Marker Teacher Gift

Marker Teacher Gift: Free Printable

Ello! Can you believe that we will be chatting about back to school soon? I know that many of you can’t wait (parents) while others (the kiddos) want summer to never end. Today I wanted to share with you a super cute little gift for all those teachers out there these teacher maker gifts.

Marker Teacher Gift Pin

One thing in life you never can have enough of is markers, no matter if you are a kid heading back to school or even a teachers gift, these are perfect! Below you will find a little tutorial on how you create these little gifts along with a free printable so that you can get started making your very own.

Marker Teacher Gift

Supplies You Need:

What I love most about this craft is that you don’t need many supplies to make these cute little teachers gifts.

  • Printable Gift Tag
  • Card Stock
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Dry erase markers
  • Ribbon or even Twine

Once you have all the supplies all you have to do is print out this free printable onto your stock card. Next cut out along the outer border.

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Marker Teacher Gift

Next, punch two holes in the center of the card.

IMG 0198

Place three dry erase markers on the top of the card and thread the ribbon through the holes. Tie the ribbon around the markers to secure them in place.

IMG 0237 1

How easy was that!!?? These just make the best little teacher gifts and a great way to start of the year. Below you will also find a printable DIY sheet so that you can keep these on hand. Make sure to print out the free printable above and I do hope that this helps to start the school year off on the perfect foot. Make sure to look back next week as I have one more printable to share with you for back to school.

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