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Top Vintage Trends Making A Comeback in Spring 2022

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Top Vintage Trends Making A Comeback in Spring 2022

As most of the world starts to open, people naturally feel more bold and daring than ever. This has been imminent, as seen in the latest trends taking over the streets and the runways.

Bold prints, great accessories, colors that almost blind you — these are just some of the vintage trends that make a strong comeback this spring, and we’re here for it. It shows how most of us now want to have fun without a care in the world and wear what we want regardless of how ‘loud’ our outfits may seem. 

Take a closer look at the top vintage fashion trends returning this season and check which styles you can make your own.

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Psychedelic Prints

Eccentric, trippy, and show-stopping. These abstract and psychedelic prints are coming back with a bang as more and more people are wearing them without holding them back. This time around, these prints aren’t just used as accents — they make the whole outfit. From flowy fabrics to trippy 60s-era mod themes, these colorful prints and designs are bound to rule fashion this year.

Fruit Bowl Colors

Speaking of colors, side by side, these psychedelic prints are unabashedly bold and bright colors that are perfect for spring and summer. Also known as “dopamine dressing,” this colorful way of dressing up seems to be the antidote for the dullness and lackluster dressing that most of us donned during the height of the pandemic. So prepare to see warm neon colors like tangerine, strawberry, and lemon take over the streets — most of which are even in complete monochrome ensembles. 

Costume Jewellery

Big and bold may as well be the theme for spring 2022. Another significant vintage trend making a comeback is those iconic pieces that would perfectly complement our more daring and audacious outfits. Think about the 80s and 90s couture jewelry that can quickly transform any business and inject it with more life and energy.

Lingerie From Day to Night

Lingerie worn as everyday outfits is also something that we should see more of as temperatures rise this season. Again, corsets and bras styled as standalone tops would prevail more but this time, translated in a classier and a more vintage-chic manner. It’s not just about showing skin. It’s more about transforming these undergarments and spotlighting their finer and sexier details. 

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