Luca + Danni: The Perfect Holiday Stocking Stuffer

Ello! Today I wanted to share with you an amazing company called, Luca + Danni. This company makes the most beautiful bracelets ever!

Luca + Danni

Luca + Danni is a Rhode Island-based jewelry company that was founded by Fred Magnanimi to honor his late brother, Danny. Fred and his brother grew up playing in their family’s jewelry factory. When Danny lost his battle to cancer, Fred quit his job in NYC and relocated to Rhode Island to continue the family business.

Luca + Danni

It was not the path he expected, but ultimately the one he chose. He wanted to create jewelry that would allow others to share and embrace their journey. 

Luca + Danni

This holiday season, I would love to share with you a couple of their styles and designs as I have fallen in love with them! The quality is impeccable and you can really tell the love that goes into their pieces.

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Luca + Danni

The first I would like to show to you is the Cardinal Bangle Bracelet. Most of you already know that, the appearance of cardinals has spanned cultures and centuries as a symbol of the presence of spiritual messengers. Wear this sculpted mix-metal bangle and remember the loved ones who still surround you.

The next piece is a beautiful, and a personal favorite of mine, the Holiday Tree Bangle Bracelet. I just love the detail in this piece. It is perfect for the holiday season and the perfect stocking stuffer. The multicolored ornaments just really make this baby shine.

I also received the candy cane which looks perfect with the holiday tree.

I do hope that you check out this amazing company and their designs! Below you will find a couple more of my favorites from their site. Happy Shopping 🙂

Luca + Danni also has other festive jewelry to give or wear this holiday season.

  • Good Cheer Stack  
    • Poinsettia Bangle Bracelet
    • Crystal Pearl Bangle Bracelet in Classic White Pearl
    • Dylan Bangle Bracelet in Emerald
  • Mint to Be Stack  
    • Hudson Bangle Bracelet in Frosted White
    • Candy Cane Bangle Bracelet
    • Dylan Bangle Bracelet in Scarlet
  • Frozen in Time
    • Dylan Bangle Bracelet in Crystal
    • Crystal Pearl Bangle Bracelet in Aqua
    • Snowflake Bangle Bracelet

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