The Perfect Pretzel For Your Next Party Or a Great Gift For Dad!

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I think just about everyone I know adores pretzels but honestly, there are not many that I like! I don’t know if that is because I just have not found the right brand, but finally, I have. I would love today to introduce you to Eastern Standard Provisions Company, a new gourmet pretzel brand from the culinary team behind Boston favorites like Island Creek Oyster Bar, Eastern Standard, Row 34, and Branch Line.


I am totally in love with their pretzels it is just crazy and if you are looking for the perfect gift for dads that have everything these would be right up their ally.


I also would recommend having these on hand to entertain this holiday season. These are already made so all you have to do is heat and eat. How easy is that?!?


This holiday season, Eastern Standard Provisions Co. will be introducing flavored salts and flavored sugars to accompany their fluffy, hand-rolled pretzels. The following flavors will be available in 1 oz. packages for the holidays:


Flavored Pretzel Salts:

  •  White Truffle Pretzel Salt – $8.25
  • Honeycomb™ Everything Spice – $4.50
  • Lemon Rosemary Pretzel Salt  – $3.50
  • Chili Lime Pretzel Salt  – $3.50

Flavored Cane Sugars:

  • Cinnamon Maple Sugar – $3.50
  • Mocha Sugar – $3.50
  • Raspberry Lime Sugar – $3.50

I am just loving all the different flavor combinations. Since I am a HUGE sweets girl, I am loving their flavored cane sugars. Having all of these are such a great way to entertain guests while giving them the flavors they want.

If I were you I would check out their amazing gift box to either gift to dad or for entertaining. This box allows you to try their amazing pretzels as well as salts. I do hope that you check them out this holiday season.

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