How To Get The Best Value From Your Kitchen Renovation

by Betty Bite

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For me, part of owning a home is understanding the most valuable rooms in your property. I’m talking about the rooms that can bring the most value to your home. So, if you ever need to sell it, then you can fetch more money than you initially thought. 

Personally, I see the following rooms as the ‘most valuable’ in every house: 

  • Bathroom
  • Living Room
  • Master Bedroom
  • Kitchen

I’d like to talk about each of these rooms in detail, but today’s post will focus on the last one – your kitchen. 

A kitchen renovation can add serious value to your house. However, you need to get the best value for money from the renovation. In essence, you want to spend enough money to significantly improve the kitchen without spending too much. 

It sounds a bit confusing, but it’s fairly simple. Some people end up spending far too much on a kitchen renovation and receiving something that doesn’t quite live up to their hopes or expectations. How can you avoid this? 

See things in real life before you buy them

Renovating a kitchen involves buying lots of different pieces and putting them together. You need to choose everything from the floor tiles to the cabinets on the walls. All of this can be done and ordered online – but there lies the problem. 

Things rarely look exactly as they do when you see them online compared to in-person. Instead, you should physically see and interact with all the elements you need to buy. The best way to do this is by going to a kitchen renovation showroom. Here, you can see lots of different features and get a sense of how things look together. It paints a clearer picture in your mind, letting you pay for a renovation that you know you will like. This prevents the need to spend more money replacing certain elements that didn’t look how you hoped. 

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Set some essential goals

When planning the renovation, you need to have a list of goals or things that you see as essential. This can be anything that you believe is critical for your kitchen. For example, if your oven is busted, then a brand new oven will be high on your list of essential features. For other people, it could be vital that your kitchen has a certain number of storage cabinets. If you list these things down, then you have a plan to follow. As long as your kitchen ticks all of these boxes, then it will be excellent value for money. 

Create a budget and stick to it

Finally, you can’t get value for money if you overspend. So, create a budget before you pay for anything. Consider how much you can afford to spend – and look at what other people spend on kitchen renovations. This lets you be more conservative with your cash, stopping a scenario where you completely blow through loads of money and the kitchen is far too expensive and doesn’t add that much value to your home!

A kitchen renovation should be an exciting venture. But, things can go pear-shaped if you don’t get good value out of it. Avoid this by following the three simple tips detailed above. 

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