Journal Prompts For Couples To Feel Closer

89 Journal Prompts For Couples To Feel Closer

Ever heard of journal prompts for couples? Think of them as a form of diary in a more personal and detailed manner. 

If you’re not familiar with the term, you might be more familiar with writing prompts for couples.

But we get to the interesting part of journaling, let’s talk about the following:

What are journal prompts

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Benefits of couples’ journal prompts in a relationship

How does it work

What are journal prompts?

Journal prompts are an essential part of the journaling or writing process.

The prompts help you find the right words to say and the questions help you get your thoughts flowing.

They also guide you on where to focus and help you reflect on your thoughts and perspective about a topic.

So these journal prompts for couples are designed only for people in a relationship who want to feel closer, strengthen their bond and know each other on a much deeper level.

Benefits of couples’ journal prompts in a relationship

Journal prompts for couples help you to reconnect with each other emotionally. If you’re in a long-term relationship already, you might have noticed some changes not only in the situation but also in your partner. 

These prompts that will be in short paragraphs form or in questions form will allow each partner to discover again what they missed and together they will find solutions so those shortcomings and needs will be met halfway.

Journaling as a couple improves communication. If you’re not comfortable with expressing your feelings and worries verbally, writing them down by answering a series of journal prompts for relationships might help you with the predicament.

Communication is key and one of the safest ways to implement proper communication in a relationship is through writing.

With writing, you can think more thoroughly and you can express more honest and raw feelings that you can’t say verbally. 

Writing a journal together with your partner not only strengthens your relationship but it allows you to explore your life together as a couple.

Journaling is not only for couples in long-term relationships already but also for new couples who are in the phase of uncertainty if both partners have the same thought and vision of a future with the other.

How does it work?

Answering journal prompts designed for couples should be done by you and your partner in a peaceful environment where no one can disrupt you.

 If you are not comfortable writing with your partner, you can journal ahead and give it to him afterwards. And he too can also do that as well. 

Journaling should be raw – so committing mistakes like typos while writing is acceptable and normal.

You are not obliged to answer everything in one sitting but try to answer at least 5 or 10 questions a day then discuss the answers with your partner.

89 Journal Prompts For Couples To Feel Closer

1. How do you describe yourself when you’re with me?

Allows you to know how he is as a person when he’s with you. Does he find himself, being his true self or does he have the need to always accommodate your needs?

2. Where do you think you are in a year?

Does he envision himself answering the same journal prompts for relationships with you?

3. If we didn’t live in this apartment (house), where would you like to live?

Does he have other plans or maybe he prefers living in a camper van but decided to stay with you in the city or in the house? 

4. What is one thing you wished I know better about you?

You will discover more about him and this allows you to know him better without giving you the vibes of accusation from him.

5. How do you describe intimacy in a relationship?

You better wish he’s not going to describe intimacy as being between the sheets.

6. What are those times that you feel so loved by me?

It allows you to know if you are showing him how much you really love him.

7. How many times should “I love you” be spoken in a relationship?

Does it really matter to him if you don’t express that much?

8. Which famous couples do you admire the most?

You better wish he won’t answer “Will Smith and Jada Smith.”

9. When do you think a relationship turns toxic?

This is a good question for couples to reflect on and know what a toxic relationship is.

10. When do you think I’m getting a bit toxic?

It doesn’t have to develop into a fight after knowing the answer. If you can reflect well, admit if it’s perhaps right and you’re willing to change, then journaling with your partner is definitely worth it. 

11. If I would die tomorrow, what would you do today and say to me?

This doesn’t have to be sad but it allows you to know how you matter to your partner.

12. What kind of good traits have you got while you’re with me?

Are you some kind of role model to your partner?

13. Do you think I listen to you enough?

Do you listen to his needs or are you aware of what he’s trying to say to you?

14. What would you do if we lost our jobs or our house?

The strength of your relationship will be determined when you are met with life crises like losing your job and shelter.

Journal Prompts For Couples To Strengthen Bond

15. What kind of parent would you be?

It is important to know if your relationship has a long-term goal and if your partner sees himself being a parent in the future.

16. How can I best support your dreams?

If you love someone, you are ready to support his dreams no matter how impossible it seems.

17. What kind of activities do you want us to do every week?

Spending time together is one of the keys to maintaining a good relationship, so it is only normal to know and plan for things you can do together.

18. Do you believe in giving the other personal space in a relationship? How would you do that?

A healthy relationship needs space once in a while. It is important that you can still do what you wanted to do alone and that your partner respects it.

19. What makes you feel insecure in a relationship?

Do you do things that make him doubt you in your relationship? It’s time to find them out so you can discuss them.

20. What were the most painful words I ever said to you?

So it won’t happen again and you’ll be more aware of the words coming from your mouth, you should know this and how your partner felt about the situation.

21. How do you define unconditional love?

By asking this you will not only know the kind of love your partner has for you, but you will also reflect on your own meaning of unconditional love.

22. What are some moments that you feel proud to be with me?

How your partner feels when he’s with you reflects on how you are as a person in a relationship and how you treat him.

23. How should I show more love to you?

If your significant other voiced out in the past of not feeling loved, then it’s time to find out how you can express your affections to him.

