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Get That Blank Canvas: Preparing Your Home For A Makeover

Everybody wants to give their home a little makeover at one time or another. Some would like to remove absolutely everything and start all over again; others might want a little change-up. The majority would usually go along with the latter, though – the former is pretty darn expensive.

Get That Blank Canvas: Preparing Your Home For A Makeover

Let’s say you’ve decided that you’re going to redo the place – or you’re going to shake-up certain areas: you have to begin by playing around with what’s already there. Without sorting out the old, you can’t possibly install the new. 

How can you get the home ready for a revamp? Well, it’s pretty simple; you don’t have to be a trained professional in architecture or interior design to do it. You just have to be a little sensible and put a shift in. Here are a few things you can do:  

Make An Actual Plan! 

You’re going to have an idea of what you should be doing, but you’re going to want to sit down and figure out exactly what’s going to happen. If you plan out what you’re going to be doing, then you won’t have a set of clustered ideas in your head with the day comes. You’ll instead have a list of jobs written in front of you that you can follow. You should plan out the days you’ll be working, and the 

Remove Unwanted Visitors!

No, we don’t mean people that you’re housing! We’re, of course, talking about little critters that have decided to make their way into your home. Everyone has this problem at one time or another – if you haven’t yet, then you’re a lucky individual! They become a lot more abundant during the winter months as they look for a place to keep nice and warm – your home being the perfect place! If you struggle to do this by yourself, you could, of course, contact a pest control company and let them handle the dirty work. If you have fewer bugs crawling around, then you’re going to be in better shape for your revamp. 

Use Storage Facilities 

When you’re decluttering a bunch of stuff that needs to be dealt with, you might find that a spare room, the garage, or someone else’s home won’t do. If that ends up being the case, then you could always look at storage companies. They’ll be able to house your items for as long as you want – providing that you pay what’s necessary. When you want them back, you can just pop over and take them. 

The Walls  

Home Makeover

When you think about creating a blank canvas, your initial thoughts are that of a plain sheet of paper on an easel. Well, you’re going to want to turn your walls into just that. If you want to redo your home, you’ll probably want to change the walls. Strip the wallpaper and sand everything down. Remove some of the paint you might already have, or go over with a few layers of white. Give yourself that fresh start.     

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