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4 Big Projects That Will Transform Your Home

Transforming your home with little upgrades is great but sometimes it takes a project of significant scale in order to make a real difference. If you have just come into some additional funds, or are looking for a way to add value to your tiring old home, then this article could be perfect for you. Here are four big projects that will truly transform your home for the better. 

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1. New Flooring

Reflooring rooms in your home can add a completely new feel to them. There are plenty of new vinyl flooring companies cropping up that offer a complete service to replace your tired old carpets with beautiful laminate flooring that can radically transform a room. Not only does laminate flooring look incredible but it also has several benefits, including being easier and cheaper to install and much easier to wash and keep clean. Surely that makes new flooring worth consideration alone!

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4 Big Projects That Will Transform Your Home

2. An Extension

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An extremely costly but transformational project that can inject new life into your home is an extension. If you have quite a large garden or space on either side of your property, then drawing up plans for an extension could seriously create increased value for your home. Not only does an extension offer the chance to add additional rooms to your home but it also presents the opportunity to redesign its existing ones. You may even choose to completely reconfigure the layout of your home, switching up the arrangement of the kitchen and living room, or even combining the two into one big open-plan living space.

3. Garden Revamp

Stepping outside of your home and into your garden, a complete transformation of your outdoor space could really add value to your home and completely change the way you live in it. Consider adding big French windows to the rear of your property and decking out or paving a terrace at your back door. This will allow you to make use of your outdoor space more and be at one with nature more frequently. Other garden improvements could include a newly-laid lawn, a water feature, or even an outdoor bar and cooking area kitted out with a barbecue or a hot tub.

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4 Big Projects That Will Transform Your Home

4. Loft Conversion 

Another massive project, but one that can seriously increase the floor space in your home. If you are fortunate enough to own an older Victorian-era property, then chances are that you will have quite a sizeable loft to convert into. Most people choose to add an additional bedroom as part of a loft conversion. However, if your size (and budget!) allows, then you could always consider adding in an additional luxurious bathroom or giving the new bedroom an en suite. Either way, this will greatly increase the value of your home.

Hopefully, these suggestions help you to transform your home for the better and have inspired you to get standard on that big home renovation project you’ve been dreaming about for some time now. Remember, whatever you do, it’s all about adding value to your home.

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