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4 Tasks Freelancers Should Automate To Boost Productivity

As a freelancer, you probably juggle various workload levels to serve existing clients while searching for new ones. However doing this solo can be close to impossible, and you risk experiencing overwhelming stress and burnout. But what if you can automate repetitive tasks, instead of focusing on them? Here are four jobs you can and should let technology handle as a freelance business owner.

  1. Social media posts

As a freelance business, you need social media to showcase your brand to the world and improve client connections. However, the time to consistently create content on multiple social media channels may elude you. But with tools like Odoo, you can schedule your social media posts without the added stress. This can be very convenient, as a single platform to cross-post will save time as you don’t have to frequently switch between multiple platforms. Therefore, make it a point to automate your social media and simultaneously push content into Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and the like.

  1. Client prospecting

A huge part of your responsibilities is to reach out to new clients, so why not make it effective by automating the process? Google search engine’s alert features should be your friend, allowing you to discover potential clients. You only need to create Google Alerts on your freelance services with relevant keywords, so keep this in mind. 

  1. Contract lifecycle management

You may have heard about this term in the freelance circle, but what is contract lifecycle management? This refers to how a business oversees its contract and associated legal documents. You will handle documents such as task execution, compliance, and contract renewal/expiration. Employee and client contracts and non-disclosure agreements are also things you don’t want to overlook. They become important when your company expands and you hire in-house attorneys. Therefore, contract lifecycle management is essential, so you shouldn’t overlook it.

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Thanks to technology, you can use dedicated management software to create valid contracts faster, improve collaboration, and eliminate manual tasks. Always have your clients sign these documents before you deliver services; this will protect your business if anything goes wrong. You can even take a step further by customizing standard contracts with e-signature apps like DocuSign or Dropbox Sign, so feel free to consider this.

  1. Email management

Since reading and responding to messages requires intense focus, this may not be the task you want to do when a lot is on your plate. Adobe report suggests people spend up to 5 hours daily looking through emails. If you don’t want to ignore your clients, try to find ways to automate your response. Consider investing in a reliable email management tool to suit your needs. It can organize your inbox, automate responses, and streamline bulk email delivery to your partners. However, generic and mechanical responses may not sit well with potential clients. Therefore, consider setting up your automatic responses in a more personal tone. 

Automating tasks can make freelancing more manageable, so feel free to leverage it. Hopefully, you’ll consider automating the tasks discussed above for the best results.

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