Why I Prefer The Light L16 Camera Over My DSLR

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Welp. I hope that you all are having a great week and after long thinking about how I was going to go about writing about the Light L16 Camera I have decided to do this in sections. This first posting will explain the tech behind the Light L16 and why I actually have grown fond of this camera and opt for it over my DSLR. I have been blogging for over six years now and in that time I like to think that I have grown a bit when it comes to photography. I take my time with my images and believe it or not each image is carefully thought out. I, however, would not say that I am a professional photographer but rather just an everyday user and lover of all things beautiful.

So let me set the scene for you. I travel a great deal now and carrying my DSLR plus all the lenses that I might need and become heavy and cumbersome. This was the one reason I was interested in checking out the L16 camera. I wanted to see if it really could do all that I needed and in fact, it proved that I really could. No matter if I was taking images of family or images for my blog, it went above and beyond what I expected. Right out of the gate I wanted to share some images taken with the L16 (also these have been cleaned up just a little bit using the Lumen software for the L16, which I will get into later).

These images are perfect in my eyes. When it comes to the lighting and overall quality! But you might be wondering how the L16 works, right? Well. Let’s chat about that for a moment.

A Look Behind The L16

The Light L16 actually took four years to develop because it is rather complex when it comes to its tech. In fact, at some points, it is even over my head but I never let that get in the way. So let’s explain this a bit so you can really understand the difference between this camera and other cameras. As most of us know no matter if you are a professional photographer or just love taking pictures that they very best images come from having the perfect amount of light. This video explains everything perfectly so that you might better understand.

Super cool right? The founder of the L16 really took everything into consideration when he designed this camera and the one thing that I really enjoy is the compact size but huge output when it comes to your images. So let’s break this down more. You have 16 lenses, ten of which captures the images at different focal points. These are then fused together to capture that perfect image.

For me, this takes so much guesswork out of which lenses are best for which shot, as I said I am not a professional photographer but do love taking pictures. Have you ever been someplace where you wanted to capture something that was far away? When you zoom in on the image to see the object in the distance you find it grainy and really just a blob? With the Light L16 you have 5x true optical zoom! I actually used this in one instance, though my subject was not super far away zooming in caught every detail in the image. Below is a quick example.

The picture on the top is how far away I was from this squarely while the one on the bottom is zoomed in after the image was taken. You can do this on the fly or on Lumen (which I will be making a video about this week). Lumen is amazing and just with a click of a button can really take your images from blah to wow.

Do I think that the L16 will be replacing all DSLR cameras? The answer is no. I find that everything that I do on a daily bases when it comes to images can be done with the L16 because I am “slow photographer” everything that I take images of is styled and not moving most of the time. The one thing and the really only thing that I found that really was a negative mark was that the L16 is rather sluggish if you need to take shot after shot or if you need to snap an image quickly. For me this is no biggie at all and with all the other tech in this camera does not bother me in the least.

On-Board Editing

One thing that really had me at “Hello” was the fact that the L16 has a bit of an onboard editing available to process your images on the fly. When it comes to smartphones unless you want to play with photoshop on a tiny ass screen, it is a hassle trying to get your images how you want them, but the Light L16 offers some of the editings right on the screen itself.

Some of the things that you can edit onboard is the contrast, exposure, and white balance, photographers can make quick and easy edits on the go. All adjustments automatically transfer to the desktop for a streamlined workflow. The screen on the back is an amazing 5 inches so you really can see everything that you are doing which I love.




So for now as my wording is way beyond what I like it to be I will end for now but not for long. My next posting I will give you a better look at the onboard editing as well as lumen, the Light software. I do hope that you check this camera out as I am starting to fall in love with its ease of use myself. You can purchase this camera online at Light.co.


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