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How to Make the Most Out of Your Country Kitchen Style

There is something soothing and relaxing about the country kitchen. You will feel at home and as if you were sitting at your grandma’s house, munching on your favorite homemade jam sandwich. If you happen to own a cottage or a period home, you can recreate the same feel and style if you choose your decor carefully. There is nothing worse than having a stunning old home and crowding it with modern, plastic-looking furniture. Below you will find a few tips on how to master the cottage style in your kitchen.


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Period Furniture

It is crucial that you are choosing your furniture to match the style of your house carefully. You cannot just walk into the local store and pick a contemporary design. While there are some rustic style kitchen cabinets available, the older the better. You might want to visit your local antique mall or get in touch with renovation companies, so you can get your hands on an evergreen design. While you might want to give the kitchen units a polish and a little bit of shine, it is going to be worth it.

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Real Wood Accents

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The key to a real country kitchen is natural materials. No matter how practical plastic double pane windows and window sills are, you should choose wood instead. Make sure that the accents are treated before installation and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Take the time get some protection from unwanted pest problems like carpenter ants.

Avoid plastic coating everywhere, even if it makes cleaning easier. Having real wood accents, such as beams, windows, window sills, and door frames comes with hard work, but it is worth it once you have the rustic look you always wanted.

Natural Colors

One of the mistakes people make when renovating a kitchen in an older home is that they use too many colors and the wrong ones. For the cottage style, you will need to add beige, orange, and maybe a bit of light blue and dark green, depending on the style and size of your home. Smaller kitchens will benefit from bold patterns in country styles or checkered soft furnishing combined with shades of gray, blue, and pink.

Real Wood or Stone Flooring

The flooring of your kitchen is also important when you are planning on implementing a cottage style. Real wood is a good option, even if you are just renovating and polishing your existing floor boards to make the heart of your home look more natural. At the same time, if you are worried about damage, you can opt for natural stone flooring for country kitchens, which are easy to maintain and will give your home the rustic edge.

Cozy Fireplace

The heart of the home is the kitchen, and the heart of the kitchen is the stove or fireplace. If you love staying in and looking at your country garden, enjoying the warmth of your house, you will have to choose your stove carefully. It is likely to be a focal point in your kitchen. You should choose the style and the color to match your decor, and check the energy efficiency of the appliance. There are some great rustic and traditional designs of gas ranges available on the internet and at your local home renovation store. It is best to buy new, though, as you will get a better efficiency, even though your style will be traditional.  

It’s always important to consider energy efficiency when you are choosing your heating and cooling appliances. For more information, contact your local heating and cooling company. Here you’ll be able to get advice about heating systems throughout your home, to save money and go green at the same time.

Plate Collection

One of the best decorating ideas of rustic and country kitchens is displaying your old plates and utensils on the walls. Break up with the minimalist design and leave it to modern home owners. Instead, visit your local yard sale or your antique store and collect wooden spoons, old plates, and dishes, even utensils that are no longer used, such as mechanical grinders and coffee pots. This will give your kitchen the finish it needs to be recognized as a true rustic style room.

Rustic Features

There are also some rustic features you can add to your home. Start with checking the skirting boards and the ceiling. In case the previous owner has modernized the house before you moved in, it might be time to get rid of the things they added. Restore the rustic door knobs, the alcoves, and the pantry door, and don’t forget to add glass to your kitchen cabinets to make them feel and look more homely.


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Restoring your wooden beams after they have been hidden or plastered over will be a challenging task, and it is recommended that you talk to a structural engineer to find out whether or not any damage has been made to them during the previous renovations. It is crucial that you get the condition of the old wood checked and get it treated against pests and insects that can damage them in just a short few years. Add the wooden beams a rustic shine using protective lacquer.

Rustic Tiles

When renovating a kitchen, we often don’t consider the style of the tiles and opt for modern alternatives. If you would like to make your kitchen look even more stylish and make the most out of the patterns, look at restoration places and reclamation yards for old tiles. The good news is that decades ago tiles were made to last, so you will find them in a great condition at a good price. Alternatively, you can use mosaic tiles and employ an interior designer to create unique patterns that will enhance the look of your walls.

Smart Patterns

The best patterns to use in your country kitchen are the ones that resemble nature and the country garden and use the same colors. You can use checkered seat cushions to match the wooden table and chairs, as well as floral patterns. Stripes should be used carefully, and the more asymmetric they are the better. Polka dots can improve the mood of your home, but they can cancel the effect other patterns make, so use them wisely.  

Antique Handles

Paying attention to details is important when designing your home. Door handles, window latches, and the knobs on your kitchen cabinet can make a huge difference. You can pick up reclaimed ones at your reclamation yard or the local antique store and transform an old cabinet or door into something unique and eye-catching. Real wood, cast iron, and copper will work very well with your wooden and stone accents, but you can also consider marble.

Traditional Appliances

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You don’t just want your kitchen to look good. It also has to be functional. When you choose your appliances, you might want to opt for traditional styles. Your kettle might resemble the one your grandmother used to have, but work more efficiently. Your toaster has to be the traditional style, too, and you should hide some of the appliances behind cabinet doors. Consider built in fridges or adding an extra sliding door to hide your American fridge freezer, so you are not ruining the overall style of the kitchen.

Scent and Fruit Bowl

Once you have got the style of your kitchen mastered, it is time to add some rustic effect decoration. From old tools made of iron, copper, or steel, to an antique fruit bowl placed on the upcycled dining table, a potpourri holder in the window, or a couple of scented candles. A cast iron candle holder will be a great complementary feature of your home  and make every mealtime special. You might also want to use lavender scented oil burners or candles to make your kitchen smell as rustic as it looks.

Iron and Copper

When it comes to creating the unique style for your rustic kitchen, you will certainly have to focus on implementing traditional materials. Apart from real wood (new or reclaimed), you might want to engage with an artist to create iron and copper features to decorate your home. From wind chimes to kitchen signs and picture frames, there are so many places you can use these traditional and long lasting materials. The key is to learn how to maintain the shine and condition of each item and place them in a prominent position.

Herb Trays and Pots

A country herb garden outside of your kitchen is a must, but you can create the same feel in your home as well. Use some old metal or steel containers or small buckets to plant a few herbs, such as chives, mint, marjoram, lemongrass, and parsley and decorate your window. To keep insects at bay, you might want to have some indoor lavender pots that will also make your kitchen smell and feel fresh all the time.You might even have your cherry tomatoes or chili peppers in the window, adding some color to your decor.

If you would like to make the most out of your kitchen decor, you will certainly have to use Amish dining room furniture and think outside of the box. You cannot opt for showroom kitchen units and flooring; find the essence of the country kitchen as you remember, and you will make the heart of your home truly remarkable and unique.

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