4 Things You Didn’t Know About The Keurig KOLD

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Beep, Beep..I have always wanted to start a posting with Beep, beep..I just don’t know why but this felt like a splendid time to do so. Over the past couple of weeks, I have had a fab time trying and testing out the Keurig KOLD, and it is truly my new BFF. I mean like totally! We go together like a bee and a flower. We mesh so well, and Jane (yes. I have named my KOLD drink maker) is always looking fabulous. 

Today I thought I would share four things you didn’t know about the Keurig KOLD drink maker. These four things are what really sold me on this particular drink maker when it comes to others of the sort.  First off, if you missed any of my postings, you must check them out. There are a couple that I did for Easter but actually, could work any time of the year including PEEP on the Water, Bunny Tracks Float and my National Cocktail day recipe!! Each recipe is so yummy!! So let’s get started!!

4 Things You Didn’t Know About The Keurig KOLD

  1. Retro Feel: I love all things retro, retro clothing and kitchen items are two of my favorite things to collect. In my opinion, the KOLD has the soda shop feel with a super sleek look with a modern flare. Sounds crazy right? But this baby looks great in any kitchen. This can really add a different appeal when adding this to your gadgets in the kitchen. Not only does it look great but can also help you to declutter your kitchen, take a look at this posting about How to Declutter Your Kitchen With KOLD. 
  2. Party Time: As the days get warmer the grills will start pumping out food for entertaining guests and family. Why not have a beverage that everyone will enjoy. The KOLD drink maker offers so many different flavors including some of the favorite classics such as Coke. 
  3. Speaking of Party Time: The KOLD is ready to rock when you are having a party with a lot of guests. Keurig offers what they call a party mode, which allows you to keep pumping out drinks, without the chill time. Party Mode allows you to make 30+ beverages in a row. The Keurig KOLD drink maker is always ready to make at least six drinks in a row, before needing 15 minutes to re-chill. But when you have a crowd to please, or you notice your chiller gauge is low, simply add ice to the water reservoir to make even more beverages in a row and keep the fun going.
  4. So Easy A Child Can Do It: I hate when things are complicated in life, I really do! One thing that I want simple as baking a beautiful apple pie crust is making my beverages. Like my coffee maker (Keurig) the KOLD drink maker is super simple to use. I mean so EASY!! All you have to do is pop in the POD and push one button. That is it. I mean it could not get much simpler. There is no need to go into the pantry to find the Co2 tank and do all these crazy steps..YOU JUST ENJOY.

All of these things are the reasons that I am in total love with the KOLD drink maker. I am looking so forward to sharing more recipes and tips to helping you get the most out of your KOLD all throughout the year. Make sure to follow along and check out some of the recipes. Let’s get this party started 🙂


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