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FarmFresh System From Bosch

So as most of you know when it comes to appliances, I take my purchases very seriously. Being a lover of cooking and fresh food I am happy to team up with Best Buy to share with you the new FarmFresh System™ Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerator.

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Bosch is a brand that our family has always adored and when we rebuilt our new home we had the change to add a couple of Bosch products which we love, but this FarmFresh system is totally amazing and worth checking out for anyone looking to update their kitchen.

What Is The FarmFresh System?

So you might be thinking, what in the world is farmfresh? Well it is actually a really cool technology that Bosch has implemented in their new Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerator.

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The new FarmFresh System™ uses four innovative freshness technologies to keep your food fresher, longer: 

  • VitaFreshPro™ offers preset settings that automatically balance BOTH temperature and humidity
  • FreshProtect™absorbs naturally occurring ethylene to slow ripening, so produce stays fresher, longer.
  • MultiAirFlow™ evenly circulates cool, fresh air to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the entire fridge cavity, from the door bins to back corners.
  • AirFresh® Filter absorbs even the toughest food odors, keeping your refrigerator and freezer air fresh.

The revolutionary FarmFresh System™ combines four innovative technologies to keep your food fresh up to 3x longer, for less food wasted.* This is a huge deal for all families. Keeping your waste down and your grocery bills low at the same time by saving foods.

FarmFresh System From Bosch

I know when it comes to appliances the look is also important just as much as the features. This Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerator can really fit into anyone’s home with ease.

One thing that I find very attractive about this fridge, in general, is that it is flush with the counter-top. It offers hidden hinges, and discreetly tucked away feet, all to give you a truly built-in look and feel that we all want and love. The outside of this fridge is just simply beautiful and very sleek. Matching your already-in-place kitchen cabinets and counter-tops I am sure it would be easy to include the new Bosch Counter-Depth Fridge.

How About The Inside?

Besides the beautiful design when it comes to the outside, Bosch really has made this fridge perfect on the inside as well.

A generous 21 cu. Ft. capacity is made event more spacious with flexible storage features like FlexBar™, removable shelves, and door bins.

Featured on both sets of doors, three wide gallon door bins easily accommodate two large side-by-side gallon containers each.

The fridge is not the only thing that is really amazing but Bosch also hit the mark when it comes to your freezer. They included an wonderful three-tier layered freezer drawer system for extra storage when it comes to frozen pizzas or waffles. YUMMY!

An ingenious three-tier layered freezer drawer system creates extra storage for frozen items, from pizza boxes to frozen waffles. Also, you will find an full width chiller drawer so that as you are entertaining friends and family you will be able to use the full width chiller drawer to keep those oversized platter ready to go!

You Can Also Connect To Your Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerator

Ok. That might have sounded weird but it’s not! We live in a connected world and love to have everything in our home connected right? Welp. You also can connect to your new Bosch Counter-Depth fridge.

The Home Connect™ app allows you to remotely monitor and control your Bosch refrigerator from your smartphone or tablet. Control the temperature, adjust lighting, run diagnostics—wherever you are,** for ultimate convenience. Connected refrigerators from Bosch are designed to give you peace of mind, customization, and simplification.

I Know, this was a kinda long posting but I wanted to make sure that I gave you all the facts and why I really believe that the Bosch Counter-Depth Refridgerator is perfect for any family. Between the style of the fridge to the functions when it comes to the FarmFresh system it is perfect. Not to mention, that they have thought of just about everything when it comes to the inside.

Head on over and check out this amazing baby yourself! I know that you will just LOVE it as much as I do. Also if you are in the market for the perfect dishwasher make sure to check out this posting.

*As compared to a Bosch refrigerator without FarmFresh System™. Results may vary among different foods.

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