Keeping Your Pet Healthy

When you are blessed with a pet, you are blessed with a miniature bestie who wants to do nothing more than love and protect you. Even the laziest, fluffiest cat wants nothing more than to bring you into their fold and love you to death. You want to do what’s possible to make sure that you look after your pet as best you can. 

Learning how to do that can take some time but whether it’s the vet recommending pet supplement manufacturers to support a better diet or choosing the right litter that’ll make your cat comfortable, it’s important to do all you can. Your pet’s health is dependent on you and we’ve got some care tips to help you to keep your pet as healthy as possible.

  • Regular visits to the vet. You cannot be a good pet parent without taking your pet to the vet from time to time. Responsible ownership starts with visits that will help you to understand their health. Establishing and maintaining the right pet health will help you to learn more about your pet and what they need. You just have to remember to model patience when your pet meets the vet for the first time. 
  • Don’t forget their vaccinations. All pets need to be fully vaccinated as part of being a responsible pet parent. You should make sure that you schedule immunisations for your pet as soon as you can once you get them. Talk to the vet at the first appointment so that you and they can get your pet onto a schedule. Vaccinations aren’t always fun for pets but they are a necessity.
  • Chip them. Your pet needs the right identification so that you can be sure that they are safe – even if they get out. In the event of something happening, they need to be easily identified and chipping can do that. Collars can fall off but microchips aren’t so flimsy – they’re in the skin!
  • Get your cat spayed or neutered. With the abundance of unwanted cats and dogs in the world, having yours ‘fixed’ will help you to ensure that your pet isn’t contributing to a problem. If you spay your cat, you’ll ensure she isn’t at a high risk for cervical cancers. If you neuter him, you’ll make sure that he’s less aggressive and he won’t spray his scent everywhere! It’s better for them to be fixed, too, because they’ll feel more comfortable as a result.
  • Lean into a better diet. It’s so easy to over feed a cat or a dog, especially when those big eyes are begging you for more. You want to please your pet so you give them more but this is actually a problem! You have to keep your pet healthy and that means choosing not only the right foods, but ensuring that they have the right portions so that they don’t overeat.

Being a good pet parent is all about keeping them in good health – why not book your next vet appointment now?

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