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Start Your Morning Right With These 6 Tips

It’s so easy to get into the not-so-good habit of hitting snooze on our alarm clocks in the morning and dreading what lies ahead of us. However, how you set your mindset at the start of the day, from the moment you wake up, flows through how you go about the rest of the day. This is why it’s essential to make sure that you start your day on the right track.

Here are some tips that you can do to make sure that you’ll start your morning — and your day — right.

1. Prepare the night before

The best defense is a good offense. Think of starting your day the night before by ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep and have things for you to tackle the following day. Set the time where you should stop using your phone and relax as you ease into a relaxing sleep. Before that, it would be helpful to prepare your to-do list and maybe do some minor cleaning so you’ll be in a better headspace as you carry on with your day. 

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2. Reframe how you view each day

The moment you wake up, think of your day as an opportunity to make things right or do things better. This would help prevent self-destructive thoughts that could immediately ruin your day before you even begin. Instead, think of it as a somewhat clean slate, wherein you control how it will go — you can choose to be happy, grateful, and driven. 

3. Set an intention in the morning

Speaking of reframing your mindset, setting an intention that you can hold on to for the rest of the day can also help set the tone. You may choose to meditate on it or just think of what you want to achieve or what you want to embody. Turn it into a mantra and remind yourself about it now and then within the day.

4. Drink a glass of water

Feeling good physically can be as simple as drinking a glass of water. Drink the water slowly and feel it flowing through your body. This act alone can be very relaxing and calming, which helps in not feeling rushed and haggard. 

5. Play your favorite morning playlist

Here’s a fun activity for you: create a playlist that consists of songs that feel calming but at the same time energetic and uplifting for you. This would be a great start to your day since good music can easily set your mood and put you in a better disposition. 

6. Eat a colorful breakfast

Pair your bright tunes with some bright and colorful breakfast food! There’s something about looking at bright colors that makes you feel good from the inside out. We recommend making healthy fruity bowls or some healthy shakes to nourish you for the day ahead.

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