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Learning New Skills Even in Your Pajamas

Isn’t it simply fascinating to ditch that old-school way of learning? You wanted to learn new skills but leaving your den, your home doesn’t suit you well. Then you’ve landed at the right place!

In this post, it doesn’t only give you the idea that you can acquire new skills in your pyjamas, but you’ll also be provided with the advantages and methods of learning new skills in your pyjamas at home.

I’m going to spill my secret about what I did in high school. (Hopefully, my teachers don’t have interests in reading random blogs.) I used to skip school, let my parents sign a blank paper (of course, my parents were aware of what they’re signing), and I stay at home. I didn’t go anywhere, I repeat, I just stayed at home and grabbed my books.

representation of learning at home in pajamas and knowing the advantages and benefits of learning new skills at home
Image by 영훈 박 from Pixabay

I found it very satisfying and I loved it. I just love self-studying and doing it in the comforts of our home. That’s almost 11 years ago, and I didn’t have access to computers or the Internet, I just had my books but I have learned. You might be wondering why the blank paper. I wrote my excuse letter and sent it to my teacher. The idea might not be good, but I did utilize my time in studying and not partying, or shopping or any nonsense activities a teenager could be doing.

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So if you’re like me whose idea of learning doesn’t have to be in a school or a university, we’re definitely on the same page, my dear friend.

The fact that you have landed in this post could mean that you’re looking for methods of learning new skills or you’ve decided to learn new skills. Hopefully, not only out of boredom but you wanted to know the advantages it provides you. Either way, let’s cut the chase and forget about old-school ways of learning and just stay in our pajamas.

Before you exit and lose interest in reading, let me give you first this one motivational fact: Leo Plass, at the age of 99 in 2011 earned his associate degree from East Oregon University. That means learning has no age limit. Additionally, it wouldn’t make you go broke, perhaps on the contrary. 

Before we proceed and reveal methods of learning new skills even in your pajamas at home, let’s point out the benefits and the advantages it gives us.

Your income grows

Did I mention above that learning new skills won’t make you poor but the other way around? Yeah, I kid you not. It doesn’t make you a millionaire, but an additional income for your weekly grocery is already a big help if you have a supplementary talent that you can utilize for a side-hustle. Don’t you know that web developers and programmers are two of the highest freelance paying jobs? If you know your way with coding and developing websites, you can demand $50 per hour or even more.

You might have a stable job already but you’re not satisfied with it, so it’s time for you to contemplate what new skills you want to learn this year. However, it might help you increase the paycheck if you can apply your new skills in your present work or your résumé for your prospective job.

Your productivity and self-control increases

Learning a new skill might be like a hobby for you but it also requires a bit of effort. You set your goal and visualize your vision. Learning is a method that demands patience and discipline. If you’ve set your goals and you want them met, you may as well, plan how you can make them happen. Doing so will improve your sense of control and productivity along with creativity.

Boosts self-confidence

Acquiring new skills will not only improve your income but also boosts your self-confidence and your interpersonal relationships. When you have more skills, you don’t have to question yourself what you can’t do, but you rather focus on what you can do and how you can utilize them to increase your self-worth.

It makes your brain young

According to research done by scientists with mice and humans, brainy activities trigger new connections between nerve cells and help the brain formulate new cells. Reading, taking courses, learning, even answering sudoku and crossword puzzles stimulate our brain. 

Nonetheless, learning and practising new skills will also help us avoid dementia, according to research

It fights burnout

You might think it’s not even possible to strain our brain further when you have burnout, but it has its advantages too. When you have burnout from your work, you don’t have to learn anything work-related, you could learn or watch videos that are quite new to you. You work 9-5 as an assistant for a law firm, then try to some deviation, and learn something artistic like knitting, or playing the guitar.

Aside from that, it enables you to discover something new, especially if you are a writer or a blogger, and you’re thinking of inspiration for the next chapter or the next post. I always believe by the way in accidental discovery. You will perhaps write the next best-selling book for next year, who knows.

Where and how can you learn new skills without even going to school and just stay at home in your pajamas?

If you’re into coding and programming, you can use and visit these websites for free:

Bit degree I read the reviews of people using this, and they find this website very good on programming. Some tutorials are paid but you can also find free tutorials. I even use it and learn other skills aside from programming like SEO. 

W3SCHOOL.COM– You can use this website if you want to learn the basics of programming. Additionally, it is also free.

If you want to learn random skills, from learning a language to Pinterest SEO, I can only recommend Skillshare

You have a month free to try every video tutorial you can find on the website, but if you use my link, you get 2 months free Premium access. Within a month already, you can learn a lot, heck even a day, you can already learn and discover new things which you think is impossible of learning at home.

We shouldn’t also forget YouTube which is a home of over 5 billion videos and 300 hours of videos are uploaded every single minute. With YouTube alone, you can already start with the basics, many gurus even offer free tutorials on YouTube.

The thought of learning new skills even in your pyjamas doesn’t only mean that you can’t leave your home, and it doesn’t also mean that you have to go to a school. You can go anywhere else as long as you have access to the Internet and you have your smartphone or your laptop with you.

If you can go to the nearest café in your pyjamas to learn online, that would be awesome (if you dare).

Whenever you have suggestions or ideas on how you can learn new skills in your pajamas at home, you are very welcome to comment them down below.

By the way, what skills do you want to learn this year and what do you think are the advantages and methods of learning new skills in your pajamas at home? Are you open to this idea or do you want to stick to the old way of learning?

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