How To Create Your Own Vintage Style Bathroom

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Opting for vintage style décor in your bathroom could help to give it a sense of classic luxury. It could be perfect for bringing out the character in an old home or adding some retro charm to a modern home. Here are just several ways in which you can achieve a vintage style bathroom.

Vintage Style Bathroom

Choose the right colours

Many classic bathrooms rely heavily on dark colours. Black and white monochrome colours schemes are some of the most popular options when it comes to a vintage bathroom, but you can also consider blues, purples and burgundies. These could be incorporated into tiles or paint. Secondary lighter colours like teal and sage can also work well when recreating a vintage feel.

Consider a checkerboard floor

Checkerboard floors were a common feature of many classic bathrooms. Consider opting for some checkerboard black and white tiles. You can also find checkerboard vinyl – some people may prefer this to tiles.

Consider wooden panels

You could also try adding some wooden panels to the walls. These could be painted a classy satin grey and positioned around the lower half of the wall. Such a feature was common in many classic bathrooms and could be perfect for helping to capture that vintage feel.

Switch to a freestanding tub

The freestanding tub is an iconic feature in Victorian bathrooms. While traditional tubs were filled up with buckets of hot water, modern freestanding tubs can be plumbed in while still capturing the classic feel. You’ll need a certain amount of space in your bathroom to fit a freestanding tub and you may need to be prepared to pay a little more for the extra plumbing. There are many different types of freestanding tub to look into from clawfoot tubs to pedestal slipper tubs.

Hang up a large framed mirror

A large mirror with an ornate frame could be another feature for giving the room a vintage feel. You could try looking for an antique mirror to offer an authentic historic feel. Alternatively, you can save money by looking for an imitation vintage mirror. A larger mirror could be more practical and could give the room a grander feel.

Vintage Style Bathroom

Look into vintage light fittings

There are plenty of retro light fittings to choose from that could help to further transform your bathroom. This could include a pendant light or even an Edison-style bare bulb. For some truly ostentatious, you could even consider hanging up a chandelier. This latter option is only really suitable for high-ceilinged bathrooms.

Incorporate some modern features

There could be a few modern features worth incorporating while renovating so that your vintage bathroom is cosy and practical. While replacing the floor, why not also add some underfloor heating? There’s also nothing stopping you from installing a thermostatic power shower with a vintage shower head. Such modern features can stay relatively hidden so that they won’t take away from the classic look of your bathroom. 

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