GetSafe Medical Alert: Keep You Or Your Loved Ones Safe Without Wearing A Button

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GetSafe Medical Alert Systems. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ello, everyone! As most of you know my postings have become few and far between, but today I wanted to actually discuss something close to my heart because of my own circumstances. The GetSafe Medical Alert is the perfect way to keep you or your loved ones safe without the hassle of wearing a button. The GetSafe In-home medical alert system and 24/7 emergency monitoring is the perfect solution for those that might just need a bit more confidence to stay at home alone or a bit more emergency monitoring.

I have Rheumatoid arthritis, which is a disease that your own body attacks your own joints and it goes beyond that, needless to say my walking at times is unsteady and I honestly don't feel comfortable when I am alone even walking to the bathroom.

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With the help of GetSafe Medical Alert, I can get my confidence back but I don't have to wear anything. In most systems nowadays you have to wear a lanyard & wristband, for me wearing something like a wristband is not an option as the size of my wrist or just having anything around them hurts so bad I am in tears. As I am in tears writing this (but for me this posting is worth it to share my story).

What I love most about GetSafe is that they honestly care about their customers and their situations. They offer three different tiers when it comes to their services. Plus, if you are like me and ditched your landline years ago they have you covered with their AT&T 4G LTE CELLULAR COVERAGE.

So let's take a look at this system together…….

Since I spend most of my days and nights on the couch I decided the best placement for the Main Base Unit was in the dining room, as I can easily get to it from anywhere in our home. The Main Base Unit is the heart of the system. It has an Emergency call button, a reset button, a hands-free speaker phone, battery backup and a cellular modem.

Setting this base up is super simple. All you have to do is follow the easy to read instructions and you are well on your way. The instructions do include a couple of things that I personally could not do, do to my RA like opening the back cover, but just a little yell to my husband and it was done. You will need to insert the battery backup and connect the power cord. Then you are ready to live more confidently.

I would say the most impressive part of this system is the voice activated button. This is where I really got excited. Being only 39 and having so many medical problems I don't want to have to wear anything. Let alone like I said before, somedays it is impossible for me to even do so. The voice activated button is simply paired to your Get Safe Home base. This is easily done by using the pairing button on the base of the unit and take literally no time at all.

On the voice activated button unit you have of course a button you can push but it also detects voice. You would say “Call 911” and the unit will transmit your message. There is also a pull cord on the unit should you need that as well.

I just adore all the options that this voice activated button has not to mention that everything including the base is very modern looking when it comes to design and should fit into your home perfectly. I wanted to show you how it would look in the shower as you can stick it to the wall or you can use a table mount to simply put it where you are most.

I really can't say it enough how much I have enjoyed this amazing system from GetSafe. There is nothing that I found a flaw in and I love how easy it is to use. Being comfortable in your home can be a joyous thing and having it in my home has given me the confidence again that I am safe to get off the couch if nobody is home with me. I might have lost most of my freedoms but I can't thank GetSafe enough for finally coming up with a solution to everyones needs by using a voice activated button. This makes all the difference in the world.

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