6 Reasons You Need A Smart Thermostat By LUX

by Betty Bite

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Ello, everyone! I do hope that you all are having a fab day? Today I wanted to share with you 6 reasons you need a smart thermostat in your home. With summer coming everyone will be turning on their A/C to search for comfort during those hot days.

Having a smart thermostat such as the options from LUX actually can provide you with a ton of benefits when it comes to many things. LUX is a company that I recommend when looking for the perfect thermostat for your home.

They offer two options that I would like to introduce you to before we get into the reasons why I feel that having a smart thermostat in your home is beneficial.

The LUX® KONO and LUX® GEO smart thermostats from Johnson Controls ― a maker of smart home technology ― feature next-generation capabilities such as automatic adjustments for at-home comfort, indoor air quality improvement for a healthier home, and real-time energy and runtime usage reporting for improved efficiency and savings. 

They can even be controlled from a phone or tablet and work with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Plus, the LUX KONO features changeable Décor-snap covers so it won’t disrupt the home’s ambiance! 

I actually had the chance to check both of these options out and after looking at literally 10 different smart thermostats that were sent to me these where my two top picks.

They are reliable, convent, and easy to install. With everyone at home right now we are all looking for ways that we can update our homes. This is such an easy option.

6 Reasons You Need A Smart Thermostat

So, let me start off by saying that with these 15 reasons, I could honestly give you about twenty more but to keep the posting readable and condensed I have picked my top 15 reasons.

My first reason is of course that it can save you money. Right now saving money is HUGE and more so now than ever. Each penny counts and if you can save just a little bit, why not do it?

Both the LUX KONO and the GEO can help you save money in different ways. They both offer the amazing, Home and Away Aware geofencing feature for effortless savings. Both of these also offer, depending upon your area financial incentives which will help you pay for the unit.

My total favorite of both of the KONO and Geo is the KONO. I adore the amazing features that are available all to help you save money in the long run.

  • Energy & runtime usage reporting
  • Smart scheduling with utility cost estimator
  • Energy and runtime usage reporting
  • Built in indoor air quality mode
  • Powered by C-Wire or LUX Power bridge ( Included )

My second reason that a smart thermostat is the way to go is that you can control the thermostat from anywhere. This again ties in with saving money but being able to control your home environment is very important to me. No matter if you are on a plane or Ferris wheel you can control your home environment.

We travel a great deal meaning I want to know that I am in control. We have the camera system to watch our home so having a smart thermostat just adds to not only the ability to control your environment but also see your usage patterns.

My third reason is the design! Nobody want’s something super ugly on their wall after you have crafted your home perfectly right? So why go with a standard thermostat? Both the LUX KONO and GEO offer sleek and modern designs.

Not only do they look amazing on the wall but you also have to consider how easy the smart thermostat is to read. Both the LUX options are so easy to work and read.

One thing a lot of people will ask me is, “it will be hard for me to install this”. Actually, it’s not at all! As long as you already have your wiring ready to go, installation is easy as pie. You simply follow the instructions.

One thing that I love about the LUX brand is that their instructions are so easy to follow. Just take it step by step for your system and you are cool as a cucumber.

My fourth reason is really a simple one, tech is made to make your life easier. I am a firm believer that tech should always contribute something to your life or lifestyle.

We own so much tech, if you think about it and applying methods that you are comfortable with in your home will make it that much easier and more flexible.

Do you have google Assistant or Amazon Alexa? Both the KONO and the Geo will work with both systems so you can literally talk to your thermostat, how cool is that?

The Kono takes it a bit further and it also works with the AppleHome kit. I honestly don’t have the Apple HomeKit so I can’t tell you how well it pairs together. I do have both the Google and Alexa. I had no problems working either thermostat through them.

I do hope that this little list helps you choose to try out a smart thermostat in your home! I really think you will find it beneficial to your family and wallet. Again, when it comes to LUX I would highly suggest trying out the KENO as my ultimate option but the GEO is perfect as well.

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