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6 Ways To Soundproof Your Home

Whether it’s your loud and noisy neighbors screaming at each other, your own kids playing thumping music in their bedrooms, or it’s the garbage truck driving by your bedroom window every morning that’s making a ruckus, annoying and unwanted sounds can have a severely negative impact on your quality of life.

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Here are some quick tips to get some peace (and sleep) back into your life – it is priceless after all!

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Rearrange your furniture in your rooms – especially where you can hear the noise the most, and place them as far away as possible from the source.

You might think that this won’t have much of a difference, but you’d be surprised. Noise travels fast, so the greater the distance you can put between yourself and the source, the quieter it’ll be before hitting your ears.

Add a bookshelf to your room – Add a bookshelf to your room and use it as an excuse to purchase some beautiful hardbacks to first indulge in, and then stack. Think of it as a buffing cushion which will end up blocking any unwanted incoming and outgoing noise from the room. 

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6 Ways To Soundproof Your Home

Invest in some soundproof curtains – Yes, these really exist! This is a great way to soundproof your room that little bit more from any noise coming from outside, such as noisy cars, but will also act as a sound absorber.

Working a bit like a blanket, this is a really cheap and quick way to bring some extra peace and quiet into your home. Some soundproof curtains even block out the sun, so if too much light is also an issue for you, then you can get a potential two in one. 

Decorate your room with a cosy rug – Some pieces of furniture and accessories will soak up noise much better than others, and a rug happens to be one of them. Investing in a particularly large one will drown out and absorb any echo that you might experience, or if you feel like really committing, install some brand new carpets to really insulate and block out unwanted noise in your rooms. 

Replace your windows If you are willing to splash some cash, replacing your windows is a brilliant way to soundproof a room. Make sure to choose some thicker, double-pane windows which also double up to work as excellent temperature control, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, saving you money on energy bills at the same time.

Make sure to ask about soundproofing specifically when you enquire about your window installation replacement – you wouldn’t want to go through all that hassle and end up in precisely the same position as before, even if they are shiny and new. 

Tackle your walls!  This is probably the most effective way to soundproof any space in the house. Invest in some sound proofing insulation, fill in any gaps and cracks that you might have and add an extra layer of drywall to increase the wall density. This will prevent sound from seeping through any adjoining rooms. 

Another easy to use and affordable option is to install mass loaded vinyl inside or directly onto the wall, which provides much better sound insulation than foam panels. The vinyl itself is large and heavy, however, so you’ll need at least one other person to lend you a helping hand. It’s genuinely a fantastic product that’s guaranteed to help you with any noise issues that you might be experiencing in your home. Go and have a browse on Amazon to find the best and cheapest deals.

Soundproof Curtains-Soundproof curtains are great, but you must remember that the fabric is thicker, which means they weigh more than standard window dressings. However, this shouldn’t stop you from investing in the right pair since heavy duty drapery rods are designed to hold the extra pressure and hold them in place. After all, it’s counterproductive to buy soundproof curtains to block noise if you can’t install them properly!

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