How To Be Successful As A Musician In 2023

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Looking to become a musician in 2023? There are plenty of ways to find success as a music artist but not everyone finds that success so easily. With a creative career path such as this one, there’s a lot of competition and very few will get the opportunity to be significantly successful.

With that in mind, it’s important to be realistic when it comes to a career path such as this one. It may start off as a hobby or side hustle that eventually becomes a full-time venture. Depending on your desires and ambitions, there may be different pathways that venture off from the typical pathway of trying to make it as a superstar.

Here are a few tips that can help you find success as a musician in 2023 and beyond. With these tips, you’ll give yourself the best chance of becoming musically successful.

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Invest in yourself and your equipment

First and foremost, when you’re a musician, it’s important to invest in yourself and your equipment. After all, it’s the instrument that is going to be the money-maker. Whether that’s your vocals or a physical instrument like a guitar or drum kit, the equipment you buy is going to provide a certain level of quality and professionalism.

Buying the cheapest instrument might be the only possibility currently but if you’re looking to take your music-playing to the next level, it’s important to invest in quality. As you learn your craft and develop your experience in live scenarios, it’s worthwhile spending any money you make on the equipment you need.

For example, a lot of musicians may need equipment such as a cable wrapper or a looper. There are lots of different software and tools out there to elevate your performance and of the instrument itself.

Get out there and network

It’s important that you’re getting out there as a musician and this is particularly the case when it comes to those who want to get in with the IT crowd. While many might be happy playing in wedding bands or doing solo gigs, some may want to branch out to celebrity-level opportunities.

Playing guitar for a well-known band or singing backing vocals for a singing legend might be something that dreams are made of. With that being said, this is only going to happen if you’re in the know with people that can get you those opportunities. Make sure to work the room and network with people that may be able to help.

Be prepared for rejection

Becoming a musician or an actor are career paths that come with a lot of rejection. Not everyone can handle the rejection that comes with this type of career and it’s rightly so because it’s certainly a challenge to face.

Rejection is part and parcel of becoming a musician and with that being said, it’s important to acknowledge and prepare for it. There are going to be periods of good times and then many periods of rejection where work has dried up. For the lucky few, there may be those that manage to get work constantly but this is often few and far between.

Start your social media platforms

Social media is a big driver of promotion for a lot of those who are looking to make it as a musician on a bigger scale. Building a fan base is done digitally now through social media platforms. Some of the ‘self-made’ musicians of today have done so by growing their following on social media.

Platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube, have become breeding grounds for musicians that have managed to become a household names for many. While it’s still the luck of the draw, social media has made it possible to 

Make wise decisions to influence your career path

When it comes to being successful in this industry, it’s important to think about where you want to be. What’s the end goal? Everyone is different, so it’s important to make decisions that are well-thought-out and are going to be of benefit to the future of the career you’re looking to achieve.

Try not to rush into anything that may seem like a good thing at the moment but turns out not to be later down the line.

Always be willing to share your work

It’s important to be willing to share your work wherever you go and with whoever is willing to listen. By sharing it with everyone you encounter, the chances of garnering success are more achievable. 

Becoming a successful musician isn’t in the cards for everyone but there are plenty of opportunities out there for anyone with the talent to try and grab!

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