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Making The Most Of Free Space In The Home

If you have a spare room in your home, are you making the most of it? If it’s full of clutter and junk and used as a dumping ground then it’s time to make a change and clear it out! There are lots of ways you can make the space really functional, and get the very most out of your home. Here are some ideas. 

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An office

Even if you don’t work from home, an office can still be a good choice especially for very small rooms. While you’ll want it to feel personal to you, in the office try and keep it simple and free of distractions with a nice desk, comfy office chair and some simple decor such as plants and one or two framed prints. That way, when you go into the room to get some work done, you get yourself in a good frame of mind for getting down to business. 

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Making The Most Of Free Space In The Home

A hobby or games room

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If you have a hobby such as writing, gaming or crafting,all you’d need is a desk and some storage in a small box room. If it’s a larger space you could go all out with a games room and add pool table, a dart board, a home bar. Basements make great spaces for rooms like this. 

A home cinema

Home cinemas work especially well in homes that have an unused downstairs room, it might be a formal dining room that you never use or a playroom that the kids have grown out of that you can transform. Paint the walls a darker colour and add blackout blinds. New research has shown that smart tvs may be spying, so if you want to avoid all of that you could go with a full screen projector instead which looks really impressive gives that cinema experience right from your home. 

A guest room

turned on silver macbook on white bed 916337
Making The Most Of Free Space In The Home

A good guest room is a nice thing to have, when you have friends or family over you can host them and know they’re comfortable in their own space. Go with a good quality bed, a wardrobe or chest of drawers which will allow guests to unpack rather than having to live out of their case. 

A kids playroom

When you and your partner are relaxing in the living room after a long day, the last thing you want is to be surrounded with kids toys and general mess. So if you have a spare room such as a dining room or a conservatory that you dont use, this could be a great place to transform into a playroom. Along with their toys and crafts you could add a desk for doing homework, a book shelf, a tv and comfy seating so they can sit together or have their friends over. 

A dressing room

Do you love clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup? If so, chances are you’ve dreamed of a walk in wardrobe or beauty room at home. You could have built in wardrobes fitted around the perimeter of the room and place your dressing table in the middle. There are lots of gorgeous beauty room tours on Youtube that are well worth a look if you want some ideas. 

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