Here are certain scenarios in which texting your ex is categorically inappropriate. Learn more by keeping reading!

Is it bad to tell your ex you miss them
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1. Your Ex-boyfriend or Girlfriend Is Dating

Finding a way to confess to your ex that you miss him when they date someone else is meaningless. You can refer to some signs to know your ex is in love with someone else before deciding to text him or her.

They are probably meeting a new lover who is more compatible and understanding for him. It would help if you left them and forget the past relationship to develop spontaneously.

Regardless of whether you still love your former, support his decision to move on and date someone else. Learn how to deal with your ex’s new partner instead of interfering in their life.

2. You Are Married Or Dating Someone Else

You could try to enter a romantic beginning right away after a split, particularly if you feel hopeless, lonely, insecure, or afraid of being by yourself.

That is acceptable, but if you’re seeing someone else right now, you shouldn’t tell your ex that you miss them.

Consider breaking up with your present partner if you recognize you still love your ex and want to rebuild the relationship. Otherwise, you’re relying on them to give you a sense of safety and affection without thinking of their feelings. Neither of them deserves this; it’s unfair.

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Is it bad to tell your ex you miss them
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3. Your Former Partner Is Not Willing To Talk To You

If your ex refuses to phone, chat, or text messages with you, don’t bother them. You can tell them that you miss them, but then you don’t receive any response, which means your ex doesn’t desire a relationship with you, even if you split amicably and are polite.

You are aware of whether your ex wishes to leave the past behind them and go on a new chapter without you.

Suppose you and your old partner are negotiating income, paying child support, or other breakup and divorce-related difficulties. You just send her or him a message that states information on the problems above.

Don’t lose sight of your obligations to care for your children and future. Everything will be worse if you try to keep the relationship between you and your ex-lover by texting them how much you miss them.

What Should You Say To Your Ex If You Miss Them?

You can send him several text messages below after there is no connection. Remember that these texts apply when you want to reconnect with your former and become good friends.

1. “I genuinely miss you (ex’s name). Can you respond to my message?”

2.  “(Ex’s name), I usually think about you when we break up, and even now, you’re on my mind, making it difficult for me to concentrate on anything. Please tell me how your day is. We could get an appointment to talk about what the other is thinking.”

3. “Hello, I wish to talk to you and hope we may be friends. Please don’t worry too much. When you’re willing to speak, please tell me.”

4. “(Your ex’s name) I’ve been missing you since we broke up. I truly cannot get you out of my mind. I want you to know how much I miss you.”

5. “(Ex’s name), I realize that texting messages for you doesn’t look nice. But I desire you to know I’m always beside you if you need a buddy.”

6. “Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about you. What’s going on with you?”

7. “I regret how our relationship ended terribly, to be honest. Can you forgive me, please? I still love you so much.”

8. “You know what? I miss you so much, and this split is so hard. However, I must accept this separation and move forward to recover. Both of us need some break and time. Wishing you the best and hoping you know.”

9. “I miss you terribly. I wish you could be here with me, please.”

10. “I am helpless without you. I honestly miss you.”

11. “I want to let you know that I still miss you occasionally and respect and adore you for who you are as a great human being. What’s going on with you?”

You can use those examples to convey how much you miss your ex if you believe your former is willing to talk things out, start a new beginning as friends, or even simply give a chance to rekindle the old romance after a period of silence.

However, it is absurd to use such texts to avoid being alone and forgive the person who has been a liar and an abuser. You are far more deserving of better than a terrible lover. Please don’t allow your sadness and loneliness to drive you to become a needy and desperate woman in his eyes.

What Will Happen If You Confess To Your Ex That You Miss Them?

How will your ex respond if you text your ex-lover you miss them? If you tell your ex personally and directly, you may expect a more precise and illuminating response. Plus, you’ll want to watch how they respond.

You may let your old flame know how much you miss them by taking care of your ex and making them feel special. While showing him or her your love and attention, keep in mind that he or she is not currently your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Try to show your nostalgia to your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend by acting politely and with respect. You can move on if your ex agrees, but you should stop immediately when they refuse.

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What Happens If You Don’t Respond To Your Ex’s Text Message?

When you start neglecting your ex, this might alter the behaviors of you two.

You will have the opportunity to reflect on the relationship that has just finished, for example, so that you may go on with your life and find a better version of yourself and perhaps a new partner.

Additionally, it is in no way impolite. For most individuals, maintaining continued contact might be too hard and simply too painful. This is because there is an evident reason why two individuals decide to end their relationship and go on.

Is Missing Your Ex Pathetic?

It’s acceptable to miss your old girlfriend or boyfriend and recall happy times with them. There is nothing wrong with thinking about your former as long as it doesn’t cause tension in your current relationship or make your spouse question you.

It’s hardly feasible for someone not to miss their ex unless they never developed an emotional attachment to them.

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Will Your Ex Miss You If You Remain Silent?

Yes, it’s possible, but not always.

Your ex will frequently return to you if you leave and make him or her miss you. After a split, the power of quiet may be quite powerful in luring your ex back. Note that being silent following a breakup displays self-assurance and respect first.

Final Thoughts

Is it bad to tell your ex you miss them? We hope you’ve gathered information to answer this question. We’ve provided you with more in-depth advice, such as when it’s OK to tell your ex-partner that you still miss them a lot through text messages and when it’s not.

We’ve also given you sample messages that you may use in various circumstances.

There aren’t any solid arguments in favor of telling your ex that you miss them when taken as a whole. Your situation will determine what to do. Leave those deeper emotions alone, or hold them to yourself. Thanks for reading!

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