Romantic Home Decorating Tips

Even though Valentine’s Day is over I am a firm believer in having a home that you love and implement romantic items into your home. So often home decorating often involves choosing function over form: placing a sofa in view of a television and lamps near electrical outlets. With these necessities in mind, creating a romantic decor in your home can be an afterthought. Finding decorating inspiration will help create a romantic space that is a pleasure to come home to. Besides my little article, you can find some amazing tips on Amazon when it comes to e-books.

Cheap Decorating

Even if your resources permit a more generous decorating allowance, staying within a reasonable budget will allow you the freedom to experiment and live with a style prior to making a commitment. The basic premise of this guide is to start your decorating project from within, finding inspiration in everyday life.

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After a long day at the office, you long for the comfort and beauty of your relaxing bedroom. Decorating a bedroom with warm tones can be a wonderful and rewarding home decor project that is both modern and romantic. Popular colors for modern bedrooms include the mixing of brown and turquoise with soft accents filled with luxury and style. Interior design encourages seductive and romantic color tones for the bedroom.

How to Recognize the Best Brown Turquoise Tones

The best way to recognize a brown turquoise tone is to envision the color of tropical water mixing with a sandy or rocky shoreline. These romantic decorating shades include: aqua, turquoise, aquamarine, cocoa, mocha, and chocolate. These brown and turquoise tones are deep and rich in color with vibrant hues and seductive color. They typically include warm shades of gold, brown, and blue. If you take a primary color and add some warm hues and subdued hints of gold or brown, you’ve got a perfect brown and turquoise decorating style for your bedroom. This color combination is so modern and romantic! Choose a patterned comforter in the brown and turquoise shades to bring vitality to your bedroom.

Choose Rich Brown Furniture

To decorate a modern bedroom with brown and turquoise, you need to start with basic pieces of furniture. So, choose a bed, dresser, and end tables that are in the mahogany or cherry wood color spectrums. For the best ways to choose dark wood furniture, consider the various shades of chocolate, and choose one that suits your personal taste and passion for interior design. If you have trouble finding romantic dark wood bedroom furniture that suits your style, choose furniture that has a neutral tan, beige, or soft brown color.

In addition, purchase furniture that has strong wooden undertones because these will help you decorate a brown and turquoise bedroom that is second to none. Definitely steer clear of furniture that is made out of light oak or has a glossy finish. To decorate a modern and romantic bedroom using brown and turquoise tones, you need to stay away from wooden or lacquered furniture that has black, grey or white color combinations. These will cause your room to look cold and harsh rather than warm and inviting.

Paint Your Walls in Soft Beige or Light Mocha

The most popular interior wall paint for a home is white, and this color does not work well with brown and turquoise tones. It does not have the modern and romantic elements that are so important for a bedroom. You can still keep a neutral color to your walls, which will help with resale value in the future, without choosing white or off-white as the primary color. For your walls, choose a soft beige or light mocha color that does not look bright or pastel.

If you have trouble choosing a color, go to your local hardware store and pick up some color samples from the paint department. Take them home and place them on your wall to get a feel for the color in your living space. Natural light can greatly affect the shade of color once it is applied to your walls. Be careful not to go with a color that is too dark, or it will shrink the appearance of the size of your living room.

Accessorize with Jewel Toned Pillows, Candles, and Pictures

Now, it is time for you to decorate your romantic bedroom. Since you have a patterned brown and turquoise comforter, natural wooden accent pieces of furniture, and softly shaded walls, you are ready to splurge with modern colorful accents. Choose vibrant accent pillows that stay true to the brown and turquoise tones. Incorporate large pictures or mirrors that have natural aquamarine and chocolate hues.

In addition, add some silver metallic candle holders, picture frames, and accent bottles to your bedroom to enhance the modern and romantic appeal. These decorative accent pieces will pull the look together. Go ahead and add some candles and accent vases that indulge your bedroom with a style that brings water and seashore together.

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