Stella + Bag The Perfect Gift For Anyone

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Stella + Bag is a new company to Hello Betty this year and I am so thrilled to have been able to try out a couple of their amazing products. You might have seen our posting last week on how to spruce up your routine. Today I wanted to share why I feel these are the perfect gift for anyone or a little something for yourself. Stella + Bag offers a huge selection of candles sure to tickle your fancy.

It’s amazing what a few simple touches can do to elevate your environment and your mood. Freshen up any room with tantalizing scents and on-trend accents by Bags + Stella! They offer home decor and accents for your daily indulgence. A boho chic style for a distinctive California look. With new seasonal additions offerings from local California artisans and regional suppliers coming out monthly, you will always have new finds to fall in love with.

Effortlessly customize your home experience with elegance and charm. Bags + Stella, a one-stop shop for styling a space; from luxury candles, decor accents, durable totes, diffusers, room sprays and more!  

One thing that I really have fallen in love with is the quality of Stella + Bag as well as their presentation. Everything comes in little bags for storage or gifting. Which makes this the perfect gift for anyone on your list be it the holiday season, a birthday or beyond.

There are three things that I didn’t mention in my other posting that I would like to share with you. First off, their room spray is out of this world. I received the Blanc and I just love the softness of the fragrance. It really could become anyones favorite.

Even when it comes to their candles, the scents are just simply beautiful. Nothing is too strong or not strong enough. When I have a candle I want to smell it, and with the Bags + Stella #2, which is one of my favorites it again is just perfect. The entire collection is amazing.

Not only do they offer candles and room sprays but they also offer the a beautiful glass cloche as well as a large match set. These are offered in most of their sets available online. Which I highly recommend to you.

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