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Help Yourself To Relax With Lurera Anti-Anxiety Pillow

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Ok. Not going to lie. I suffer from depression, Anxiety and just plan mental health issues brought on by my poor health. I worry all the time and sometimes it gets so bad that I just physically can’t do anything. Over the past couple of days I have been checking out the Lurera Anti-Anxiety pillow and I am in love.

Let’s face it we all have our demons and issues and sometimes we need a bit of help. That is where the Lurera pillow comes in.

The Lurera Pillow is a beautiful, luxuriously soft pillow with a heating pad and a heartbeat. Lurera mimics the tactile touch of a pet or another human being. We know that tactile touch leads to a significantly lower level of anxiety, and that is why Lurera was born, to provide these mental health benefits for people who can’t get a pet or lack human touch. As a brand, they want to dedicate themselves to supporting people who are experiencing anxiety, depression or even just loneliness.

If you suffer from anything like bad anxiety or depression, I think you will find that this does help. When I am nervous about anything or simply just not feeling well, I grab the pillow and it just helps me to find that relaxing place.

The thing that really sets this apart from other pillows for me is the heartbeat, heck even my boy Ike (my dog) loves this pillow. I might have to buy him his own.

Not only does it have a heating pad for all you RA peeps out there, LOVE, but it is so stinking soft. I just love to lay on my bed and hold tight.

I love the heartbeat feature. It is just really relaxing for me and Ike. I swear he takes over everything that is awesome..LOL..

Being depressed or having anxiety is different for everyone but I really know that this has helped me. I even take this to my infusions so that I have a bit of comfort while I am being pumped full of yucky meds. All around this pillow has been for me a lifesaver. I take it everywhere I go. Seems silly but it is that awesome.

It is also an amazing travel companion! I am not one for traveling much anymore but I find taking this with me even to take a quick nap is so awesome.

You can purchase the Lurera Anti-Anxiety pillow online and I do hope that you check it out. You will just love this little pillow for its size and function.


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