24. How will I know that you are upset with me?

Sometimes your partner expects that you know everything and gets mad that you’re not aware of his feelings – so here’s a journal prompt question to change that.

25. How should I know that you don’t feel like talking to me?

Instead of giving the other a silent treatment or letting your partner believes you’re giving him cold shoulders, this journal prompt in a relationship lets the other know when is the right time to talk to you.

26. Do you think you’re getting more quality time with me? How can we improve that?

Do you think you’ve been working so hard and have no time for your partner anymore? Get the answer through this journal question for couples.

27. What is one thing I do that really annoys you?

Nobody’s perfect. Everybody has some pet peeves and your partner surely hates one thing from you, but it doesn’t mean he hates you though.

28. Do you get scared sometimes when talking to me?

Now is the time to find out if you have the tendency to scare another individual by just talking to you and of course, don’t shrug it off without asking why.

29. How should I know that you need some attention?

Does he get enough attention – like appreciation and a simple show of gratitude? Maybe he needs some cuddling from time to time?

30. What would make you angry or upset when I said, I wanted to discuss something with you?

Asking to talk to your partner in a serious manner might be a warning bell to him. Knowing this helps you how to approach him with your topic of discussion in mind.

Journal Prompts For Couples To Improve the Relationship

31. Can I talk to you about anything? How open are you in discussing things with me?

If your partner is open-minded and lets you talk first before he would say his opinion about something, then consider yourself lucky.

32. What are your worries about our relationship?

After a year of being together, worries and doubts in a relationship emerge, but after 10 years and 3 kids, of course, that happens too.

33. How do you define a successful relationship?

Is having a successful relationship able to travel together without financial worries or is it being away from each other and trusting one another?

34. What are the 3 traits I have that you admire the most?

Now is the time to know how your partner sees you as a person of character.

35. What is one good trait that you have that you’re proud of?

No matter how bad a person is or can be, everyone has a good side. Even your partner has a trait that he’s proud of that you’re not aware of.

36. When do you think you felt you can be yourself around me?

Are you that kind of girlfriend who is easy to be with and that your partner gets comfortable immediately being around you?

37. What is your favourite love language?

According to Gary Chapman, a counsellor and author who wrote the book The 5 Languages of Love, he found out from counselling couples that they misunderstand one another and what their partners need. To avoid misunderstanding in a relationship, it is crucial to know your partner’s take on this one.

38. What is your ideal date?

Knowing other preferences in a relationship still plays a significant role in keeping a relationship sturdy.

39. If you’re not in a relationship with me, what would you be doing now?

Would he be a different person? Would he be living on another side of the planet?

40. Describe your future with the person you love.

You would love to know how he envisions himself with a woman in the future. Are you this woman he wants to be with in the future? Is she a different person or maybe he’s implying you’ll change but for the better?

41. What is your favourite memory with me?

You shouldn’t miss your partner’s answer so you will have to do it over and over again.

42. Do you think I take you for granted sometimes?

This is a sensitive question which answer should be met with understanding and acceptance.

43. What is one thing you regret doing with me or saying to me?

Fights and arguments happen in relationships but what matters is how you acknowledge your shortcomings and failures and work it out to strengthen your relationship.

44. What should I do to better take care of myself?

It allows you to know how he views your habit and how you handle yourself.

45. What qualities of your parents you don’t want to have in the future as a parent?

What kind of parent would he be to your children in the future? Does he intend to become a parent by the way?

Journal Prompts For Couples To Have a Positive Relationship

46. What is something nice I have done for you lately?

Does he notice your efforts or have you ever done something unforgettably nice to him?

47. What kind of problems are we facing now in a relationship?

Are you both aware of the challenges you have in your situation as a couple?

48. Are you ready to move if I get assigned to another country or city?

How would he react to sudden changes in your relationship? Is he open to a long-distance relationship?

49. What is your favourite gift you received from me?

You should remember this and take it as a guide for the next present to your partner. 🙂

50. What do you think we’re doing when we retire?

Are you still together? Will you be living on a houseboat?

51. What do you think I’m thinking now?

We will see how he thinks about you and how your mind works from your partner’s perspective.

52. Do you think that women are always right?

Just know your partner’s opinion – don’t hold it against him whatever the answer is.

53. When was the last time that you thoughtOh, she’s right again.”?

Your partner may not have said it out loud but surely, there are instances that he has thought about that and didn’t tell you.

54. If you’re upset, how can I best cheer you up?

It is important to know your partner’s tickle spot so when he’s upset about something, you know how to lighten his gloomy mood.

55. Do you respect it when a woman said no, and believe it’s really a NO?

Forget about what they say when women say no it really means yes – perhaps, in some instances, but when it comes to serious matters, no is really NO.

56. How do you know that I’m upset over something?

This prompt question allows your partner to really reflect on how well he really knows you.

57. How should we keep a relationship healthy?

This is important to know if you have both the same perspectives in keeping and maintaining a healthy relationship.

58. What feelings in the past you’re still holding onto?

Does he still have emotional baggage from the past? Does it hinder your partner from being fully emotionally available in the relationship?

