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Supernatural: More Than Just A New Way To Clean

I can hardly believe that soon we will be all spring cleaning. I am happy to say goodbye to winter but spring cleaning is an entirely different thing. This year I am really getting in gear early as I have had the opportunity to try something a bit different and I have fallen in love!

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Supernatural, have you heard of it? No! Well, you might have heard of a great little product called Poo-Pourri (you know that wonderful spray that goes in the toilet after you do your do?). The founder, Suzy Batiz, has launched a all new cleaning line called Supernatural and this is something everyone needs in their life.

Supernatural is shipped as just-add-water concentrated formulas and packaged in sustainable materials, making them a brand with one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry. Supernatural took two years to perfect the always natural, hardworking, get-the-funk-out formulas which are tried and tested and crafted with mother nature’s finest: essential oils, plants, and minerals.   

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Essential oils, plants, and minerals come together in their Conscious Concentrates™ to get the funk out of bath & tile, wood & floors, glass & mirrors and counters & granite. Supernatural is revolutionizing the industry by turning cleaning into an extrasensory experience with delicious, herbaceous aromas that smell so good they’ll make you want to #cleanbuttnaked. And with sustainable practices and materials, it’ll clean your conscience, too. 

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So this week I have been totally cleaning my butt off since we are only going to be here a little while and then back to help my mother in law transition. I have been using these amazing products every chance that I get and not only are they simply amazing but they clean ? REALLY well. I would not say that I have a super clean home but I do try. I have found that the Supernatural line really helps to clean the funk.

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One thing that really impressed me was their amazing starter box. This comes with everything that you need to start cleaning butt naked yourself. This comes with all their concentrates as well as these beautiful glass bottles. Get ready to fall in love ?

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Beautiful right? Each Concentrate comes labeled and ready to use, just add water.

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I have totally changed my outlook on cleaning because of the fact that these just smell amazing and the fragrance is long lasting but not overpowering.I literally went back through my house cleaning things once I received the starter box. Just so that everything would be wonderfully cleaned as well as smell totally supernatural.

One thing that I will say which means a TON because my husband was a professional cleaner for years is that he too was impressed with the ability to effectively clean everything in our home. From our floors to the counters, Supernatural has it all. I would highly suggest checking the starter kit out and take a deep breath, open yourself to a new realm where cleaning is a sensorial experience.

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