Tips For Keeping Your Home As Good As New

Maintaining your home is the key to keeping things looking fresh, clean and brand new. It can seem like a daunting task that should be handled by someone else, but you can do it. Home maintenance is not as difficult a task you might think.

All it takes is some research and time. Whether you are a new homeowner, you are looking to improve the home you have lived in for years or are trying to update your home for another buyer, here are some tips for keeping your home looking good as new.

Replacing Your Doorbell

Does your doorbell work? If you do not know, now would be a good time to try it out. If it works, great! If it does not, replace it. Replacing your own doorbell is a very simple process. All that is needed is a few tools, time and research. 

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Fixing Dead Outlets

Check to see if all the outlets in your home are working. If they are not, your best bet is to call an electrician to fix them so you do not accidentally electrocute yourself. Your electrician can also check to see if you have ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles when you push the “test” and “reset” buttons. Getting these things handled can keep your home running like new.

Do Not Forget About Your Ceiling Fans

Change the direction of your ceiling fans. It is recommended that you do this at least twice a year to increase energy efficiency in your home as it puts less work on your heating and cooling systems. This is because when you change the direction of the way your fan moves, you are also changing the way air moves. Your room will be more effectively heated or cooled. Rotate your ceiling fan counterclockwise in the summer so all your cool air will be pushed down. Go clockwise in the winter for the opposite effect.

Clean Your Gutters

Make sure you give it a good professional gutter cleaning either twice a year or as the seasons change. If your gutters are overflowing with leaves, branches and dirt, they will not perform their job correctly. This could lead to costly water damage which can destroy the inside of your house. You want to check your gutters every spring and fall as well as sealing any leaks and replacing any damaged gutters.

Clean Out Exhaust Fans

The exhaust fans in your home need to changed out every so often. If you do not change them out frequently, you could risk mold growing in your home. It is recommended you remove and clean your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans at least once a year. Your fans are crucial to keeping your house smelling nice and clean as well as locking out any excess moisture. You want to make sure that these fans are running smoothly so they can do their jobs efficiently. By changing them out once a year, you will keep the excess moisture out of your home.

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