59. What have you learned in your past relationships?

Did it make him stronger? Did it make him change for the better?

60. What are you looking forward to in waking up with me?

How does your partner feel being with you, seeing your face every morning?

Journal Prompts For Couples To Bring Closeness in a Relationship

61. From 1-10, how much do you think I know you? How can we improve that?

This journal prompt question gives you an idea of how you know each other already – it doesn’t matter if you’re in a long-term relationship already.

62. How can we implement good communication in a relationship?

Having healthy communication with your partner is essential in maintaining harmony in your relationship.

63. What should you do to deescalate arguments and fights in a relationship?

It is important especially during arguments that one of you is calm or else it will cause more damage to your relationship.

64. Do you get scared when I’m getting angry?

Do you have the tendency to turn into a lion when you’re furious?

65. Would it disturb you if I go out a lot with friends?

It is important to have a personal space in the relationship so you can still maintain individuality and a sense of identity.

66. If you could compare me to a flower, what am I?

Well at least, you’re not asking – if you were a worm.

67. Who do you think is kinder between us? Does it bother you?

Kindness begets kindness. I don’t think it would bother anyone if the other is kinder in the relationship. As a matter of fact, it is important that the other is kind-hearted so it will be balanced.

68. When was the last time I made you laugh so hard?

Does he cherish those moments when you’re having fun together?

69. Do you still remember the first time we met? What do you feel that day?

Was he a nervous wreck that day or maybe he can’t remember all the details anymore?

70. What are your 3 goals in being with me?

Is your partner for the long-term or is he even sure about creating life goals with you?

71. How can we be financially secure together?

If you’re in a long-term relationship already, it is only normal that you would ponder over financial matters.

72. What relationship advice can you give to other couples?

Does your partner learn something out of the relationship with you?

73. Why do you love me?

You believe when your partner says ”I love you”, but you want to know the reasons why he loves you. Ask him this if you dare.

74. Are you open to sharing with me your bedroom preferences? If yes, what are they?

Now it’s time to talk about the juicy part. Does he like to sleep on the right side? 😉

75. What is the most beautiful way to end the day with me?

If you just end the day with a loud snore, then it’s time to change that. Perhaps your partner wants some actions before hitting the hay like a video game.

Journal Prompts For Couples For Relationship Growth

76. What are the things we have in common?

Maybe you have more things in common than you actually thought.

77. Who do you think is giving more in the relationship?

In love and relationship, it should be all fair – it’s all about giving and taking.

78. What is my habit that annoys or upsets you?

Perhaps you should stop nail-biting from now on.

79. How do you define true love?

Will you get some Shakespearean feels on this journal prompt? Let’s see.

80. Do you believe we can be friends if we’re not a couple?

Really, can your partner imagine only being friends with you?

81. Is there something about me that you want to understand better?

Maybe you can help your partner understand that confusing side of you.

82. What is your ideal wedding like?

It is important to know especially if you’re already talking about tying the know in the near future.

83. When was the last time I get too clingy? Does it bother you?

Are you getting too attached? Perhaps it’s getting out of hand already. It’s time to find it out from your partner’s perspective.

84. When was the last you felt jealous and what did you do about it?

A little jealousy in a relationship is completely normal but if it’s too much already, it can be suffocating.

85. When was the last time you felt closer to me? What happened?

Being closer to somebody you love doesn’t only mean the physical aspects of nearness but the emotional and mental aspects as well.

86. What is the biggest challenge in maintaining an intimate relationship?

Find out how your partner views an intimate relationship and the challenge it brings.

87. What was the compliment I gave you that put you in a really good mood?

Everybody loves compliments, but let’s hear what is your partner’s favourite.

88. How do you think we can improve our relationship?

Is there any way that you can make your relationship much better than what you have right now?

89. What is that one thing you’d like to try with me?

Anything adventurous like swimming with whale sharks in Asia should be heard if not agreed on enthusiastically if it helps you connect more with your partner.

Tips for answering journal prompts for couples

  • Find a place where you can peacefully read, analyze and answer the questions.
  • Grab something to drink like water and tea so you can relax and answer the journal prompts with ease.
  • If you’re doing the journaling with your partner, you can either write the answers or let him read the question and you will give the answer verbally.
  • Give each other time to answer or respond to the journal prompts and implement active listening.

What you should not do

– You should avoid arguments or heated discussions with your partner after knowing the answers to these writing prompts for couples.

The aim of this journaling is for you to reconnect and strengthen your bond as a couple and not to find points of argument.

You may disagree but it shouldn’t always lead to heated discussions.

What you can do is respect your significant other’s opinion and accept it. You don’t have to agree just to avoid an argument. As long as you listen and he’s also willing to hear your side, then you can always find a middle ground.

– After answering journal prompts for couples, you should not use your partner’s answers against him or use them against him during arguments.

If your bad eating habits annoy him a little, you don’t have to brand him as a rude person just because he has opposing opinions about your eating habit.

Let’s wrap it up…

There are no right or wrong answers to these journal prompts for couples. What matters is how you work together as a team to find solutions to issues and problems you have discovered while doing the relationship journal together.

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