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Best Ways to Make Your Home A Reflection of Your Personality

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As a homeowner, making your home feel comfortable is of prime importance. One way of doing this is by ensuring that it is an extension of who you are or reflects your personality. Your home should serve as your place of solitude and safety – a place where you can take a break from the hustle of the outside world, relax, and recuperate. But it is very tough coming home to an environment that makes you feel uncomfortable. So, how do you create a home that suits you? Here are a few tips.

  1. Posters

What do you stand for? What do you believe in? Posters are a great way of ensuring that your personality is reflected in your living space. They reflect your personality by displaying or showing what you love and offering your guests a unique way of getting to know you better.

Just like your clothes and fashion sense make a statement, your posters do the same thing for your home. Plus, they are also a fun way of adding some unique features to your walls. You can hang posters of your favorite quotes, bands, television shows, celebrities, etc. Many people that are religiously inclined are happy to put on a Jewish wristbands or Christian tshirts to show what they identify with; let your posters do the same for your home!

  1. Color patterns

According to studies on color, your favorite color reveals your personality. That does not mean colors exhibit every trait of a person, but it does cover a fair deal of who you are. In the same manner, you can make your home reflect who you are through the colors or color patterns you choose for your home. That goes beyond just the colors of your walls, as it also covers other things like the color of your curtains, carpets or rugs, and bedsheets. 

Don’t be afraid to reveal the real you by changing the colors in your room. 

  1. Pick a style that matches who you are

Without the pressure of copying others, we all have our natural preferences when it comes to style. For example, some people prefer minimalist designs for their interior spaces, while others like to have old-school antiques when it comes to furniture choice. For your living space that truly reflects who you are, it is essential to avoid copying what others have or merely going with what is trending. It is also necessary to consider what design options will work well with your kind of lifestyle. 

  1. Display your accomplishments

There is nothing wrong with showcasing what you have achieved and taking some pride in yourself. From something as little as completing a DIY home project to a landmark academic achievement, displaying your accomplishments is another way of showcasing who you are.

Though some people may consider this a bit egoistic, it only reflects who you are in your living space. Instead of boring your guests by continuously talking about your accomplishments, you can simply display them around a room and let them speak for you. 


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