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Keep Your Home Secure With Swann Security

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With so many things going on in the world it is hard to know what will happen next. One thing you don’t want to worry about is someone breaking in your home. Over the next couple of days, I shall be sharing with you some amazing products like the Swann Security Cameras.

When it comes to home security and cameras I must say that I am a snob. Don’t get me wrong, but I really am. The one thing that I really loved about Swann was the ease of installation as well as the free cloud recording.

I can’t tell you how many systems I have simply had to refuse to write about because when it comes to security I want to see three main things.

Being that Swann has literally hit each of my marks, I am happy to recommend them to you as one of the very few systems that are homeowner friendly.

I had the chance to check out two of their systems and the first one that I did was the Alert Indoor Security Camera. I must say that it took me literally minutes to get this hooked up in the home and ready to rock and roll.

Our family just loves indoor cameras because not only does it provide us to watch our home from intruders but when we are away we can also keep an eye on our pets.

Swann offers both indoor and outdoor cameras. Their outdoor includes a spotlight which I think is helpful for those that might not have the best lighting on their property. In my opinion, lighting around the outside of your home is a good deterrent for intruders.

The one obvious advantage of home security cameras is to prevent break-ins, vandalism, and theft. The technology in these systems are vast from color night vision to motion sensors, two-way audio, and spotlights.

But there is another use for these cameras which have a much more day to day value, family and pet safety. For anyone with a small child, a special needs child, a pet, or an older parent living at home with memory or health issues, you know there is always a fear of them wandering off, or ending up somewhere not safe. 

Many of the cameras today, including Swann, include features like facial recognition, perimeter detection, and have a unified application that allows for notifications.

This significantly decreases the awareness time if someone ends up where they shouldn’t be. The faster you become aware of these moments the quicker the response and chances of returning that loved one home safely. 

I would highly suggest checking out Swann and the cameras that they offer. They are so easy to use and set up which makes them stand out from the rest. You can head to their website for purchase and to find out more about this amazing brand.


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